Chapter 2

The bishop shook his head in sorrow, "Well Polly, your grandparents are going to be worried, so I think you should go." But Polly stayed seated, staring at the table in silence. After about a few minutes, she finally let out a sound, "Bishop, tomorrow Zachary is coming…" she didn't need to continue.

"I don't think you should tell him yet; give him time." He said. Polly nodded and got up, took her keys, and left.

Polly waited for her grandparents to close their bedroom door before going downstairs. She quietly went to the pantry, put on her red anorak, and walked outside into the chilly night.

She hesitated when she saw Louise the Larger come out between the rocks. Louise made a hissing sound, as if warning Polly to go back. Polly stood there for a second, remembering the bishop's words, knowing that what she was doing was dangerous. But even though, Polly wanted to know what the bishop was talking about; what was going on in Annie's time.

She carefully went around Louise and crossed the wall to the star watching rock. The earth began to rumble and a lake appeared. The mountains got taller; she had crossed the time gate to three thousand years ago.

Before Polly could take a step, the sound of a woman's screaming filled her ears. She turned to where the noise was coming from, and saw a group of men with masks attacking a family's tent. Just then, men from The People of the Wind came out with weapons, and war started.

Polly didn't know what to do; she was frightened. That's when she saw Karralys running towards her. "Oh, Karralys! What has happened? Why are they fighting?" she cried.

"Poll-ee, why are you here? Did bishop not tell you to stay away from time gate?" he asked, disappointed. But before Polly could answer, a masked man came from behind and tried to attack. Karralys quickly defended Polly. "Run!" he yelled, fighting off the man.

Polly ran; afraid, confused. She didn't go far when someone hit her hard on the head and stabbed her arm. She yelled with pain and fell to the floor. The last thing she heard before blacking out was bishop's voice calling out to her.