A/N from A.C.: This is the ALTERNATE ENDING. Meaning, we wanted a happy ending! Not the sad one. But the sad one is what ACTUALLY happened. So, this is only an alternate beginning from where the italicized print stops of course. I hope you enjoy this little bit~

Marluxia: Me

Szayel: Kasey

Marluxia snapped his fingers and was enveloped in a black cloud; when it disappeared he was standing there, donned in his cloak. He returned Szayel's glare with his own, "I'm not like you think I am, Szay. If you don't want me to go home, I won't. Hell, if you want to leave this place and come with me, you're welcome to! I just don't want to lose you, Szay!"

"It's not that simple. If I could go with you, I would. But then I'd get killed and I refuse to keep you away from your work. I don't want to lose you either, but you belong at your home, and I belong here. I'm sorry." Szayel replied, unable to meet the older man's gaze from a mixture of grief and guilt.

"Szay, you wouldn't die. I'll keep you safe! You can even come with me to other worlds! Please… I can't lose you…" Marluxia watched the younger man, tears welling up in his eyes.

"I can't… Aizen-sama will kill me if I try. I'm sorry… But if you wanna visit, I won't tell on you. I'll still be here waiting for you." Szayel replied, forcing himself to smile to keep the other's tears at bay.

Marluxia rushed forward, gathering Szayel up in a tight hug. "He can't kill you if I take you with me. He won't be able to fine you…" He ran a hand through his lover's silky hair gently, "But if you don't wanna come with me… I won't try to make you. I'll visit you every day."

Szayel closed his eyes and leaned his head against the other's shoulder, breathing in his scent and melting into his warm embrace.


The older man sniffled softly, "Szayel… come with me to my Castle, I'll keep you safe. Promise." He hugged the younger man tighter, not wanting to let go. "No one will find you, and I bet Vexen will even let you hang out in his lab, and we can go to other worlds for stuff for you to make potions and all that science-y stuff with! It'll be great! I promise it will! Just come home with me!"

"I'm not sure it will work… Lord Aizen needs me here."

"Come on, Szay…" Marluxia practically begged, "Please come with me! Please!"

He bit his bottom lip in thought before speaking, "Are you sure this will work? What if we get caught? You will get in trouble."

"I don't care. Just come with me. I'll deal with any trouble we get into along the way, don't worry."

"I don't know… Lord Aizen isn't one for compromises."

"My Superior will stick behind me and my decisions. I'm in charge of half our Organization." The older man ran a hand through Szayel's silky hair, "Please, come with me. I'll keep you safe, I promise. That Aizen guy won't touch you, he won't be able to find you."

"It's not my safety that I'm worried about… it's yours. Lord Aizen won't be happy if I just up and leave. He will send someone to find me."

"Don't worry about me, okay, Szay?" Marluxia moved his hand from the younger man's silky hair to cup his cheek. He leaned over a little to make up for the height difference and kissed the other man's lips softly, "No one can find our Castle. Xemnas created our world so it was hidden from other people. Only Organization XIII members know how to return there. Plus, our group is respectful of each other's relationships. They'll keep both of us safe. Promise."

The shorter man looked at him skeptically, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I promise it'll be okay. They won't be able to find you. Please come with me."

"Are you sure no one will find me?"

"I'm pretty sure. Plus, my comrades will fight to the death to protect you."

"I'm not sure about that…"

Marluxia's blue eyes welled up with tears, "Please!"

"No, please don't cry…" Tears began to well up in his own eyes as he looked at the other man.

"Y- You might not come home with m- me! I- I can't help it!" Teas dripped down the older man's cheeks as he spoke.

He wiped away the tears before speaking, "Fine, I'll go with you. But only because I don't want to lose you."

Marluxia smiled through his tears, bringing Szayel for a tight hug, "Thank you! I'll protect you no matter what! I promise!"

The other man just hugged him back, a smile appearing on his lips. He knew he never wanted to lose this.

The older man opened up a portal to his room in the Castle That Never Was and walked through, holding Szayel's hand as they went into the darkness. Marluxia was sure to keep the man close so they wouldn't be separated in the darkness they had to travel through. He motioned to the room once they exited the portal and pointed out all the flowers around them, "I hope you don't mind flowers."

Szayel looked around at he new surrounding, examining each plant from afar and mentally picking out each thing that was different from his home.

"Uh, so, make yourself at home, I suppose." The older man smiled.

He looked at the other curiously before walking around the room, taking in every detail.

Marluxia watched Szayel move around the room, "When, and if, you want to.. I can show you around the castle…"

Szayel gave a small nod, "Okay."

The older man smiled softly, and took Szayel's hand in his. He kissed the younger man's lips softly before turning and starting to walk out of the room. "Come on, Szay."