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Chapter 1: Awakening

A dark room.

A hard, single bed.

A person's weight pressing against you...

"Whoa... Where am I? Ugh, such a headache..." grumbled a short, emerald-eyed blunette who honestly considered the idea of having gotten stuck within some ero game. She rubbed her head, trying to get rid of the pulsing headache she had.

Konata Izumi, infamous for her otaku ways and famously labeled as Legendary Girl A, had woken up to find herself in, what she hoped to be a dream. Cold darkness. Unable to see her surroundings, she finally noticed the sleeping body beside her. She heard the soft breathing, which Konata found to be somewhat calming in the current situation. Realizing that she had to for the sake of figuring out what was going on, her hands quickly found the body beside her, and she began to slowly feel around for any clue about who this person could be. She felt the fabric of the body's clothing, which gave her an odd sense of relief. At least it wasn't some creepy rapist.

While she continued, she felt her cheeks become hot as she felt two, seemingly well sized, mounds where the chest should have been.

"It's a female!", she thought. To her surprise, she heard a soft moan come from the sleeping form next to her. Konata's eyes widened a bit, somehow recognizing the voice of the person immediately, and this caused her blush to deepen. The fact she just felt up this person, though it was all for a good reason, was slightly embarrassing.

She stared intently at the dark figure beside her, as her eyes slowly became used to the darkness. She could see a bit better now, and she could definitely confirm that the person next to her was, in fact, her best friend. Her tsundere.

"Kagami..." Konata whispered softly, gently shaking Kagami's shoulder.

The fact that she didn't know where she was, and the fact her friend was here too suddenly dawned on her again. She desperately struggled to remember what had possibly brought her and Kagami here. In the midst of her mental struggle, her grasp on Kagami's shoulder became tighter without meaning to, and her shaking became a bit rougher.

"Ugh! Ow, watch it!" said the familiar voice. Kagami smacked Konata's hand off her shoulder, out of reflex. The twin-tailed girl blinked slowly, seeing nothing.


"Konata...? Where are - "

"... I don't know..."

A light bulb dangling from the ceiling of the room suddenly lit up, bright and rather irritating to the two friends. Konata blinked a few times, blocking the light from view with her hand. She quickly realized she and Kagami were in their winter school uniforms and that -

"... What is that?" Konata spotted something, something that suddenly made her extremely nervous. Kagami's collar was a bit sloppy and it seemed to have been pulled away from her neck to reveal half of her left shoulder. From what Konata could see, there was some heavy bandaging wrapped around her shoulder, and she could see that it was almost red.

Kagami however, didn't seem to notice it at the moment. She was blushing a bit, seeing that Konata was so close in the same bed, and a small bed no less. The tsundere turned her head a bit, since she was facing Konata and the wall, to make out the rest of the room. The room had a wooden floor and gray walls and was basically empty except for a table with mats and the bed. There was a doorway on the opposite side of the room, that had a curtain instead of a door to hide the space. A bathroom. Kagami frowned a bit, unable to resist thinking how nasty it was that there was an actual bathroom in Japan that had the toilet in the same room as the tub. The room basically looked like a basement. There was a door on one end of the room that was white.

Konata was still staring at Kagami's shoulder, and as she was about to ask Kagami if she remembered what happened, the door slowly opened.

"So you two have finally woken up, hm?" said a, strangely tall by Japanese standards, man wearing a mask to hide his face.

Konata and Kagami blinked, turning their attention to the man. Konata just stared, though her eyes narrowed just a bit, as Kagami trembled a bit.

Where the hell were they and what was going on?

End Of Awakening

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