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Chapter 6: In Between

"Oh, sis... Please have faith!"

But the Hiiragi household needed it the most.

"Did... Did Konata just...?"

"Kagami! Kagami, please... Wake up!"

The twin-tailed girl slowly opened her eyes, to find that she was under the covers of the bed with Konata standing at the side and gently shaking her shoulders. The otaku stopped shaking when she saw Kagami's eyes open.

It all happened so fast yet so slow all at once. Kagami had passed out somewhere between Konata attacking her with her lips in an excruciatingly slow motion, and now. The whole thing itself was a blur to the tsundere, except for the kiss.

That memory brought on a bright blush without hesitation, and caused her to jump a bit.

Konata frowned and took her hands off of Kagami's shoulders. "Are you... alright?" she asked. She hoped Kagami would forget about what happened. Even she, herself, had no idea what came over her.

Kagami blinked and finally looked at Konata, only to find herself averting her gaze again. "... I'm fine."

The blunette sighed. Kagami was an open book, and being able to read that she totally remembered what happened wasn't that hard.

"That's... That's good. Um, I need to use the bathroom, so uh... Just relax, I guess." Konata said, quickly turning and walking towards the bathroom.

As Konata disappeared to the bathroom, Kagami slowly relaxed and brought her head back down to rest on the pillow. She closed her eyes with a sigh, completely stressed out. And Konata definitely did not help.

"Ugh, this is not the time for that! Oh man, if she has feelings for me, what do I – " she felt the burning sensation on her cheeks when she realized that someone, even if it was Konata, had feelings for her. She paused for a moment.

"How do I feel about Konata...?"

There was no way a normal human, at least one that was similar to Kagami, could possibly tolerate the otaku's opinions and actions, so why could she? Why only her? Why could she get so angry at Konata and then, in the next two minutes, feel absolutely horrible and apologize despite her embarrassment? Why did the otaku embarrass her? Konata hardly bothered Tsukasa, and the way she teased Miyuki were never really insults but compliments, despite how peculiar they were. Why only Kagami? No matter what she did, they both had good memories and hung out all the time, and they were each the other's best friend.

Or maybe they were more than that.

Kagami bit her lip, her blush never fading. She had a weird, instinctive feeling that she did like Konata, but she wasn't sure. She never really had a crush on any guy before, so the feeling was unfamiliar to her.

She definitely knew Konata was pretty. That was something she could admit, but only to herself of course. She was too much of a 'tsundere' to say something like that aloud, but now it had a whole different meaning behind it if she thought of it from a romantic point of view.

"I wonder how she thinks me... Am I pretty? I did gain a pound, though, so maybe not... Ugh, what am I thinking? A single pound doesn't change a damned thing!" she groaned, irritated by where this was going. How could she go from thinking back on an unexpected thing such as that kiss, from wondering if Konata thought she was pretty or not?

Kagami rolled her eyes, sighing to herself. "That's right. That's how a love-struck teen thinks!"

Calling herself a love-struck teen added an entirely new layer of heat on her face.

"Who says 'love-struck' anymore?" she gritted her teeth in aggravation. She was avoiding the actual question.

The question in question, if that makes sense, was still in the bathroom. Kagami did not know whether the otaku was sulking or taking part in another squat stretch technique on the toilet. Imagining a heartbroken Konata made Kagami feel a bit heartbroken herself, and it wasn't a great feeling. She sat up on the bed, wrapping her arms around her knees as she stared off at the curtain that was stupidly called 'the door' to the bathroom.

"When is she going to come out...? It has to have been a few minutes by now..."

She felt alone. The tsundere's eyes repeatedly drifted toward the front door of the room, as if Saito was ready to take them a day early. Each time, she gulped, and immediately looked back to the bathroom with an even bigger urge to jump in there as long as she was close to Konata.

Kagami knew that, no matter what, they would have to face each other up until tomorrow. She couldn't be cowardly, and she definitely knew she wouldn't be able to cope with avoiding Konata and feeling even more lonely than she already did. Especially if the otaku was depressed, which would only make it worse.

Minutes passed slowly, and the blunette still had not come out of her hiding place.

"That's it! Now is not the time for this drama! We're in a life or death situation, we should stick together, despite anything and everything! I think I do, but I'm not totally sure if I... l-love Konata yet, but we'll talk about that later, damn it!" mentally hissed an impatient, annoyed tsundere-dragon.

She quickly got up and walked over to the bathroom doorway. Her expression softened, realizing again that there could be a crying Konata in the bathroom, as she pulled the curtain to the side. She walked inside, and blinked as she heard the sound she was looking for.

"Oh, Kagami... Um, do you need to use the bathroom?"

Kagami turned to see Konata sitting on the toilet seat, but just sitting there as a seat rather than to use it. There were no tears, but she could easily tell that the otaku wasn't exactly cheery, based on the lack of spark in her emerald eyes. She felt like a monster, hurting her friend like this.

She quickly leaned in and grabbed Konata's arm, pulling her off the seat and dragging the surprised girl into the main room. She stood her up in front of her, and looked down at the blunette with the softest expression she could possibly make.

Konata blushed, staring at the tsundere with wide eyes, as Kagami put her hands on both sides of her face gently, lifting it up so that they were looking at each other. The otaku was speechless, for the moment.

Kagami could feel the warmth on her cheeks, but they couldn't quite compete with Konata's. She couldn't become cowardly now.

"Konata... It's alright, don't be upset about it."

Still, the much shorter girl couldn't find her voice.

"I... Now isn't the time to get upset over things like that."

No response.

Kagami sighed. It was hard enough saying these things without stuttering. "I think... I might like you in that way too. But I've never really, or at least not that I've ever realized, liked anyone. I can't tell if what I'm feeling is the same feeling that you have... for me." that burned. Literally. Her cheeks felt as though they were on fire now. "But... All I know is..." she sighed again, pausing for a moment. Konata finally rediscovered the function to blink.

"All I know is that I need you now, shortie" Kagami gave the otaku a small yet sincere smile. She leaned in and gently kissed the otaku's forehead. Konata closed her eyes to take in the moment, and slowly opened them when Kagami pulled away.


"Yeah?" Kagami hoped her sudden burst of bravery wouldn't deteriorate too quickly, since she was starting to feel embarrassment slowly creep up on her.

"... Can I still sleep with you?"

That question came out rather wrong, despite Konata's genuinely innocent tone, to Kagami. She quickly brought up her fist and opened her mouth to yell, before noticing Konata's shocked expression to this action and slowly realizing that she meant to normally sleep. She blushed again, and put her fist down. "Oh.. S-Sorry, yeah. Haha..."

The blunette smirked. "Naughty, naughty thoughts..." she snickered.


The evening meal was devoured within the following hour, along with a 'kind' "good luck" from Saito, which was sarcastically thanked for.

"... You want to head to bed, Kagamin?" Konata asked, after dinner, while looking at the taller girl who continued to stare at the door. It wasn't hard to figure out why.

"H-Huh?" Kagami looked over her shoulder at Konata. "Oh... Sure." she stood up, having been sitting, and walked over to Konata.

The smaller girl crawled in first so that she was against the wall, and patted the spot next to her. The blush on Kagami's face wasn't noticeable to Konata as she crawled in beside her.

"Wait a second... Show me your shoulder."

Kagami blinked and pulled down a bit at her sleeve to show Konata the wound again. "Why?"

"I think it's gotten enough air for now... We should cover it up a bit more."

"With wha – What are you doing?" she almost yelped in surprise as Konata ripped off her own left sleeve.

The otaku smirked at Kagami. "Gotta' use what you got." she said, gesturing to Kagami to take her arm out of the sleeve entirely so that she could better wrap the wound. Obeying, the taller girl watched as Konata carefully and cautiously wrapped the fabric around her shoulder... and then kiss the knot at the top.

"Hey, hey!" Kagami blushed, only to get a smirk from Konata.

"Heheh! Just kissing your boo boo so that it gets better!" she grinned.

"It'll be fine on it's own!" the twin-tailed dragon raised an eyebrow.

"Alright, alright. I promise I won't try anything. I wouldn't take advantage."

Kagami smiled a bit at that, but blinked as Konata wrapped her arms around her. "Wh-What?"

"Relax... We're going to be alright, Kagamin. I promise." the blunette squeezed Kagami closer, whispering in her ear.

Kagami slowly grew less tense, and her expression softened. "... Brat." she sighed, as she slowly wrapped her arms around her best friend.

"Sweet dreams, Kagamin."

"You too."

And with that, Konata fell asleep within the next few minutes.

But for Kagami, a lot of things were swirling through her mind. She was extremely nervous about tomorrow, and she cursed herself for being pessimistic instead of optimistic, like Konata. She looked at the river of blue hair that covered Konata's back, feeling the smaller girl breathe softly on her shoulder.

"... If we make it out of here, I promise to try and take a chance with you, Kona – " her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Konata. What she heard made her freeze.

"... Nnh... Love you... Kagaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiin~" the smaller girl mumbled in her sleep, in an unbearably cute whine.

Hearing that made Kagami tense up and blush furiously.

Her best friend loved her. Truly, genuinely loved her. When she thought about it, it seemed ridiculous and yet so obvious at the same time. And it seemed just as ridiculous to her that she loved her back.

"... Love you too, Konata." she hoped Konata didn't hear her. But if she did, she would secretly feel relieved anyway.

About another hour passed before Kagami started to feel drowsy. She desperately wished Konata would wake up and talk to her or something, but she couldn't disturb Konata when she was sleeping. Especially if this was their... last night.

She gulped, and gently squeezed Konata. It was dark, and she could see nothing. All she could feel was Konata.

"The night is deafening..." she began to think, as her eyes began to close, "... when the silence is listening."

Kagami fell asleep to the rhythm of Konata's soft heartbeat.

End of Chapter 6: In Between

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