This Heart

Summary – Right from the start, Bella Cullen knew that her brand new life as a vampire would not be easy. Her friends are in danger: But from what? They know they are being watched but something is rendering Alice and Edward useless. Then the Volturi begins to get stronger. The power seems to be on their side but with the help of some unlikely characters and long lost friends, the Cullens seem to have a fighting chance in the ultimate war. Or do they?

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Prologue: Broken Wings (Flyleaf)

Last night I dreamed I was chasing a pack of wolves, trying to belong.

Third Persons POV

Leah wasn't one to care about people or things. She was just there, floating around in this fucked up life she was supposed to live, or something like that. But shit, at the moment, she was content with bugging Jacob.

Leah liked Jacob – within reason, of course. Jacob was probably the only other person she knew who was living a life just as fucked up as hers. The only other person Leah could think of was Bella Cullen; and she wasn't even technically a person. But Leah wouldn't be caught dead sympathizing with a leech lover.

Speaking of leeches…

Out of nowhere that red headed bitch slammed into Jacob, immediately crushing his ribs. Leah panicked for a split second, and then rose on her hinds, howling. Automatically, over 17 other thoughts joined hers and then began running.

Sam took as leader; he still had that alpha instinct running through him, despite the fact that Jacob kicked his ass. That bugged Leah, but now wasn't the time to be spazzing about a lost relationship that happened years ago.

Sam barked orders. The younger wolves – this including Leah's dumb little brother – were to get Jacob home.

Jacob, who wasn't breathing. Jacob, who was bleeding. Jacob; the alpha of the pack! If he died, Leah would be taking orders from Sam again. Fuck that! Leah thought.

Leah was running. The sickeningly sugary smell of the red head was headed west, towards the beach. Aw, hell no! She is NOT getting away from me! Leah pushed herself harder and harder until she caught sight of the stinky bitch that is ruining everything. That bitch was fast. She was inching further away no matter how hard Leah pushed and pushed.

The tree line was thinning. The salty smell of the ocean mixed in with the stench of blood sucker. Leah's muscles screamed for a break.

The red head slammed on the brakes, skidding to a stop on the edge of the cliff. She whirled around, a wide grin spread across her baby doll face. Perfect, Leah began to close in on the vampire, a snarl building in her chest; behind her, Embry roared with anger – that was his best friend being carted away back there.

The red head grinned wider. "Bye bye, puppies." She sneered; then flipped gracefully off the side of the cliff backwards. Leah skidded to a halt, one paw going over the edge before she managed to back herself away from the edge. Snarls of protest echoed around her; everyone thinking the same thing, she got away, bitch got away!

Below her, the vampire swam gracefully away.

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