This Heart

Summary – Right from the start, Bella Cullen knew that her brand new life as a vampire would not be easy. Her friends are in danger: But from what? They know they are being watched but something is rendering Alice and Edward useless. Then the Volturi begins to get stronger. The power seems to be on their side but with the help of some unlikely characters and long lost friends, the Cullens seem to have a fighting chance in the ultimate war. Or do they?

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6. Embers (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.

Running can feel like freedom. There is wind in your hair, dirt under your feet, and the goal you wish to reach is right in front of you. All you need to do is push it. Forget that you can hardly breathe. Forget that something if chasing you. Forget all of your pain, your worries, your heart ache.


Running can also mean something completely different. Running can feel like terror. When you are running headfirst into a war, you feel the utmost terror.

Do you want to know why dying is so damn scary? It's scary because it is ordinary. It can happen at any time. It happens all the time.

Ask yourself: When will it happen to me?

I wish I had been braver. I wish that, many years ago – when there was an itching feeling under my skin that this was not normal – I wish I would have spit in Aro's eye and run.

I wish I would have run so fast that my feet barely touched that ground. I wish I would have swum to America and meet Edward and simply lived. Everyone always tells you to live like you are dying. It's a nice policy to live by, I suppose, until you are actually on the verge of dying. Then all you can do is wait for the war to begin.

Did you know that when swans fight they lower their neck, hiss and charge forward? When a swan wins the fight they trumpet in success.

I hope I win. I might even trumpet.

It was too silent in the forest. Typically you would expect there to be sounds. There should be crickets chirping, frogs croaking and other animals twittering about. Instead they stay silent and lay low. They know a fight is coming. They can feel the tension in the air.

"When?" Emmett demanded like an impatient child waiting to receive desert.

"I…" Alice flickered through vision after vision. "I don't know, he disappeared again!"

James drops down behind Bella, a smile on his face. He came alone, the foolish man. The Cullens whirled around to face him. Edward's face screwed up in confusion. Jasper looked worried, Alice was furious. "Why can't I see you?" She screeched.

"Am I making you… uncomfortable?" His voice was smooth and venomous. He sighed. "So naïve. So helpless."

Emmett moved forward but Carlisle held up a hand. "Why are you alone?" He asked.

"Perhaps I am alone at the moment." He looked thoughtful.

"Enough talking. Lets rip him to shreds." Emmett snarled.

James laughed. "You are quite the amusing family to watch. You should think about investing in curtains. I know a great place in Seattle, Esme, if you would like the address."

A chill ran down my spine. "I was right. You are watching us."

Out of nowhere they leaped on us. I moved to avoid being landed on by a slim 20-something vampire with long black hair. I summoned the power within me and pushed her away with my mind. I desperately searched for Edward in the clearing, but the woman returned. I grabbed her arm and swung her into the nearby tree with such force that the tree splintered apart and fell.

I ripped her head off without half a thought.

I straightened and was about to turn when she heard a hiss in her ear. "Do you really think you are the only one?" James hissed. I whirled around and shoved him away.

"Only what?" I demanded.

He smiled and turned to run, only to be stopped by the enormous figure of Emmett.

I turned to find Edward's figure again. Just as suddenly as the ambush began, the ambush was done. Thankfully my family was intact. And Emmett had killed James, and he was ever gleeful of that fact.

We kicked the body parts into a large pile. "Bella, if you would like to do the honor of burning them." Carlisle gestured to the pile and hugged Esme out of happiness that she was alive and well.

I focused and ignited the pile. Within seconds it was ablaze. We watched it burn, clutching to our mates with dear life. Alice and Jasper simply held one another. Rosalie fussed over Emmett – "Don't you dare leave my side in a fight ever again." She hissed. Esme smiled up at Carlisle as he brushed her hair behind her ear. Edward slid his thumb across my lower lip.

"Are you okay?" He murmured.

"Did you hear what James said to me?" I asked him.

He raised an eyebrow. "Yes. 'Do you really think you are the only one?'" Edward repeated the sentence perfectly. "I assume he means that they know of there being other Wild Powers."

"He knows?" My brain reeled with a thousand questions. "He is in cahoots with the Volturi!"

"I know." Edward grimaced.

We watched the bodies smolder in front of us. We can never escape the flames. When become a vampire, you burn with pain. While you live a vampire life, you fight the flames in your throat. When you die as a vampire, you burn until you are nothing more than a pile of ash waiting to be scattered in the wind and rain.

The embers slowly simmered out.

"Seattle is in turmoil. This is the highest suicide rate ever seen in this city. Police suspect gang members may be involved for the rate is much too high to be caused by one serial killer. In other news, a young teenager named Bree Tanner has gone missing. Police ask anyone who may have seen her to come forward immediately."

Edward shut the TV off when the newscast was replaced with commercials. The living room was silent.

Jasper looked at his wrist as though he was checking the time. "I fear they are creating an army." He said.

I turned my head in his direction. "An army?"

"Of newborns." Jasper specified.

In a short time my head was spinning with information. I learned about the wars of the South, I learned of Jasper and I understood why he made this assumption.

"And Victoria is creating this army? In Seattle?" I asked in disbelief. Why so close to where we are.

"I think she is merely gaining recruits." Jasper clasped his hands in front of him. "Something tells me that they are here for a specific reason. Perhaps a power is here? Something Aro would find useful."

"Wild Powers." I whispered.


"James…" I explained what James said to me. "Either the Volturi has a Wild Power or they know where they are."

"There is more than one?" Emmett looked confused.

"There were four of them last time… Why not there be four now?" I said. "If they have a Wild Power, then why can't we? Let's find them… Somehow! Aro obviously has a way to find them, we can too!"

"Don't you see? Eleazer is how Aro is locating them." Jasper frowned.

I took a deep breath. I guess it all is over at this point. We have no hope left. Once Aro has a Wild Power, he has four powers in one person! And he has a way to find them. If there really is four of them, then he would have three. That's 12 extreme powers!

And what do we have? Me… But what good am I? I could shield them, start some fires and maybe convince Aro to make our deaths less painful.

We are screwed.

Looking around I could tell that they were all thinking the same things. They all had a look on their face that said no hope. I stared at my feet before looking up and examining my family. Mi Familia. La Mia Famiglia. Ma Famille. Ku'u Ohana. And that was about the extent of my language skills.

I had just become one of them, I had just finally belonged here. Now we will all die.

My Husband… A word I had not quite gotten used to saying. Edward. My love. He will die. I will die too. But will it be so bad? At least I won't have to live without him.

Or will I?

Fear raced into my head. What if they kill everyone but me? I am the one Aro wants. He won't kill me. Surely he won't. He will keep me and brainwash me and use me to his advantage. And my love, my dearest treasure that I keep so close to my unbeating heart… he would die. My family would die…

I will have to live without all my loved ones.

And then there is Jacob. Jake… my best friend. He is supposed to become a father and raise a child. There is no way I could possibly convince him to stay out of the massacre for his family's sake. He would die… Kim and Emily, Nadia and an unborn child… they would all lose their loved ones.

Quite simply it was all because of me.

I sat on the porch outside with Edward. Edward hummed a tune… I recognized it of course, being that it was my lullaby. I would miss his voice. I would miss all of this… even the rain.

Edward sat up. "Someone is approaching." He hissed.

I attuned my senses and heard it too… light footsteps, similar to those of Alice. A young woman walked through the trees and stared at us with familiarity – as if she had known us forever. She was dark skinned and very, very tall… only a few inches shorter than Jacob, if I had to guess. She had short and poofy black hair and large gold hoop earrings. Her clothes were immaculate and she wore no shoes.

Here's the real kicker – her eyes, narrowed in disdain, were bright golden. Another vampire like us.

Edward relaxed beside me. "She is no threat."

"You are the one they call Isabella?" She asked with a heavy accent. It reminded me of Zafrina.

"Yeah?" I said curiously. "Who are you?"

"Names are not important. But you may call me Zykrie." She sighed. "I am here because I am like you. A Wild Power."

My heart stopped – a figure of speech, of course. It couldn't be! Wild Powers don't just walk up to your front door and say 'Hey! I could be the difference between death and life! Nice to meet ya!'

"You have been alive for much longer than Bella." Edward stated suddenly. "Why?"

"My Mother died in birth. She predicted I would be of much power, so I became of much power." She looked around. "I cannot stay too long."

"You will help us! You will come back and fight, right?" I was practically begging her.

"You have a great destiny, Isabella." She said cryptically. "We are all intertwined and connected, but you are the one who will change everyone's path. Isabella… You will know what you need to do. I must leave."

"Wait! How can I reach you – what if I need your help?" My mind was swimming with possibilities.

We are all connected. Speak with me freely. She nodded and I realized that it was not me who thought that… it was Zykrie.

We can talk to each other? I asked her, trying to imagine the message sending to her though the air.

She nodded and disappeared.

Perhaps we have a fighting chance after all.

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