Authors Notes: I could not find the series under anime so I had to mark it under games, but this the anime of Pokemon I'm writing about.

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It was real late at night and our hero's Ash, Brock and, Dawn along with their Pokemon Pikachu and Piplup were walking to a near be town to rest for the night but it seems thanks to Ash's bad sense of direction they got lost along the way.

"Hey Brock, how much further do we have to walk until we get to the next town?" Dawn whined.

"I really can't say right now, if someone would have stuck to the main road like I said we should, we would not be walking around in this forest aimlessly lost."

Both Brock and Dawn shot Ash displeasing glares wondering when they would reach the next town.

"Come on guys I thought if we took a shortcut we would get their sooner." Ash was trying to make an excuse for getting him and his friends lost but could only think of his rumbling stomach at the moment.

Both Pikachu and Piplup became alert when they heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes, Ash, Brock, and Dawn prepared themselves for what awaited them on the other sides on the bush.

A girl popped out from the other side, she was at bit smaller than Dawn, she had long black hair the went half way down her back and wore a black dress the went just a few inches above her knees with a purple vest and boots that went above her ankles, and on the girl's hands were finger-less gloves and with her she carried the soft scent of baby-powder.

"What are you guy's doing wardering around this forest so late at night, its not safe you know." the girl said.

"Shouldn't we be asking you the same thing?" Dawn asked her. "If it's not safe to wander in the forest a night time then why are you here by yourself?"

"I'm just doing some late night training with my Pokemon that's' all and plus I live in the town near by."

"You do?" Ash, Dawn, and Brock said at the same time causing the girl in front of them to get nervous.

"Don't tell me... You wouldn't happen to be lost would you?"

"Yeah we kinda are lost." Ash said nervously.

"Yeah thanks to somebody we know!" Dawn said angrily.

"Will you give it a rest already Dawn, I told you already that I'm sorry!" Ash yelled back.

The girl walked in between to two fighting and covered the mouths with her hand's "Shhhhhh! Are you two trying to wake the sleeping Pokemon, because let me tell you from experience that, that's not a good Idea." She whispered.

"So then where you training before you met up with us?" Brock asked.

"Not too far from here theirs a small lake where I usually do all my training at night time, it's far enough from the town and from the sleeping Pokemon, by the way my name is Shana." The girl held out her hand.

Ash reached out to shake Shana's hand when a serge of blue electricity struck Ash in the chest.

"Oh no Ash are you ok? Rotom that was not nice say your sorry now!" Shana demanded

The small orange lighting shaped electric/ ghost type Pokemon made it's self visible on top of Shana's head. Rotom gave all a small snicker before it was grabbed by Shana and made to apologize.

"I'm so sorry about that Ash, this little guy is a little bit over protective, when ever a boy gets near me or try's to touch me Rotom will try and shock them.

This time Rotom allowed Ash to Shake's Shana's hand. Rotom floated up to where Dawn was standing, it was smiling at her and rubbed it's self against Dawn's cheek. Making Piplup jealous.

"Sorry about that, Rotom really likes girls so it does that lot."

Shana notice Dawn's Piplup getting madder and madder for each time it's rubbed it self against Dawn's cheek so Shana reached out the petted Piplup under it's beak soothing it.

"Wow you must really be rubbing Piplup in the right spot." Brock said.

"Yep every Pokemon has that special area on their bodies where they loved to be touched." Shana reached over to Pikachu and began scratching it behind the ears soothing it also.

"Hey Pikachu you really like that do you buddy?" Ash asked

Pikachu responded with a "pika pika" and jumped into Shana's arms.

"Awww you are just so cute Pikachu." Shana said lovingly petting Pikachu on it's back . "Come on we be better get to town before it gets even later." Ash, Brock and Dawn all nodded and followed Shana all the way to town. "Well here we are, this is my hometown Akai Town and over their is the Pokemon center where you can stay the night." Shana said proudly.

"Wow this sure is a beautiful town Shana." Dawn told her.

"Why thank you Dawn, but if you think it's beautiful at night then take a look at it during the day, you'll really be amazed."

"Hey do you think you could show us around tomorrow then?" Ash asked.

"Of course I though you'd never ask, tomorrow just happens to be our town's annual festival so I'd be happy to show you around."

"Wow a festival, sound's cool." Ash said getting excited.

Shana walked the three into the Pokemon Center and they were all greeted by a Nurse Joy.

Brock rushed over to Nurse Joy with heart shaped eye when he was shot in the gut by his Croagunk's poison jab. The small purple poison/ fighting Pokemon dragged his trainer laughing.

Letting out a long sigh Nurse Joy walked up to Shana and said "Your in trouble again Shana!"

"Huh!" Ash, Brock and Dawn said at the same time.

"Why, what did she do?" Ash asked.

"She snuck out of her room again when she was supposed to be sleeping!" A women said in a strict tone walking up to them.

"Mom w-wait I can explain." Shana said smiling nervously. Shana knew no matter what she said her mother was still going to punish her. She gave Pikachu back to ash and hid behind his shoulders, trying to prolong her upcoming punishment.

"Ma'ma please wait, it's our fault, Shana was just helping up because we were lost." Ash said.

"Yes so please don't be mad at her." Dawn pleaded.

Shana's mother smiled at Ash and Dawn. "While I'm glad she helped you three find your way to our town, that dose not excuse the fact that she snuck outside with out permission, and I bet you she was doing to late night training before meeting up with you three."

"But mom." Shana whined.

"Yes and your butt is going to get it if you don't come this instant young lady!" Shana's mom said sternly.

With her head sunk looking down at her feet Shana slowly walked over to her mom bracing her self for an impact on her behind.

"Don't worry I won't embarrass you in front of your new friends, but I might not be so nice when we get home, now march." Shana's mom demanded pointing towards the door.

Shana let out a small whimper as she walked out the Pokemon center. Pikachu ear's flew up as it heard a soft crinkling sound coming from under Shana's dress with every step she took.

"Oh yes I never did introduce my self, my name is Shino and of course you already know I'm Shana's mom, she'll met you here bright and early so be ready, that's if she is still able to walk." Shino let out a small chuckle then wrapped her arm around her daughter's shoulder and walked into the night and Rotom followed behind.

"I wonder if she'll really be ok?" Dawn asked

"Don't worry Shino is really nice, I can't imagine her ever doing anything to hurt Shana." Nurse Joy said.

"Now it's way past all of your bed times, you have to get up in the morning right?" Nurse Joy Asked.

"Ok" all three of them said.

Nurse joy walked them to their room and went strait to bed, tried from being lost all day.

In her room Shana was getting ready for bed dressing her self in a pink night gown when her mother walked into her room. "Last call before I go to sleep sweetie or you'll have to say wet until morning."

Shana puffed up cheeks and turned her chin in the air. "Please don't forget mother I'm perfectly capable of changing myself thank you very much."

Shino walked over to her daughter and pushed her on the bed and lifted up her night gown reviling a very wet diaper. "Yes and you seem to forgotten my rule is when when your in this house your hands are not allowed any where near you diaper."

Shino then rolled Shana onto her side and placed a changing mat under her. Shana's wet diaper was untapped and her diaper area was wiped with baby-wipes. After she was powdered a fresh diaper was slip under her bottom and tightly tapped up. Shino then rolled Shana onto her back and gave a diapered behind a firm smack causing some baby-powder to puff out of her diaper, Shana let out a loud yelp.

"That will teach you to sneak out at night." Shino said smiling.

"You know mom just because I have to wear diaper's dose not mean you have to treat me like a baby every time I come home."

"Aww!, but why not sweetie mommy misses her baby." Shino said hugging her little girl to the point where she could barely breath.

"Mom will you stop, I am a future frontier brain, how would people take me seriously if they saw me like this?"

Shino laid Shana's head in her lap and patted her head. " Yes I know, I'm sorry, you did a good job defeating Brandon the pyramid king and accepting his offer to become the frontier brain of harmony, you do have a special gift after all, and your gift will take you far."

"I know that's why I can't let anyone see me like this, It's bad enough that the whole town knows I have to wear diapers!" Shana burred her face into her mother's lap, " A frontier brain who is a little girl and has to wear diapers, who would take me seriously?"

"Shana you know the whole town loves you, and I say let other trainers underestimate you, once they see how strong you really are it will be too late to turn the battle around. You've been all around collecting all eight badges from Kento, the Orange Islands, Jhoto, hoenn and Sinnoh, and you collected seven frontier symbols. Once someone comes to challenge you and they see all of your achievements they'll think twice about calling you a baby. "

"Yeah your right mom thanks."

"No Problem honey now please go to sleep this time, or do I need to break out the straps and special powder again?"

Shana cringed at her mother's words as she remembered the last time she got into trouble her hand's and feet were tied down to her bed using cuff's that are attached to the front and foot of her bed, her mother then powdered her with itching powder that drove her nuts because she was unable to scratch.

"I'll be going to bed now."

Shana jumped under her covers and lied down. Her mother then turned off her light, Rotom lied on a small pillow right beside her as Shana quickly went to sleep.