E/O Drabble Challenge. Challenge word: Close.
Set: After season 5. Summary: He had been used to get along alone. Before he'd met these stubborn sons of a gun. Now... it was different.

The old man limped nearer to the stake, watching the remnants of the creature melt away.

"Damn, Singer – that was close", he growled, shifting his cap. "Hunting down a friggin bloodsucker all alone. You stupid idjit!"

He scowled, spitting his rage into the glowing heat, where it dissolved with a hiss.

God, he missed the boys so much. It hurt like a missing limb. You never get used to it not being part of you anymore. Your body, your soul simply can't accept its absence.

They'd driven him nuts uncounted times.

He longed for them with all his gnarled heart.

OK, this sounds sad. It IS sad. But it's going to be better – in the next season. At least I hope so :-) I had to think of Bobby, so alone - and not being the most socializing guy in the world... though: come to think of it: he brought a lot of people in contact with the Winchesters. Unfortunately most of them are dead now. Jeez, I'm rambling. Thanks to my beautiful double challenge sisters in crime, Shannz and BarbaraGER – you rock!