{Transformed Love}

Inspired By Fruits Basket

Author's Note:

Hey, everybody! It's Malibu, again! This fan fiction was inspired by

Fruits Basket, a REALLY good Manga. I just thought it would be cool

To read Pokemon Style. So, the first few chapters of this fic will be told by

Leaf, because…you'll see. J

See you in the next Chapter!

Love, always,



Chapter One: Broken Dreams


"When you're dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part. You roll out of bed, and down on your knees, and for a moment you can hardly breath. Wondering was she really here? Is she standing in my room? No she's not. 'Cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone."

It's the crushing silence that wakes me up. Not the banter of my mother, cooking breakfast, not the blasting of my alarm clock, not even the chirping of the birds outside my always-open window. The utter silence of nothing. I feel the dried tears on my cheeks. So I was crying in my sleep again. I was having that dream again, so I'm not surprised.

"Mom?" I look around. She's not there.

She never is.

My tent suddenly feels too small, like it does every morning, so I get up and get out of it. Some fresh air always does me good. I rub my eyes and look around at the beauty of the forest. It's really pretty in the morning, no matter how scary it gets at night. The light makes the forest look fresh and new, and the dew from the trees reminds me of new life. I take one more deep breath and then go back in the tent and get changed into my school uniform. I brush my too-long light brown hair so it falls nicely to my waist. I put on my makeup and double-check myself in the mirror. I grab some fruit loops and shove them in my mouth, concluding my breakfast. I try and pull on my knee-high socks as I head out the door.

Our school uniform really isn't that bad. It's a cap-sleeved white blouse, a black tie, and a black skirt that you can pick your own length. It's really not that ugly. It's actually kind of cute, in a school-girl kind of way. I grab my backpack and rush off to school.

Thank God my tent isn't that far from school. My school is huge. It's the only private school for miles. We live in a small town, so the school isn't really that populated, but it is very, very big. It used to be a gothic cathedral, but they added onto it. Not onto the cathedral, they took over the land and built building that connected to the cathedral, and it became a private school. My school.

Well, it wasn't my school at first. When I came to live with my grandpa it became my school. Lilycove Prep accepted me mid-semester only because it had a spot open. And they felt bad for me. A lot of people have felt bad for me lately.

I reach the school in record time, only because I started running. I'm pretty sure I flashed a few people, though. I had ordered the shortest skirt they had available, not knowing it would be quite so short.

"Hey, Leaf." Some boy says as I walked up. I wonder if he had been a victim to my flashing.

"Hi, Jimmy!" I say back, smiling and waving. The group of boys he was with laughed. He swung his arm over an extremely pretty sky-blue haired girl named Marina. She was a model. She was really nice. I smile and wave at her, and she shrugs Jimmy's arm off and rushes over to me. Marina and I are friends.

"Hi, Leaf, how are you?" She asks, matching my stride easily.

"Good, how are you?" I reply, happily. This is how our conversations went, all the time. All happy and cheerful and laughter. We talk for a while, until we're inside the cathedral. We split to go off to our homerooms, which is when I run into them.

They're always in the same group, always. There's seven of them. Four boys and three girls. I learned their names from Marina on the first day. Drew Hayden, May Maple, Dawn Berlitz, Paul Shinji, Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Gary Oak.

You don't know my name. you don't know anything about me. I try to play nice. I want to be in your game. The things that you say. You may think I never hear about them. But word travels fast. I'm telling you to your face. I'm standing here behind your don't know how it feels. To be outside the crowd. You don't know what it's like, To be left out. And you don't know how it feels, To be your own best friend on the outside looking in.

Drew Hayden and May Maple argue as May sits on his desk, looking down at him. She has bright sapphire eyes and really cute shoulder-length brown hair. She is so pretty. And she has an…attitude. She loves to argue and loves to win. She is a bit oblivious and a bit loud, but she seems funny and fierce. Drew Hayden is the cocky jerk. The one all the girls want but none of them could have. He doesn't go out with anyone, not that I've seen, and he made a careful path to avoid contact with girls. He seemed kind of arrogant, yet funny. Him and May were always going at it. I thought they'd be cute together.

If you could read my mind, You might see more of me than meets the eye. And you've been all wrong, Not who you think I am. You've never given me a chance. You don't know how it feels. To be outside the crowd. You don't know what it's like, To be left out. And you don't know how it feels. To be your own best friend on the outside looking in.

Dawn Berlitz is fixing her hair in a compact mirror while she shoots glares at Paul Shinji. Dawn is the bubbly, out going, absolutely girly one. She is the fashion-forward, pink lover you couldn't help but love. She has long dark blue hair that today she had curled the ends of, which looks so cute on her. She has ivory skin and colbat blue eyes. All the girls in their group are pretty. Paul Shinji is the cold one. He is stoic, cold, and serious, and had a frown permanently etched on his face. He and Dawn are always getting on each other's nerves, being absolute opposites. Paul has dark, onyx eyes, and plum - colored shoulder length hair. He was kinda hot, but he doesn't talk to people. Or girls. Except Dawn, May, and Misty.

Well, I'm tired of staying at home. I'm bored and all alone. I'm sick of wasting all my don't know how it feels, To be outside the crowd. You don't know what it's like, To be left out. And you don't know how it feels, To be your own best friend on the outside looking in.

Misty Waterflower is exchanging an animated conversation with Ash Ketchum. Misty is the slightly-tomboyish, bossy, serious one. She is tall, with shoulder-length bright orange hair that she kept up in a side ponytail. She has bright, jade-green eyes. Misty, May, and Dawn were all so pretty. I am surprised they don't have boyfriends yet. Ash Ketchum has raven-colored hair and bright blue eyes. He is the dense one. He is always doing something stupid, and he always has a big, goofy grin plastered on his face. He makes me smile.

You don't know how it feels, To be outside the crowd. You don't know what it's like, To be left out. And you don't know how it feels, To be your own best friend on the outside looking in.

The last person in there group is Gary Oak. He likes to flirt with girls a lot, but I never saw them go out. He has hit on me, once, but I hate it when guys hit on me. It's annoying. He's really cute though, with spiky brown hair and soft, sweet brown eyes. He is a bit sarcastic, but in a funny way. I often catch myself laughing at his comments.

He sees me looking their way and smiles at me. I blush and smile back. Suddenly, the whole group is looking at me. Paul has a sharp gaze, I notice.

I look away, trying to get their gaze out of my head.

You're an outsider. Their gazes seemed to say, You'll never belong here.