Stan and Kyle rushed outside into the cold Colorado air.

They ran from each other playing tag. They both knew it was childish, but hey! They were super best friends, practically attached at the hip.

Stan was "it", chasing Kyle throughout the town. "You're never gonna get me Stan!" The teenage ginger boy yelled. "We'll just have to see about that jew!" He yelled back. They ran and ran, everyone shooting them confused/disapproving/"those two are so gay" looks.

Kyle sprinted farther to make sure that Stan was far enough so that he couldn't touch him.

Suddenly they we're in Stark's Pond which currently was deserted since the pond wasn't completely frozen and if you fall in, you would most likely die. Kyle stopped as he noticed the danger of the unfrozen pond.

Stan, who didn't see Kyle stopping, kept going. "I've got you now!" Stan yelled arms extended. "No Stan wait-" Kyle responded his emerald eyes large with surprise as Stan fell on top of him. Luckily, Kyle's head hit the snow, not the pond.

"Oh.." Stan whispered his piercingly blue eyes staring into his green ones. "Yeah.." He answered staring back.

Cartman and Kenny walked by Stark's Pond not expecting to see anyone due to the pond being unfrozen. They were wrong. Cartman looked around hoping for it to be completely empty so he could bury something that he needed to get rid of. "Oh mah fuckin' god.. KENNEH I TOLD YOU THEY WERE GAY!" He shouted pointing to Stan and Kyle on top of each other. "MMPH!" Kenny yelled pulling off his hood to sound clearer. "HOLY FUCK DUDE!" Kenny yelled his sky blue eyes growing 5 times bigger. "Cartman get out your camera." "Already did."

Haha this is just some short Style (KyleXStan) I love this show and couple so I just had to post this! And yes I will write more of other couples like this, then just TDI.. okay i'm out THANKS FUR READING!