A/N: This is for Mystii's FreeVerse Competition. The pairing I got was Charlie/Tonks and my prompt was blow over.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to JKR.

Blow Over

She's only fifteen
And she's c l ums y
And she's st ran g e
And she's di ff ere nt

(Those are the obvious things
About her
But there are other things –
Less obvious to others
But more than obvious to him)

Like how she's
B e a u t i f u l
Like how she's
B r a v e
Like how she's
S m a r t

. . .

And at first it's just a crush

(He tells himself it will all
b l o w o v e r)

Give it a week
Or give it two
And these feelings will be

He waits a week
He waits two
He waits a month
He waits a year

But all he can see is how
Her nose w r i n k l e s when she's annoyed
And how her ears t w i t c h when she's nervous
How she c h a n g e s her appearance
overandoverandover – just to see him smile

. . .

And he hates to admit it
To accept it
But the truth is that he's
In love with her.

She's e v e r y thing
And she's the o n l y thing
That matters to him anymore.

And it's not going to change
It's not going to blow over.