Muahaha, another IchiIshi Fanfic. I love this pairing way too much. I got this idea while reading a Fanfic, and thinking of OHSHC at the same time. ~Teehee.

Ishida had finally gotten rid of Ichigo. Or so he thought. What happens when Ichigo gets into the same elite college as Ishida and becomes his roommate? Hadn't Ishida gone to college to get away from him? What happens when they become close, maybe too close. Is funny in the beginning and turns into something more. Or no?

Ishida POV

Ah college. Finally I am out of Karakura town and rid of soul reapers- especially that moron Ichigo Kurosaki. He may have been 9th smartest in the school, but it was hard for even me to get in here, so I shouldn't have to worry about him popping up. Ishida smiled to himself.

So it's my first day and I shall make a good impression. With hopefully no soul reapers around, I should be fine.

"Let's see, I'm in room 3-A on the 16th floor, and I have one roommate. Darn, the rain last night smudged the writing so I can't read his name! Oh, well." Ishida sighed as he read the paper on the wall.

Walking down the hall. "3-A….3-A, ah there it is!" Ishida reached into his coat pocket and fished out the key, putting it in the hole and entered the small suite. Looking around he noticed 3 bags sitting on one of the beds, and items set up in the room.

"My roommate, must have arrived before me. I wonder if he's still here." Walking to the other room, Ishida went to inspect his new home for a year or so.

Walking out of the bathroom Ichigo sighed. "Huh, that's odd?" Ichigo noticed a pair of shoes beside the door. 'Hmm, my roommate must be here already.' The orange haired soul reaper heard moving around in the other room. 'Better not disturb him, I'll meet him later.' Grabbing his coat Ichigo walked out the door. Ishida could hear the click of the door, and was startled. Rushing out of his room he spotted no one.

"Either that was my imagination, or I just missed him and he was in the bathroom….. Oh well." Ishida shrugged, then returned un-packing and set some of his home-made pillows on the couch. Smiling to himself he left the dorm to run some errands. Leaving a note for his roommate.

Ichigo arrived soon after the Quincy had left, noticing the little changes of the apartment and the note on top of some cookies. Grabbing both the note and one cookie he settled into the couch to read.


I am terribly sorry I do not know who you are.

When I arrived at the sign up sheets, sadly you're name was smudged.

But I still hope we become great friends. Enjoy the cookies.
~ Uryuu Ishida

Ichigo's moth gaped the cookie dropping to the floor. So the Quincy was his roommate. Wow! He knew he had been lucky in getting into this elite school, a whiles away from home, but he didn't expect to arrive in the same as the Quincy. But he didn't mind, in fact he smiled and chuckled. The Quincy wouldn't like this. He could see his face now, red and scowling, bow and arrow launched at his head….. His day-dream was soon interrupted as the sound of the door knob turning. Ichigo then sprinted to the bathroom and locked the door quickly. He didn't know why he was worrying but for some reason he thought he should avoid the Quincy for now.

An evil smirk appeared across Ichigo's face. He had an idea, a brilliant idea. He had to be hanging around with Keigo a little too much before he left, because he was starting to think like him. He was going to have some fun with the Quincy. Going over the plan in his head he smiled. He was not going to let the Quincy see him….. Not for a while. What he was going to do, is leave subtle hints around the little suite, stuff sounding like himself. Ishida would slowly realize it was him, but in the meantime, he was going to avoid him, and boy he couldn't wait until he saw the look on his face when he noticed it was him.

When he heard the click of another door open and close he slowly inched his way out of the bathroom. He looked around and then peeked inside the Quincy's room. Blushing as he saw the Quincy changing. Silently making his way to the living room he picked up a piece of paper and started to write. Putting down his finished note he laughed silently to himself and placed it on top of the white pillow, with a blue cross on it.

"Must be one of Ishida's homemade….." He stopped as he heard footsteps approach. Quickly he got to his feet and left the apartment and the door slammed shut.

"Huh?..." Ishida looked around and noticed a note on the pillow. He picked it up and began to read;

It's too bad my name wasn't on the list.
Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to yours.
But I do hope we become friends. In fact, I think we know each other
Have fun figuring out who I am.
-You're roommate.

'So he wants to play with me huh.' Wait, did he say he knew me? This can't be good, I moved away so I wouldn't have to see those soul reapers again, not so I could leave and meet up with them in college. But who was he….. Well it can't be Ichigo, he's not smart enough. Chad… he would just tell him. Keigo, Ha! Why would he even think of him? Mizuiro, possibly, after all he had gotten a lot smarter by the end of high school. All that was left were soul reapers, and I doubt that Renji moved to the human world, and Hitsugaya would probably get mistaken for a twelve year old. Now that he had to laugh at.

So I'm going with my instinct, I think it's Mizuiro. Now since he wants to play games I guess I'll just have to leave him a note. I can't just write that I think it's him, that would be no fun, now would it? And if he wanted to play games, then the Quincy would play games. Besides, it's not like he could hide from him forever. I mean, he has to sleep here sometime doesn't he?


'Ha, I wish I stayed there so I could see the look on his face when he read the word Quincy. He's probably all worried at who it might be. And I bet, at how stubborn and snooty that Quincy is, he eliminated me first seeing as I'm not smart enough to be in his standards.'

Ichigo had to admit he wasn't the smartest of the bunch. Hell, he had been only ranked number nine at the end of high school. Yea sure, it was a big step up from his previously ranked twenty-three, but the Quincy had stayed number one each year. He knew the Quincy would probably try and get into an elite school himself, but he never thought the raven-haired man would move out of town. He only had to get away from his retard of a father. Ichigo had studied for five weeks straight before taking the exam for the school. He had been lucky enough to get in on a scholarship due to how intelligent he had become.

But Ichigo hadn't thought things through. How was he going to continue this game with the Quincy if he had to go to the dorm to sleep. Hell the Quincy wasn't dumb, he was far from it. Knowing him he would probably spy on Ichigo in his sleep, and once he found out it was him he'd kill him. "I should have really thought of a plan thoroughly before deciding." Well it's too late now. All he had to do was hope the Quincy wouldn't cheat at this game, so he would have to make some rules….

Ishida-later that day.

Ishida sighed flopping on the black couch. He had just gotten back from exploring the school grounds. He had to say he was quite impressed at how big it was. It was nothing like the brochure. Sighing Ishida looked around and noticed a note book sitting on the small glass table. Picking it up he flipped it open to read. It was a rule book;

Alright roomy, here's how this works. I realized this game won't last very long if you spy on me sleeping, so there would really be no point to this. Ishida scoffed. So, I made up a small rule book, and we should have fun playing these games, don't you agree? So here's how this works; If you want to get in touch with me, simply write notes and leave them somewhere easy for me to find. Example: The couch. I will reply once I find the note, and from there on that is how we will communicate. Now there's only one problem….. Retrieving the notes. If I walk in and you're sitting there beside the note, the game is over right? That's not fun at all. So I'm making a time chart. Between 1 in the morning to 12 you write a note and hide in your room or leave, so that when I walk in at exactly 12:25—unless I have an exam—you will not be there or able to see who I am. I will simply write back, and if you are still there I will get my things and leave.

Simple, right? Now this is when night comes in. I never have any classes after six pm, so I will arrive sometime after, when I know for sure I will leave a note with the specific times. However if these times don't work for you, simply write in this note book what time each day of the week works for you, and I'll see if I can make some changes. Now won't this be fun? Get back to me with your answer.

P.S: You're not chicken, are you?

Ishida smiled to himself. This sounded rather interesting. Whoever this was surely knew him, had him down pat. The person knew Ishida's plans and was smart to act fast. But would he play? Ishida wrote a note and left it on top of the notebook, with some minor changes. Smiled to himself, turned out the lights and left for class.

Ichigo arrived sometime later and opened the note:

Let the games begin.