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Chapter 23.

Blooming Petals and Handcuffs.

Ishida yanked the soul reaper out of the train, and pulled him along as he walked. Ichigo yelped and sped up to keep the pace.

"Why are we going so fast? Uryu slow down!"

The Quincy just ignored the orange haired shinigami and walked faster. He looked to his right, then left and hauled a taxi. As it came to a stop, the paler teen pushed the soul reaper into the cab. He leaned forward and gave the driver the address, sigheing as he plopped down in his seat.

Ichigo cocked an eyebrow and looked the teen over. He was biting his lip, and his knee was bounncing up and down. He chuckled as his gaze trailed down the archers lean frame, as he spotted the cause of Ishida's impatience. His hard on was clear as day, tenting the teens track pants.

"What's so funny?" Uryuu nearly growled.

"Nothin'." He shrugged. As the cab came to a stop, Ichigo watched as the Quincy hurredly paid the cab driver, and grabbed Ichigo, hauling him out of the cab. Ichigo had to half run to keep up with the archer as they entered the hotel, and made their way to the elevator.

"Ishida, don`t we need the keys?"

"I already got them before we left."

Ichigo's eybrows rose, and he continued to follow the Quincy. When had he left to go get them? Hadn't he been by his side the whole day? He shrugged and hopped as he was pushed into the elevator. Ishida pressed the floor button furociously. Ichigo chuckled as he watched the archer squirm, leaning against the wall.

"Well someone's impatient."

"Shut up! You're one to talk, you got your 'problem' fixed on the train."

Ichigo blushed as he remembered what happened, the Quincy sucking him off as the other people on the train thought he was a freak for moaning in his seat. He vissibly shivvered and watched as the door to the elevator slowly opened. Uryuu walked quicly out the door and walked down the long halway.

Ichigo chuckled, reading the door key. "Your going the wrong way."

He laughed as the archer quickly turned around and muttered 'Shut up!' under his breath.

Ichigo just chuckled, following silently after the storming Quincy.

-Scene Change-


Said soul reaper peared up from the paper work stacked upon his desk. It was odd, his asstoic captain never bothered to use his first name, he always thought it was beneath the noble.

"Hai, t-taicho?"

The raven haired shinigami didn't answer. Renji watched as the man stood gracefully from his chair, and now stood in front of him.


"We have some things to descuss, Abarai-fukutaicho."

Renji gulped. He didn't know weather to be relieves his captain was back to his normal self, calling him by his last name. Or weather to be nervouse, because after all. He could potentionally be in trouble here.

But he hadn't done anything wrong...Had he?

"Yes captain?"

Byakuya's gaze lowered as he looked the red-haired over, contemplaiting on how to word his thoughts aloud.

"You have not done anything wrong Abarai. No need to be tense."

Renji sighed and streightened in his chair. Well, at least Byakuya was re assuring him. And that was a good thing...Right? Who was he kidding? No one ever knew what was going through the nobles' all Renji knew, he was really building him up so he could attack him with senbonzakura.

Renji visibly shivered at the thought.

Honestly, over a thousand petalf flying at you sounds nice...but not when they come from Byakuya. Hell, just one look from the man can send anyone not Renji. He had come accostomed to the sixth squad captains behaviour. And in all honesty, he kind of liked it. He liked how the noble walked with proud structure, calm and calculated. How he seemed emotionless, but he's not.

Renji could tell.

He'd spent enough time around the man to see each and every pro and con. He new almost everything about the man. Hell, he even knew what the noble was alergic to! Renji looked his captain over. He sighed. Why now, of all times had his mind chosen to stop? If he was his right self, he would have noticed that the noble too, was tense like he was meer seconds ago. Renji mentally shook his head and looked over the man before him once again, twice, trice.

Yes, something was up with the noble.

-Scene Change-

Ishida stomped into the room and tossed his bag in a random direction, he didn't care where it landed, he needed release and he needed it now. He heard Ichigo set his bags down somewhere behing him, so he stomped into the halway and into the bedroom. Ichigo chuchled angain and followed after the Quincy.

It was cute at how impatient he could be.

Ichigo walked into the room, shuting the door behind him. Ishida turned to face the soul reaper, but let out a yelp as he was pushed onto his back, onto the bed.


Ignoring the archer Ichigo kissed him. He tongued at Ishida's bottom lip, causing the paler teen to gasp, allowing him to deepen the kiss. As they pulled away for air, Ichigo continued his ministrations, kissed the archer's cheek and continueing down his neck. Ishida gasped, as he felt the shinigami bite softly on his neck, and licking it as an apology.


He was cut off again, as the soul reaper returned to his mouth, giving him a short chase kiss. Ishida looked congused as ichigo moved, and got off the bed.

"Ichigo?" He leaned up, only to be held down by a tan, muscular hand.

"Stay. I'll be right back."

All the archer could do was nod. He watched as ichigo left the room, leaving the door open for his view. He cocked an eyebrow as Ichigo bent down in the living room rummaging through his bag. Ichigo snapped his fingers- he assumed because he found what he was looking for, and returned into the room.

He tossed a small tube of lube on the bed next to the archer, and Uryu nodded in realization. They were deffinately going to need that. Ichigo crawled back onto the bed, leaning over the Quincy, kissing him again. Ishida cocked his head, and looked confused at the substitute shinigami as he heard a clink of metal against metal, behind ichigo's back.

Ichigo caught his gaze and smirked deveously.


Before Uryu could ask he felt his hands be...Handcuffed to the bed poles.

-Scene Change-

"What is it taicho?" Renji asked.

"I have something I wish to descuss with you. Which you may or may not agree on." The noble replied rather calmly, though Renji could sence the uncertainty in the man's words.


Renji watched as the noble took cautioned steps, slowly inching his way towards him. He sighed. "What ever it is captain, I'm sure I wont mind."

"How can you say that Abarai, when you have yet to know what crosses my mind?"

" I know you taicho. And besides, you always have a good explanation for everything you do." Renji gave him a small smile and could have sowre— if not for the fact that Byakuya Kuchiki didn't blush, that Byakuya Kuchiki actually blushed!

"Hai. But what if I told you that I have yet to come up with a reason for what I'm about to do."

Renji was about to answer, but he watched as the noble flash stepped around his desk, appearing infront of him...Leaning down... Renji's eyes widened as the noble's face appeared inches from his own and the raven haired soul reaper breathed in his face.


Renji could have swore his eyes popped out of his head, and his face was on fire. Byakuya leaned in impossibly closer, and kissed him. 'This...this has happened before! Why didn't I realize...I knew he was acting strange.' Renji's eyes fluttered as Byakuya leaned away from the kiss. 'That...was actually not that bad...'


"I apologize, Renji. For I could help myself no longer."

"It's ok! I mean..." Byakuya looked him the eyes and Renji gulped. "I...Liked it?"

Renji watched as his captain closed his eyes and...smiled! Byakuya Kuchiki smiled!

"Good." Was all Renji heard, before he was attcked by ferocious kisses.

-Scene Change-

"I-Ichigo...What are you doing?" Ishida asked as he pulled on the handcufs now changed to the bed post.

"Well...I didn't think to bring a cage with me..." He eyed the Quincy, making him blush. "But I did manage to grab these before we left." He purred, crawling further up the archers lithe frame after removing his shirt and pants, leaving him only in his underwear. Ishida shiverred.

"Just trust me, you'll like it."

Uryu nodded, and the shinigami kissed him again. Slowly, Ichigo slid off the Quincy's track pants causing said teen to blush, then removing his last form of clothing. He spoted Uryu lick his lips and Ichigo smiled pushing up the teens sweater. – He really should have tooken it off before he put the handcuffs on. He would have ripped it—if not for the fact he spent the whole train ride making it for the archer.

Ishida shifted under him, and Ichigo leaned forward, kissing down the archers chest. Uryuu moaned, and Ichigo's lips ghosted over his nipple. Ichigo gave it an epiremental lick, causing the archer to gasp. Liking his reaction, he took the nub into his mouth, sucking slightly, nibbling gently and licking it. Then switching over doing it to the other.

He slowly moved his menistrations, licking and niping down the Quincy's defined stomache, stoping to dip his tonge into a pale navel. He blew into it after causing the other teen to shiver and look down at him with glazed eyes. Ichigo had never seen anything more erotic in his life.

-Scene Change-

Renji moaned into the kiss. He didn't know the noble could kiss so well. He knew the man had only ever been with one person, so there was no way the man could be this good.

They were now on the sixth devisions' couch, having moved there whn Renji fell out of his chair when the noble had groped him, clearly gesturing on how far he was going to go. Renji didn't know what came over him—he was streight just five minutes ago and now—well now it was like he was...Byakuya-Sextual. If that made sense.

Renji gasped as his captain palmed his erection through his Kimono. It hadn't taken long for him to get hard. I mean—who could resist a Byakuya Kuchiki whispering 'I want you, now!' in your ear. That's right, no on can.

Byakuya nipped at his luitenants ear as he released the sash holding Renji's Kimono closed. He slowly pushed it over firm tatoo'd shoulders until it fell off, revealing tanned muscle. Byakuya hummed in delight, licking his lips. And if Renji thought he was hard then, he deffinately was now. A pink tongue snaked between pale lips, tracing over the tatoos on Renji's body, following it's pattern until it ended above the band of the red head's pants. Renji blushed as saphire-grey eyed looked up at him lustfuly, as white teeth dragged down his last of his attire. Yes, he had gone camando.

He watched as his captains eyes raked him over. He gulped when the gaze was lifted back to him and Byakuya stated a single word. "Beautiful."

Renji was about to reply, but his words got cut off by his own moan as Byakuya deap troated him in one swift motion.

-Scene Change-

Slowly ichigo crooked his fingers into navy blue boxars, and he pulled them down pale, defined legs never averting his gaze from matching blue eyes. When they were off Ichigo lowered his hand playing with curly black tresses of Ishida's pubic hair. Ishida gasped, and groaned as he bit his lip to stiffle any sounds.

"I want to hear you Uryuu." Ichigo mumbled as he leaned forward and kissed pale lips. Ishida sighed into the kiss, parting his lips for his lover. He moaned as a rough hand gently squeezed the base of his cock and pumped in an upward motion. Finally looking away, Ichigo looked down upon the Quincy. He was much bigger than he had expected, even bigger that him!

"Damn, Uryuu!" His eyes met with a blushing Quincy who looked away shyly. He smiled and leaded down, licking the head. Ishida moaned and looked down to see Ichigo posed in between his legs. Ichigo tapped pale thighs, and they spread wider, giving him more room. After he adjusted himself he kissed the top of the others erection then slid it into his mouth.

Uryu moaned at the feeling of being surrounded by hot, wet heat. It had to be the most amazing thing he ever felt, being the only thing that ever touched his nether regions had been his own hand.

-Scene Change-

Renji moaned as Byakuya hummed around his aching cock. He needed release so very badly and this was another thing Byakuya was WAY to good at. He reached up and griped the nobles shoulders. Byakuya looked back up at him, and noticing he was close pulled of. Renji groaned at the loss of contact. He watched instead, panting as Byakuya removed his scarf, folding it neatly and placing it to the side. How could he be so calm about this?

Byakuya stared at him, and took of his white captain sash, and keisenkans. Renji gulped and reached forward stoping Byakuya's ministrations, and slowly undoing his captain's sash, releasing his robes to fall lifelesly to the side. Renji swallowed as he stared at pale, lean muscles. Byakuya leaned forward and kissed him, his hair falling over tanned shoulders. He reached around sliping off the band in Renji's hair, making it fall to it's sides to mach his.

The noble felt tan, shaky and unsure hands loop around the band of both his undergarments. He kissed his luitenants sholder and nodded for him to proceed. Renji pulled them off in one quick sweep, byakuya smirked at this. His luitenant had always been a loud, impatient one.

Byakuya rested back on the heels of his feet after kcicking the material off to join the others on the floor, letting Renji's eyes rake over his body.

-Scene Change-

Ichigo slowly lowered his head the rest of the way down the Quincy's shaft, earning a moan from above him. He felt thin pale fingers massage his scalp and he hummed around the cock, sending waves of pleasure through the archer.

"I-Ichigo..." Uryuu moaned. He was close, oh so close.

Ichigo cupped the archers balls in his one hand as he bobbed his head, with out the Quincy knowing he snaked his other hand down, passed his thighed and inserted a finger into his own hole, causing him to groan. The Quincy was feeling so much pleasure at the moment and didnt notice. However he did notice the other wince around his manhood as ichigo incerted another finger into himself.

I-Ichigo?...What are you—" Ichigo swallowed around the archers shaft, causing him to moan, cutting off his own words. Ichigo removed his fingers, and mouth slowly causing Ishida to groan. He gave the archers balls one last gently squeez, and leaned over, grabbing the lube from beside him. Ishida watced as the shinigami squeezed a fair amount of strawberry scented lube into hid hand. Ishida winced. No preperation? Was the soul reaper really just going to get on with it?

He watched as Ichigo got to his knees and crawled up the Quincy, kissing him. Ishida shivered waiting for something to enter him, but nothing came. He moaned when a hand returned strocking his member with lube. Ishida's eyes widened and he moaned Ichigo's name loudly as the soul reaper thrusted down on his shaft. Ichigo let out a low grunt as he shifted on the archers erection.

-Scene Change-

Renji didn't have time to react, he was suddenly being kissed again. Not that he minded. When they parted from the kiss Byakuya placed his hands infront of Renji's mouth.


Renji went wide eyed for about three seconds, but complied. When the noble thought they were wet enough, he removed his fingers, replacing them with his lips, as his hand trailed down the others' body. He winced as a finger was incerted, but slowly relaxed. He felt the finger move inside of him, soon joined by another. Byakuya moved his fingers in swift movements and crroked them once, brushing against something causeing the other to gasp, then moan loudly. He continued to hit that spot and then added a third finger, feeling Renji tense, but then relax once again. When he felt it was enough he removed his fingers leaned over Renji and kissing him softly.

"This may hurt."

Renji nodded, giving Byakuya the go ahead, and in one quick movement Byakuya was sheathed to the hilt.

-Scene Change-

After he got comfortable Ichigo lifted off the Quincy's shaft and thrust back down. Causing him and Uryuu to moan at the same time. Ichigo started a nice slow pace, lifting up and down on top of the panting Quincy. His motions were soon met with the archer's hips thrusting each time he decended. Ichigo moaned as the archer angled his thrusts hiting against his prostate, making him moan rather loudly, almost falling on top of the Quincy. He caught himself and held onto the others' shoulders as his pace quickened, and the trusts became harder and went deeper.

"U-Uryuu!" He moaned. Ishida badly wanted to touch him. To rake his fingers over smooth plains of muscle, but the darn handcuffs were in the way.

"I-Ichigo..." He panted. "R-Remove...The...H-handcuffs..."

He watched as the substitute shinigami nodded and reached up with one hand releasing his wrists. He caught Ichigo before he could fall completely on top of him and reversed their possitions.

Ishida thrusted franticly into the orange haired teen, as he ran a hand over the others' chest. He tweeked a nipple, and Ichigo groaned and bucked into each thrust. Ishida leaned down planting a sloppy kiss on Ichigo's mouth, but the other didn't seem to mind as he kissed him back.

"U-Uryuu...Close...S-So close..."

"Me too...Ugh..." Ishida moaned as Ichigo's inner walls tightened around his shaft. He rached inbetween their body's and grasped Ichigo's forgotten member and stroked it with each thrust.

-Scene Change-

Renji moaned loudly and bucked back against Byakuya. The noble wiggled a bit, and started a fast, steady pace. Renji moaned and wrapped his arms around the noble's shoulders as Byakuya went harder, deeper and faster.

"T-Taicho..." Renji moaned.

"Byakuya." The noble replied. "Call me Byakuya."

Renji nodded and moaned loudly as Byakuya brushed against his prosate, rather roughly. "B-Byakuya!" He gasped. He never would have thought having something up his ass would feel this good.

He moaned as Byakuya grasped his erection, giving it small squeezes as he pumped it with each thrust.

"Ugh.." Byakuya moaned. Renji wimpered. That had to be the most sexiest thing he had ever heard. He logged it in the back of his mind, for a memory.

Byakuya went impossibly faster as he stroked Renji roughly.

"Come...Come inside.." Renji moaned. And that was all it took for Byakuya to come inside him, filling him with his hot seed. He thrust a few more times as he stroked Renji causing the others' back to arch as he came crying out Byakuya's name.

-Scene Change-

"Uryuu!" Ichigo moaned as he came, his cum spirting over his naked chest and into Ishida's hand. Ichigo's walls tightened, causing Uryuu to moan, He thrust a few more times before coming, spilling his seed deep in side Ichigo.

Both ley still, panting trying to catch their breaths.

-Scene Change-

Byakuya rested atop Renji's chest, his breathing heavy. He removed himself from inside the other, causing Renji to moan at loss of contact.


Byakuya looked up at him with hard eyes.

"Um...I m-mean, B-Byakuya...What was—"

He was cut of by pale lips pressed softly to his. The kiss wasn't needy, just gentle, and Byakuya laid his head back on a tatood chest.


Renji sighed, stroking his fingers through soft raven locks. "Nevermind." He mumbled as deep breathing and quiet snores came from the noble. He had forgot what he was going to say anyways. Both kye there silently, chests' rising and falling in sync.

Both did not see the short raven haired soul reaper who stood lifelessly by the door. Blood dripping continuously out her nose. "Onii-chan..."

-Scene Change-

Ichigo panted as the Quincy's chest layed atop his stomache.

"Wow..." He mumbled.


"We definately should have done that sooner."

"Mmmhmm." Ishida nodded against Ichigo's chest.

Ichigo let out a content sigh as Uryuu removed himself.

"Love you Uryuu..." He mumbled. He watched silently as his lovers chest rised and falled, and gently removed his glasses setting them asside. He stroked softly through raven locks and smiled, planting a kiss atop the others hair.

After Ichigo fell asleep, a quite mumble was directed toward him.

"Love you too Ichigo...Love you too..."KeisenkansKeisenkans