I wrote this story in the highlight of funnyness and excited. So I ask that younger viewers are allowed to watch. Viewer attention is advised.

"What's up Petey" said Maren the frog.

"Nothing just going to get some Loompy" said Pete the panda.

And for those out there who doesn't know what Loompy is it's weed or pot. See told this is not a story for children. *sigh* why me does it have to be like this idk. *giggle* But bad lagauge is so funny.*more giggles*

"Can you get me some." Maren called

"Yea sure." Petey sigh.

Petey walked to Max's druggie store. Two hobos grasshoppers were fighting over some Swerp.

Okay viewers out there Swerp is crack or cocaine as people would say. *burp* sorry for that like that fucking ass hole said "Better out then in I always say". Crazy right idk know why I don't like Sherk but like he said "I'm a Oger! RAWR!" So mean right, am i right.

"Cut it out you fucking hobos" Max the rabbit shouted.

"Hey Max what's up" Petey slapped him on the back.

"Bitch!what the fuck" Max yelled "Oh what's up Petey"