In our last chapter Petey was talking to max about getting some Loompy. *laugh* I can't believe i called it Loompy that is extra funny. So on with the story. And sorry our last chapter was short had to get use to writing.

"Hey can i get some Loompy please Max" Petey asked

"Yea how about two pounds for free if you can get those hobos to go away" Max begged.

"O yea free Loompy" Petey laughed.

Petey went to the hobos and told them that if they stop he'll give them some Loompy. So the grasshopper hobos ran away to the alley.

"Suckers, they're so stupid I not giving them any fuckin..." said Petey

"I see you got rid of the hobos as usual." Max sighed

"Yea so, where the free stash."

"Here you go"

Hehe I love that Max is a mother fucking retart. *gigglez* Why did I make Max this way it's funny how he is scared to talk to a couple of hobos *smirk* but I love all my characters and I am not going to change them so get over it. Hahaha *more gigglez* you mistake me for someone who gives a shit. LOL:)

Petey walked to his doorstep to find that Maren was talking to Lisa the pig. Lisa was the 2nd hotest girl in school next to Petey's girlfriend Joy the Lizard.

"So maybe i can get your number sometime and we can hit it up" Maren said kissing all on Lisa's neck.

"Maybe you can" Lisa giggled.

I have to warn you this is not a sex part this is a regular part. Haha *gigglez* I fooled you so badly you thought your cool was about to be losted.

Will Maren stop kissing Lisa?

Will Petey ever get to smoke his Loompy?

Will you ever see Max again?

Will make a longer story?

Tune in next chapter to find out.

Where did i put that peanut butter?