Authors note: Ah, I just felt the need. I couldn't really leave this where it was. So, I'm leaving it here :) Hope you enjoy - Bee x

Sarah was stunned to say the least. Here he was in all his glory, standing in her living room of all places. He looked exactly as she remembered him. The leather riding boots reaching to mid-calf, the pale purple leggings that were sinfully tight and showed every line of those long, elegant legs. His hands were sheathed in gloves of the finest quality leather Sarah had ever encountered, and he'd held her hand with them so she knew they were high quality. The white shirt covering his torso was itself covered by a short, purple jacket which Sarah reckoned was made from the same quality of leather as his gloves. The Goblin King Jareth, in all his majesty.

"You- You're here!" Sarah exclaimed after finally finding her voice. She was still in disbelief that this had actually happened. Not only that he had heard her call, but that he had answered it.

"How perceptive of you" He commented, his tone filled with that oh so familiar mocking, and a slight harshness she remembered well. He hadn't changed since they had met, not one little bit it seemed. With those four words Sarah was finally broken free from her frankly gobsmacked trance.

"Why are you here?" She questioned forcefully, drawing herself up to her full height. All signs of the mild intoxication she had been experiencing before melted away in face of the situation she found herself in. No matter how attractive he was, which was very, Sarah could not afford to forget that he was just as dangerous as he was handsome and charming.

"Come now Sarah. You know the answer to that" The mocking in his tone had suddenly been replaced with what Sarah would call amusement. She felt a quick flash of anger within her at the thought of him finding her amusing. It was as though she were a child all over again, and Sarah William's was very far from a child now.

"I didn't wish for Toby to be taken away. So, why. Are. You. Here?" The last of Sarah's words were forcefully expelled from behind gritted teeth. He'd been in her home for less than five minutes and already she felt an overwhelmingly strong urge to smack that amused look of his sharp, defined and very handsome face. No Sarah! Not handsome! Cruel not handsome Sarah inwardly scolded herself. Just as I can be so cruel His words sang to her all those years ago in the Escher Room floated back into her mind and Sarah shook her head, trying to dispel them and keep her mind clear. She would need all her wits about her when it came to dealing with the Goblin King.

"You called for me Sarah, I am here" He replied, opening his arms wide as if to say 'tah dah' or to invite her into his embrace. Part of Sarah would have preferred the latter, but was well aware that it was the former. The phrase 'wishful thinking' would have had a lot of meaning then.

"I didn't call for you! I said your name!" Sarah retorted angrily. She didn't know exactly who she was angry with though; him or herself. He had been the one to appear, radiating his overbearing smugness and arrogance in every detail of his body. However, she had been stupid enough to say his name. She had always known there had been a reason for her to have never spoken, or even thought of, his name.

"You said my name Sarah" He spoke softly as he approached her, crossing the distance between them with cat-like grace. He paused, so close to her. She could feel the warmth from his body as he leaned in even closer to her. He brought one hand up and swept her hair behind her ear, his gloved fingers brushing gently across the skin at her temple and the shell of her ear.

"With longing" His voice seemed even softer than before, like silk across velvet. Sarah shivered involuntarily, a warm feeling running through her at his touch and the sound of his voice.

He pulled back and took a few steps away from her, his lips curled into a twisted smile that proclaimed his satisfaction at eliciting such a response from her. Sarah inwardly cursed him to the deepest depths of hell, before giving herself a sound cursing and scolding for reacting that way.

"And so I came. I always come for you Sarah" He remarked, his lips still twisted in that self-satisfied smile, his eyes watching her reactions closely. Sarah found herself gulping, her brain suddenly deciding that he wasn't talking about his arrival in her home anymore. With his actions before and the ridiculously sexy way he was standing before her, Sarah could see why it was difficult to keep her mind focused on the matter at hand. She needed to though. So, she took a deep breath and shut her eyes for a moment, thinking of something not Jareth related. Work, she had to go to work tomorrow, and it wasn't fun. Work was not a sexy man with rock star style blonde hair, it was very far from it. After a few moments of thinking of work Sarah opened her eyes, and glared at Jareth.

"What do we do then?" She questioned, not entirely sure what the format was for this meeting. The last time it had been reasonably simple. Sarah had wished away Toby and Jareth had taken him. Sarah had asked for Toby back, and Jareth had let Sarah run the Labyrinth and win him back. There was no Toby involved this time though, thankfully. Jareth cocked his head ever so slightly to the side, a few strands of his blonde hair coming loose.

"Whatever you want to Sarah" He replied, almost immediately. The only thing Sarah wanted right now was a little bit more wine, perhaps a whole bottle more. And Jareth naked in your bed, or on the floor. Hell, it doesn't matter where Sarah's mind spoke up, traitorous as it was. Sarah blushed ever so slightly at the thought, her mind happily providing her with many images.

"I want you to leave" She said, her voice trembling as she spoke. Jareth's smile slowly disappeared and his entire body stiffened. He was unnervingly still for more moments than Sarah cared to count. Then he turned on his heel and walked away, heading for the door. Sarah watched on in shock. She couldn't believe he was actually going to leave! More importantly, that he was actually following her want and desire. Except it wasn't what she wanted, and it wasn't her desire. Sarah William's had let this man go once before, and she had been granted another chance. She knew now that she felt strongly for him, every man she had dated was close to Jareth in some way. They were never him though, and they never could be. Jareth was the only man Sarah Williams wanted, and she knew in her heart she was the only man she would ever want. No one else could compare, and she was about to let him walk out of her life forever.

"Wait! Jareth stop!" Sarah called out, running over to him. His hand was on the handle of her front door, but he had stopped. She reached her hand out and put it on his shoulder. He turned to face her, letting go of the door handle. Sarah let her hand drop to rest at her side. His face was not animated by any particular emotion like it nearly always was. He was like a statue, cold and carved in stone. Sarah would be lying if she said it didn't frighten her.

"I didn't mean it; I was just angry, and confused. Stay. Please" Sarah said, her voice filled with pleading. She was leaving herself wide open to be hurt, torn apart really. She didn't particularly care though, for there was always the chance he would stay. Love was a gamble, and there was always going to be a risk. The reward though, was worth the risk, and in this case it truly was. Jareth was silent for a few heartbeats before he placed his hand on Sarah's waist and pulled her close. He wrapped his other arm round her, imprisoning her in a tight embrace. Sarah returned the embrace and shut her eyes. This was what she had longed for, for so long. Finally, she had what she had wanted for years. Jareth, the Goblin King, in her arms. Jareth let go of her and pushed her back slightly so they could properly see each other.

"Sarah. I've waited years to hear you say that" His voice was soft once more, and his lips lifted upwards into a true, genuine smile, filled with warmth and affection. He ran his fingers across Sarah's cheek gently before cupping her chin and tilting her face upwards. He lowered his lips to meet hers and for the first time in a long time, Sarah felt happy and content.