The Doctor's Song: a Doctor/River fic

This is a fic inspired by the Doctor Who episodes "The Doctor Dances," "Silence in the Library," and "The Big Bang." Although, it's mostly 10/River. I might add a little tiny bit of 11/River at the end.

I do not own Doctor Who. It belongs to BBC. No rights infringement intended.

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Chapter one

The Doctor hadn't danced with anyone since Rose. Not really. Not when the partner made his hearts beat faster than Rose's pressence ever caused them to. Not when dancing with the girl actually meant something.

So, when River Song suddenly appeared in the TARDIS, with the crackling sound of the vortex manipulator, one day out of the blue he was a bit confused. And even more so when she revealed the tickets to a party she had.

"We're going." she announced. "It's an important party for my agency and I'm to bring a guest."

"Why me?" he asked. He had only seen River once at the library. After that incident he was doing a good job not torun to her and hug the life out of her for what she had done. Or would do. "You barely know me."

"Ah but that's where you're wrong." River said, walking to the console. "I've never seen THIS face before. I like it. Judging by your reaction, you've met me. . .once? Maybe twice? Oh i wish i had my diary but we wouldnt have time anyway." she looked straight into his eyes. They were the same she always looked into, only somehow younger. "I know you perfectly, Doctor. You've got it wrong. YOU barely know ME."

The Doctor frowned. She knew him in the future. Of course she did. He just wished he knew what this girl was to him. He thought about her diary. Maybe he should have peeked when he had the chance. . .There was so much about this girl he didn't know. He had so many questions he knew would never get answered. Darn him and his rules.

"Come on." River said, looking around the TARDIS. She had never seen it this way before. It was old-fasioned, alot like this Doctor. She had only seen this body in a few pictures HER Doctor bothered to keep around, but she still liked it. It had a nice charm to it. So did he. "There will be food. Music. Dancing. You love dancing."

"I don't dance." The Doctor said bluntly. A party for a change of pace sounded okay, but not dancing.

River frowned, disagreeing. The Doctor loved to dance. Especially at weddings. No matter what incarnation. "The universe doesn't implode because the Doctor dances." she said.

The Doctor looked at her, half expecting to see Rose again. Instead there was another girl with hair more brown than Rose's blonde. Someone, he thought, who struck him as even more beautiful. More clever. More compassionate. More mature. More cocky. Better. Way better.

The Doctor noticed she was maybe a couple years younger than the River he had met. He wondered why she came to him. She must have known he wouldn't know her. He wondered if he should tell her he'd only met her once and had no idea what she was to him. No. That had hurt her last time, and was surely hurting her now. . ."Why did you come to me?" he asked instead, "How did you find me? I'm drifting in space."

River pulled a chain around her neck from under her shirt. On the chain was a small key. "This." she said. "It glows when you're near Earth. That way I know when you're coming home. I used the time-vortex manipulator," she held out her arm to show him the one she had on her wrist, "To lock onto the signal coming to the key and poof. I'm glad it IS you, though. I was afraid if it wasn't my Doctor that it would be a REALLY early incarnation. But you've met me before, so it's okay. No harm done." She put the key back in it's place. Close to her heart. "So please come to the party?"

The Doctor contemplated for a moment. Then realized he couldn't say no. Not to her. Never to her. "Fine." he said with a sigh "I'll come. For the food. I'm not dancing."

"Thats what you always say." she said with a laugh as she went to the controls.

"What are you doing?" the Doctor asked protectively. It was his TARDIS and he wasnt about to let this woman crash the ol' girl. "You'll fly it wrong!"

"Oh don't get you knickers in a knot." she said dismissively, as she set the date and coordinates on the TARDIS. "I'll fly it perfectly. You taught me. By the way you've GOT to stop leaving the brakes on when you land her. It's bad for the poor girl."

The Doctor was speechless for a moment. This girl knew his ship better than he did. Who WAS she?

"Tuxedo." River told him abruptly. "Blue bowtie and cummerbund. And can you find one with the long tails? I love the ones with the long tails. Old-fasioned. They suit you."

"Right." the Doctor said, half listening and half examining the TARDIS. It wasn't rattling as much as it always did. Maybe she was right. "Why a bowtie?"

River paused. Because she missed them. She missed seeing them around the neck of the man who wore them so well. The man who INSISTED they were the coolest thing since microwave popcorn. She had accepted it, thinking it was okay as long as He didn't get anything else ridiculous. Like a fez. That was the Doctor she had first fallen so hopelessly in love with. But telling him would spoil the good times, so she merely smiled and, in a wistful voice, said "Bowties are cool."