Everyone scurried around the Akatsuki base when Kakuzu returned, trying to keep out of his way. Deidara paused though, noticing Hidan was missing. He followed Kakuzu into the kitchen, watching Itachi hurry out of the room when he saw the miser. He poured himself tea while Deidara slipped into a seat at the table, watching him.

"Can I help you, Deidara?" Kakuzu asked tersely as the blonde's gaze became too much.

"Where's Hidan, hm?" The bomber accused.

"Dunno. Little bitch ran off." He growled.

"... Ran off or did you scare him off, hm?" Deidara rolled his eyes.

"Go away."

Again Deidara rolled his eyes but left the kitchen. Sasori was in the living room, working on one of his puppets before their mission. Once his partner showed he stood, putting the puppet back in its scroll. On their way out they found Hidan stumbling back to base.

"What did Kakuzu do now?" Sasori drawled as the battered immortal reached them.

"Nothing, why?" Hidan blinked, clueless.

"He's always ticked off on this day... more than usual." Sasori explained.

"Eh? Bastard seems the same as he usually is." He replied, shrugging past them.

They artists watched him go then turned back to their mission. Inside Kisame and Itachi were also preparing to leave for a mission. Kisame waved when he saw the zealot enter and then followed Itachi out. Hidan snorted at the 'I-pity-you' look they gave. Being partnered with Kakuzu was not that bad. He looked for his partner in the kitchen but the miser was not there so he went to check the bedroom. He plopped down on one of the beds and waited for Kakuzu to show up. He must have been in the bathroom.

He closed his eyes and planned to take a nap. Kakuzu arrived about an hour later and scoffed at the sleeping man. He was hoping Hidan would stay away after he had said to leave him alone. Kakuzu let out a long breath then sat on a bed nearby, lying on his stomach with his head resting on crossed arms. Such a lazy day for the pair after so many missions. Just as he was beginning to doze off, he heard a thump then a curse. Hidan had fallen out of bed, again.

"Oh hey, when'd you get in, ass?" He yawned.

"I should ask you that." Kakuzu grumbled, sitting up.

"I got you something." Hidan said suddenly, digging in his cloak.

"Hidan." His tone was a warning one.

"Shut it." He scoffed, handing the miser a book.

"I told you I didn't want anything." Kakuzu growled.

"It's not that. Just open the book, dumbass." He huffed.

He sighed and obeyed, opening the book to the middle. His eyes widened but a moment later he regained composure. He glared at the Jashinist, holding up one of the papers. It was money.

"You gave me money for my birthday?"

"No, not your birthday. That's what I owe you for that one bet."


"Jeez old man, don't tell me your mind has caught up with your age." He smirked, "You did age a year more today."

"Hidan, what bet?" Kakuzu glowered.

"The bet." Hidan shrugged, smirking.

"... Hidan, you know I'm pissed off enough. Tell me." Hidan sighed at Kakuzu's tone.

"Last night, you bet that I wouldn't wish you happy birthday."

"But you didn't-"

"Happy Birthday, Kuzu." He smirked.

"You have two seconds." Was all he said, setting the book with money inside aside.

Hidan laughed as Kakuzu stood up, one second remaining. He stood up as well, laughter stopping. In a flash Kakuzu hugged Hidan then backed off, mumbling a thanks.

"Eh, so what if everyone else forgets your birthday every year." Hidan crossed his arms, "Doesn't mean you should just scare the assholes off."

"I don't feel like reminding them though." Kakuzu replied, "Their reaction is always the same, 'Oh it was your birthday? Sorry we forgot... how old are you now, 200?' Annoying."

"... Are you really 200?"

"... I hate you."

"Uh-huh... sure."

Yes, it's random and sucky. No, Kakuzu is not 200.