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The Only Exception Ch 1: Safe

And that was the day that I promised

I'd never sing of love

If it does not exist


A rapid tapping on the window caught Bakura's attention, the heavy duty headphones formerly blaring in his ears sliding down to his neck. Growling with irritation at the interruption he looked out and saw the only person stupid enough to climb his roof in the middle of the day.

Malik was grinning triumphantly, seeing that he caught his attention as he clung in a crouching position to the roof. Bakura snorted; tempted to leave him there to wait pathetically but about five seconds of staring at his friend with his white-blond hair blowing in the wind and that lazy smile on his golden brown skin swayed his opinion.

Damn it, Bakura thought, still glaring at the other boy perched precariously outside his window but shoved back his chair anyways, whipping the headphones carelessly onto the desk so that he could walk over to the window stormily.

Releasing the catch with a flick of his hand, Malik fell tumbling in though Bakura was more interested in the sirens wailing away outside on the street with police men running around looking confused. At least he had a good excuse for letting in the Egyptian now.

Said Egyptian was lying on the floor cracking up as though he'd played some sort of hilarious joke. Somehow Bakura would not have been surprised if those police men were looking for him.

He glared down at the boy still caught in a fit of hysterics, clutching his own partially bare stomach as he gasped for air but Bakura couldn't resist a small smirk of his own. The befuddled cops obviously had no idea where Malik had disappeared to so quickly.

He almost felt a little proud for a moment, being the one who taught Malik how to climb so well in case he ever needed to escape but he shook off the ludicrous emotion.

Malik watched cheerfully from the floor as Bakura glared at him once more with those ruby tinted eyes before crossing the room to his bed, dropping down so his back was to the wall, and draping an arm over his raised knee in his usual screw-the-world fashion.

Did this bother Malik? No, what bothered him was that when the white haired boy was moody it also meant he was completely sexy and unapproachable –which was always.

Worse was that he did nothing to cover up the fact that he was undeniably attractive with his blue shirt open over his pale muscled chest and a somehow alluring scowl was written across his face from his tight pressed lips to his brooding eyes.

Of course with all his haughty attitudes and gorgeous body he was still untouchable.

"Jealous that I was out having all the fun?" Malik taunted, and Bakura was distracted by the way he was sprawled on the floor, leather pants hugging his hips and lavender shirt riding up to reveal a tanned stomach tight with muscles.

Damn it, he was doing it again. Staring...at Malik. Being gay implied feminineness, which Bakura was happy to leave to Ryou thank-you-very-much. Bakura was many things but he was not feminine. It wasn't that he didn't already know he liked males, he had figured that out long ago but what he didn't want was to actually be attracted to Malik.

Unlike hitting on some random guy in the bar, doing any of the things he wanted to do to Malik wouldn't cause a one night stand –it would cause a relationship which would be a very stupid idea as far as Bakura was concerned since he didn't believe in love.

If he did believe in love and all that fluffy shit that came with it though...several fantasies leapt to his mind as he glared at his friend still lying on his bedroom floor. Why in the hell did he have to choose his window to run from the cops? It made not jumping him right now a lot harder.

[That's just disturbing.]

Bakura growled slightly with annoyance as Ryou made his goodie-two-shoes presence known in his mind.

Like you've never pictured him that way, he thought back with a small smirk at the tantalizing images dancing behind his eyelids.

Malik sighed, letting his head fall back as he recognized that Bakura was clearly not paying attention to him. When he got that vacant expression on his face it usually meant he was having a conversation with his former partner.

Malik would never admit it but he was a little jealous of Ryou. He was the only person that Bakura couldn't block out no matter how much he wanted to. If he only knew what they were actually talking about...

[As a matter of fact I haven't. You're sick, you know that?] Ryou shot back and Bakura was surprised at his partner's vehemence. He was usually so docile.

If you don't like it get the fuck out of my head, he snapped.

[It's hard to ignore it when you're thinking about THAT sort of thing.]

I knew you thought my fantasies were hot.

[That's not what I meant and you know it! Just don't mess things up with him.]

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

[He's your friend, the only one you have at that. Don't treat him like one of your bar sluts.] Bakura remained silent, refusing to admit Ryou was right. Of course he had just been thinking something vaguely along the same lines.

He didn't want to start anything with Malik because he could never be in a relationship and it seemed wrong to use his friend that way just to satisfy his lust.

[Stop being so stubborn, it's more than lust. You like him, there's nothing wrong with him.]

I told you to get the fuck out of my head! This time there was a dangerous barb to his mental voice, and Ryou at least knew when to back off.

Bakura had always had a firm belief that love did not and could not exist; it just ended up making people more miserable when they realized what a lie it was. Liking Malik had dangerous connotations to 'that feeling' and he refused to acknowledge even the slight possibility.

Seeing that Bakura was only getting moodier by the second Malik tried one of the tactics that usually could cheer up his friend: law breaking.

"Don't you at least want to know why the coppers were after me?" He asked and Bakura barely took time to scowl at him.

"No," He grunted and Malik frowned. He must be really depressed about something if he didn't even feel like insulting him. It was one of Bakura's favourite hobbies and the reason only someone like Malik could actually get along with him.

Not that Bakura would ever tell him why he was put out about something. That would make him seem soft which the great thief lord would never allow. Frustrated with how untouchable he was when all Malik wanted to was touch him anywhere he'd allow, he pouted aloud from his position on the floor: "You're so cold hearted."

Internally Bakura winced at the insult then realized how stupid that was. Being cold hearted always had been and always would be a good thing because he'd never fall for the stupid mirage known as love. Why did it suddenly not seem like such a good thing with Malik?

Great, now he was doubting his own mind.

Thanks a lot Ryou, he grumbled internally then said, "I can't be cold hearted if I don't have a heart." Malik merely rolled his eyes. At least Bakura was clearly still capable of being a stubborn idiot.

"You need a heart to live," He pointed out and Bakura just snorted disbelievingly at the boy still sprawled lazily on his floor.

"That's what my other organs are for. Hearts are only good for love and since I don't believe in that bullshit I obviously don't need one," He said harshly and Malik frowned. If this conversation kept going on its downward spiral it would definitely come back to depress him later.

He should have known better to bring up hearts or anything related to love with Bakura. He always got so defensive on the subject. This was not the way today was supposed to go! Okay, quick, he needed a way to cheer up this dark conversation...he grinned slightly as an idea hit him.

Bakura's glare sharpened, recognize the mischievous look on his face as he got to his knees at last after his quick escape through his friend's window from the 'coppers'.

"I'll just have to test whether you have a heart or not then," Marik challenged gleefully, and Bakura pulled up his other knee to create a barricade between them.

"Don't you dare," He hissed threateningly as Malik started to crouch dramatically like a tiger, eyes never straying from the harsh ruby gaze up on the bed. Bakura started to raise a hand but was distracted when Malik let out a small growl, licking his lips for effect and was that a hint of lust on Bakura's face?

Well he did look kind of sexy crouched on the floor about to spring like that...

Malik grinned as he noticed the distraction on his friend's face and immediately took the opportunity to launch himself through the air towards him, barrelling into him with all his weight on his chest. Bakura was clearly caught by surprise, not having expected him to actually jump at him or else he never would have let the Egyptian pin him like that.

Despite the fact that Malik was bigger and taller then Bakura, the others overpowering aura of ferocity made him seem much more powerful most of the time. It was all part of his untouchable nature but Malik was certainly touching him now as he shifted his weight to straddle the smaller boy's waist.

Bakura put up a small scrap despite his shock but Malik managed to grab his upper arms, pinning him to the bed firmly with a wicked grin on his face. Okay it would be a lie to say he didn't find their position incredibly hot but it was also funny to see Bakura so outraged that he'd been taken advantage of.

On his end Bakura could hardly ignored the way that Malik was straddling his waist and pressed so completely against him in many very bad places. It made concentrating on fighting back a lot harder and he found his upper body quickly pinned as well by the slightly larger boy so that he could only move from his elbows down.

Feeling Malik's body tightly against him he knew there was going to be a seriously obvious problem if he didn't remove himself from his general physical vicinity very soon.

"What the fuck are you doing? Get off of me damn it!" He snarled, baring his teeth as he began to struggle in earnest but it was too late, Malik had at least ten pounds and a couple inches on him so moving him forcefully was going to be a challenge.

"Nuh-uh, I'm checking for a heart remember?" Malik teased playfully, pushing him against the bed more firmly and Bakura glared, forcing his muscles to stay rigid instead of relaxing to enjoy his position. Actually he'd rather be on top but he could make this work if –Ra, damn it, these thoughts were getting extremely distracting!

"Get. Off." He said in a low dangerous tone, his best blood curdling expression twisting his pale face, white hair sticking up wildly around his face and on the bed. Most people would have either wet them self or ran for it long ago but the look had virtually no effect on Malik except to encourage him.

"Never," He said valiantly and Bakura started to wriggle some more, continuing to glare murderously and Malik shifted his weight, putting pressure on a very uncomfortable area as he grinned wickedly. Bakura felt everything inside him tense for more reasons than one.

"Don't you fucking da" –

"Then stop moving!" Malik exclaimed impatiently, releasing one of Bakura's arms now that he had him pinned even more effectively to push back the already open shirt that had bunched up over his chest in the struggle.

"If you feel the need to rape someone, Ryou's down the hall in his room," Bakura suggested and Malik laughed. He had a great laugh because his favourite jokes were usually at someone else's expense, which matched Bakura's humour perfectly...but that was part of being friends.

He was not attracted to him. He was not!

"Really, he'd be much easier than" –

"Shut up," Malik grunted, stretching across Bakura a little more to press his hand to the centre of his bare chest firmly. The touch was electrocuting and Bakura prayed to Ra if he hadn't been fully forsaken yet that Malik wouldn't see the goose bumps all over his arms.

"Aha! You do have a heart!" He merely exclaimed triumphantly when he felt the thumping beneath his hand.

"Idiot, that's not even where my heart is," Bakura growled, whipping his free arm up to grab Malik's tan hand in his ghostly grip, yanking it over to the bottom of his left pectoral. Ra why did that have to feel so good?

Feeling the powerful beating of Bakura's heart beneath his palm Malik was lost in the sensation for a moment then remembered their argument. Right, he didn't want this to be too...what, suggestive? Please, he'd already crossed half the friendship lines already. Not that Bakura would know the difference since Malik was his only good friend.

"Since you have a heart you must have at least a little love for someone," He teased instead and Bakura scrunched up his face irritably at the mere idea.

He opened his mouth to tell him to screw off again but at that moment when he released Malik's hand and shifted beneath him Malik's hand slipped just a little bit upward, warm fingers sliding against the most sensitive part of Bakura's chest, making him gasp aloud.

Malik snickered slightly at the reaction though he didn't mind the thought of Bakura gasping beneath him at all. Bakura's glare intensified, immediately regretting gasping like a little girl beneath his oppressor despite the persuasive touch. That part of him was really going to become a problem very soon if this kept up.

Gritting his teeth he said nastily, "For someone trying to rape me you shouldn't be so concerned with love." He said love like a dirty word; Malik noticed then became concerned with the more important part of that sentence. Rape?

"What are you talking about? Why would I try to rape you?" He responded and hoped it came out sounding more like an insult then how incredulous he actually was at the concept. Raping Bakura was almost laughable.

Sure he could almost picture someone taking advantage of Ryou but one glare from Bakura would have even a real rapist running for his life. Bakura stared at the person pinning him down for a moment, wondering how he could possibly be that oblivious.

Even if Malik didn't like him or lust for him or whatever the hell it was between them how could he not feel anything in this position when Bakura was so completely aware? A hollow aching coming from the spot beneath Malik's hand snapped him out of these thoughts.

Stupid 'love', he knew better then to let himself fall for this. He wasn't in love with Malik, he was just having a little lust problem over him...even though he was his friend...and an extremely attractive boy...and a boy who was his friend that he liked hanging out with alone even when he wasn't thinking about crude sexual things they could be doing together...the only boy who he had ever felt that way towards since he firmly believed in lust and ok maybe friendship but definitely not love...


These useless nonsense emotions were totally messing with his head. Fine, time to do what he did best: screw the rules and the consequences. He might as well have some fun on the path to hell anyways. If he was going down, he was taking Malik along for the joy ride, and he could kill two birds with one stone this way.

"Yes Malik, rape," He explained dryly, "Where you jump someone's bones without their consent?" Malik blinked once surprised to see Bakura's sarcasm starting to resurface. Up until now his moodiness had been in full swing but sarcasm usually meant he was happy...or as happy as Bakura got anyways.

What was he playing at?

Sighing and clucking his tongue at Malik's confused expression Bakura couldn't resist a foreboding smirk.

"It usually goes something like this," He explained, flashing canines in a taunting grin before grabbing Malik by his leather clad hips and grinding against him. Dear Ra, who decided to make that feel so fucking good?

Malik gasped aloud at the extremely invasive touch, scrambling backwards off of his friend until his back collided with the headboard of the bed. He was even blushing Bakura couldn't help thinking gleefully as he pulled himself up into a half sitting position. It felt good to move again but not nearly as good as the almost painful pleasure he had just inflicted on both of them.

"As cute as you look when you blush I'm pretty sure I won that argument," He taunted, still smirking darkly as Malik swallowed, still trying to gather his wits inside his spinning head.

It was like fireworks had just exploded right in his face, beautiful, but still shocking. He shook his head quickly to clear the pink flush and dazed expression written across his tan face.

"No you didn't," Malik replied and Bakura growled slightly with irritation.

"Yes I did," He insisted childishly though it was more of a scowl then a pout that twisted his lips together in a frustrated line. Malik thought he actually looked pretty cute...wait had he called Malik cute when he blushed? Sure it was sarcastic but Bakura never said anything for no reason.

"The argument was never about getting me off of you, it was whether or not you were heartless and since I proved you weren't you can't be heartless," He replied just as stubbornly as he sat up a little more properly, raking a hand through his messy blond layers that fell in lavender eyes.

Bakura refused to give in to his logic, mostly because it rose too many thoughts about how he could just sit there staring at Malik's adorably flustered face all day without feeling the need to suddenly jump him again.

And that didn't sound like lust which was definitely a problem.

"Because being cold hearted is so much better than being heartless," He said instead with a roll of his eyes.

Malik felt the words sting him and immediately replied, "It is because at least if you have a heart it means you can fall in love. If you didn't you actually couldn't." So maybe he was self-projecting his own desires on Bakura, namely that Bakura would fall in love with him but still, to never love seemed to be a cruel fate no matter how cheesy it sounded.

Bakura was bothered by his reasoning because it managed to upset his cold heartedly stubborn view on love. Was it possible he was capable of falling in love or even had fallen in love simply because he did in fact have a heart?

He pushed the thought away viciously, reminding himself yet again not to fall into that trap. It never had and never would exist. It was just a pretty picture painted with lies for fools to stare at dreamily.

"I don't believe in love and I can't fall into something nonexistent," He snapped harshly, glaring daggers at Malik who refused to shrink back despite the uncharacteristic depression rearing its ugly head in the back of his mind.

After all, Bakura was practically screaming 'I do not love you! Get over it!' Which he probably would if he knew how pathetic Malik was being internally right now. Some of the hopeless hope inside his miserable self that had always held on despite many similar 'conversations' they had had on the subject made him say quietly while avoiding that cold gaze:

"Maybe you're just narrow minded and love does exist. That means even if you didn't mean to or want to you could still fall in love anyways."

That's certainly how it had been for him. He had never meant to fall for stupid cold hearted stubborn Bakura, and he never would have if he was so damn...he didn't even know what. He had no idea what attracted him so much to the fierce whitette.

There were a million little things together that made him so worth it. Bakura growled, whipping his head back and forth to clear the useless thoughts banging around his head that made heat rise in his cheeks.

Thinking about love was such a waste of time; he needed to end this argument before he did something idiotic like confess to some nonexistent emotion.

I'm strong enough, I've always told myself
I never want to need somebody else
But I've already fallen from that hill,
So I'm droppin that guard here's your chance at my heart

Marik stared for a moment dazed by the beautiful once or twice in a life time experience of seeing the proud Bakura actually blush. He looked just like an angel –albeit an angel with a cold red glare that was still focused on him but it didn't matter, he was used to Bakura's glares.

He was still transfixed with the deep red color that painted his pale cheeks obviously though it was quickly fading away. Only when he finally had to blink did he realize too late that he was openly going gaa-gaa over his friend's blush while staring him right in the face.

Maybe now would call for some teasing to smooth the situation over...he opened his mouth again but Bakura beat him to it with a sneer that promised hurtful words to follow.

"You've gone soft. Do you really have nothing better to think about then this sappy crap?" He was aware of how hurtful his words were especially from Malik's small wince though his face merely became blank, not showing any real hurt he must be feeling.

It was cruel but necessary, Bakura had already crossed to far over to the other side, it would be foolish to tempt fate anymore. Why did Malik have to chose today of all days to suddenly become a romantic? It was just making him more miserable and beyond that absolutely frustrated.

It was only the afternoon but he seriously needed a drink.

Malik glared at him behind hooded eyes, hating him for making this all so much harder. He was cold hearted...and the scariest part was that some of Malik liked him that way. Why did he fall for someone so damn stubborn?

This was so stupid but he'd promised himself he'd go through with it. Now or never he kept telling himself and if never wasn't such a long time it would be tempting to take that way out especially considering the hell and scorn Bakura was going to heap on him for it.

"Fine, I'll wrap up my sappiness you pompous ass," He growled back and the blonde's tone had him looking up with some curiosity on his pale white face. On one hand he sounded legitimately pissed off if not hurt but he also sounded like he still had something to say.

"This is what I was running from the police for," He said in a slightly pouting voice as he pulled from his large pocket a rectangular package, tossing it with perfect aim into Bakura's lap.

Bakura tried not to wince at the clearly aimed shot, refusing to show his reaction as he picked it up, turning it over in long pale fingers warily. Despite himself he wanted to know what Malik could possibly have that would have the police chasing after him all morning for.

"I stole it, it reminded me of you," Malik said nonchalantly remembering his mad escape from the store after setting off half the alarms with his stolen item. Not long later the police were hot on his trail, the reason he had originally meant to buy it with money but the chase was a million times more exhilarating.

Since this was likely to blow up in his face with a heavy second helping of scorn for even thinking about being so stupid he figured he might as well have some fun before it crashed and burned to an ungraceful ending.

Now looking at it Bakura could help feeling a little smug, no he wasn't touched by the motion or anything, just smug because he had taught Malik all the finer points of five fingering things. When he actually saw what it was though he was completely lost.

"I remind you of 'semi-sweet dark chocolate?'" He read aloud dryly, raising an eyebrow at Malik who was still pouting, looking away from him.

"Well you're not sweet but you're not a total bastard all the time," He muttered, flashing a sharp glance in Bakura's direction before looking away again.

"And," He added hesitantly, tossing him a few more glances a little nervous now as Bakura's gaze drilled into him unflinchingly, "Dark chocolate is bitter but I know a few people who have a taste for it."

Oh Ra, that was the cheesiest thing he had ever said in his entire life. Why him? Why had he done this to himself? Bakura was still staring, lips slightly parted, smooth white skin of his brow furrowed beneath his messy white bangs.

About ten seconds of staring into his dark red eyes that were still deep with concentration and Malik couldn't take it anymore, that stare was seriously unnerving! If he knew taking Bakura by surprise would give him a stroke he wouldn't have done something so strange.

"Don't hurt yourself over thinking it," He finally snapped, making Bakura blink, losing his train of thoughts. He couldn't figure out what about Malik's words was metaphorical and what applied to the two of them romantically or just friendly or...whatever.

He shot him a glare but when Malik's eyes flickered to the chocolate still in his hands he tightened his grip on it, fingers making white bands across the dark wrappings as he hoarded it on his side of the bed in a possessive gesture.

He fully intended to keep the gift and eat it all himself with great enjoyment, the only sign of thanks he'd ever bear to give.

"I'm not dark so I can't be dark chocolate," He said gruffly but it lacked the harsh edge it would need to be truly cutting and Malik merely rolled his eyes, silently relieved. That could have gone a lot, a lot worse. It wasn't his impossible fantasy of Bakura suddenly confessing love but he wasn't trying to strangle him either at least.

"There's no such thing as semi-sweet white chocolate," He pointed out and Bakura smirked devilishly, angling his chin upward proudly so that his ruby tinted eyes seemed to flash at Malik in an extremely attractive fashion.

"Evidently there is," He said in a smug voice and Malik wondered if stroking Bakura's ego had been smart after all as he clearly liked the concept of being one of a kind. He decided to knock his pride down a couple steps as he scoffed with disbelief, saying: "You're obviously not made of chocolate."

Wrong choice of words.

Bakura's temper was like a straight line, you didn't cross it but occasionally somewhere before the line was a landmine that you definitely did not want to disturb.

"If you can believe in something you can't prove exists like love then how can you know I'm not made of chocolate?" Bakura snapped and the words which might not have seemed cruel except for their obvious intent to harm cut into him like a knife.

It seemed stupid to get so offended over something like chocolate but Bakura didn't like to be insulted, even if it was just to say he wasn't as unique as he liked to think. Because in truth Bakura really was one of a kind and Malik liked him that way.

"I know love exists though, I've felt it and that's part of the five senses," Malik mumbled, avoiding his painfully sharp gaze and Bakura felt an irritable lurch in that place where his heart supposedly was. Malik had felt that to.

Obviously he was admitting that he was or had been at some point in love with someone and the first conclusion Bakura jumped to was hopefully wondering if it might be him. That thought shook him even more than Malik's small confession.

He shouldn't be wanting Malik to be in love with him, that was just cruel knowing that he could never love him back. And he could not return such 'feelings' because he was incapable of love. In his world 'love' did not exist. Right?

That was right. He needed to keep his guard up against this. Just because Malik thought he was or had been in love didn't mean he actually was and it didn't mean it had been with Bakura.

His eyes flashed angrily at the thought despite himself, wondering who Malik could possibly think he was in love with other then him but as soon as he opened his mouth to speak the words got stuck, instead looking at the way Malik's eyes narrowed, a hostile expression abruptly taking over his face.

It was unnerving; it was usually him who was hostile –never the other way around unless he really pissed the other off. It was like Malik could read his mind, knowing he was about to get called delusional or crazy or something equally unattractive.

He had known it was coming but seeing the irritation on Bakura's face made something snap inside him. Shifting closer across the bed so that he was now sitting beside Bakura, torso twisted towards him he stared him down, insides flipping with excitement, nerves and just sheer outrage.

It was so unfair! Why did it have to be him? As if he hadn't gotten the short end of the stick enough in his life already, now he was in love with the world's sexiest most untouchable bastard.

Malik was close enough now that he could see the pale skin of his chest stretch tight across his muscles and bones with each breath he took, glaring right back at him with pride though he had no idea what was coming for him when Malik threw all precaution out the proverbial window because he was just so sick of waiting for something that simply couldn't seem to happen.

"I can prove love exists," He insisted, all the emotions cluttering inside him like a whirlwind in the pit of his stomach, "And that you're not made of chocolate. All I need is one of my five senses." Bakura hesitated, finally backing off the scathing comment he had planned to make, curious as to how exactly Malik planned to do this.

Sing a song?

Seeing him hesitate, Malik took the opportunity with a smirk, saying the name of the sense he planned to use, "Touch."

Then he leaned in and kissed his friend, the infamous thief lord Bakura, full on the mouth. Turning farther he kissed a little deeper, parting his lips to suck on Bakura's lower lip that didn't match the rest of his attitude or physique at all because it was so soft and absolutely luscious.

And Bakura wasn't pulling back.

In fact, he made no response to Malik's forwardness at all, not even when he pulled back after a moment, still not moving except to stare at his friend with dumb shock, lips still slightly parted and damp.

The first thought he had was that Malik obviously was implying that he loved him by kissing him, and he wasn't sure if that made sense or actually proved anything except that Malik was hot for him in some way or another but he did know as soon as Malik pulled back that his kiss felt good and that he wanted more. He didn't care of what he just wanted more.

Oh no, my walls are gonna break
So close, its more than I can take
So tired of turning and running away
When love just isn't safe

"See," Malik said calmly despite the way he was freaking out internally for being such an idiot, "You're clearly not made of chocolate." Bakura's jaw actually dropped a little and Malik felt a laugh bubbling up at the sight.

The words were so utterly insane that they completely fried the last working part of Bakura's much abused brain. How the hell could he be talking about chocolate when he just confessed love? To Bakura of all people who didn't even believe in love? How did any of this make any sense?

It was like all the wires in his head had short circuited, making his usual snappy awareness fizzle out.

"How the fuck does that prove anything?" He finally demanded, feeling the need to sink his hands in his hair and pull until the pain made his thoughts focus again. His head was screaming a million different answers and he couldn't focus on anything.

Some remote stubbornly functioning part of his upper anatomy informed him he should be grabbing Malik by his neck and throwing him out the door or at least strangling him or kissing him or doing both at the same time.

Malik seemed to sense the insanity behind his expression in those wide reddish brown eyes that swirled with confusion because the weight of what he'd just done suddenly clicked. For Ra sake he'd just confessed love to probably the only person on earth who didn't even believe in it!

He was so completely screwed now. Why were they talking about chocolate anyways? Oh right, he kissed him to prove that he wasn't made of it. Great so on top of implying the hated 'L' word he was also taunting him? Although it was true that he hadn't tasted like chocolate.

Leaning back he stared at his knees, mumbling how it did in fact prove something but he was afraid to raise his voice to an audible level. Bakura's eyes were narrowing rapidly as he got up on his knees and despite his smaller size compared to the other boy he seemed to tower over him, a malignantly powerful aura surrounding him heavily.

"What did you say?" He asked in a deadly tone and Malik looked up nervously, swallowing hard as he fell into that demonic gaze once again. It was almost fury and yet it was simply so beautiful that he couldn't stay away...

Normally seeing him cowed in such a way would be enough for Bakura to declare victory but that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted to hear him repeat what he'd said and he wasn't going to let him off the hook until he did.

Staring in the full face of his anger and absolutely transfixed by it Malik finally answered in a pathetically quiet voice, "You can't be made of chocolate because you taste much better."

Suddenly he was flat on his back, slammed down by a bodily force as Bakura leapt at him in a fit of rage, snarling like some sort of animal. His hand was partially closing off Malik's windpipe and Malik found himself completely pinned by sheer terror as Bakura wrestled him down on the bed, using his smaller body to the best of his ability though it was unnecessary with his pale hand strangling him.

Staring down into his wide lavender eyes he felt a million emotions rise up within him as he hissed, "I should kill you for saying something so fucking cheesy."

Then just as suddenly as he had launched himself at Malik he was kissing him again, only much more roughly than Malik had. He shoved his tongue straight into his mouth without asking for entrance, ignoring the whole romantic build up crap and going straight for a make out.

After a short stunned moment Malik felt Bakura's tongue moving against his and desire bled out of motion, convincing him to start kissing back just as fiercely. Who knew he was such a good kisser? In a flurry of heated desire Malik reached up, sinking his hands into those coarse locks of unruly white hair.

Just as his fingers started to knot there and he thought he might stay like this forever Bakura ripped away cruelly from the kiss, pushing off of Malik with one powerful arm so that only his elbow rested on his chest, leading to the hand still gripping his windpipe powerfully.

Despite his still furious glare his harsh breathing indicated that he really had gotten into the kiss. Okay so maybe this weakness wasn't all that bad.

"Bakura," Malik choked out of his constricted throat, cheeks flushed that cute pink once again, "Do you think you could stop strangling me?"

The request was so strange that Bakura actually had to think about it for a minute before pulling his hand away and pushing farther away from Malik's upper torso, shirt hanging wide open over his chest as Malik's greedy eyes had clearly noticed, tracing the pattern his muscles made under his skin repeatedly.

"Hm, I'll have to take full advantage of this love thing," Malik said impishly, grinning at the fact that while Bakura was still kneeling on his hands and knees over top of him he had in fact stopped strangling him when he requested it.

"I still don't believe in love," Bakura spat, holding his tattered pride together despite his racing heart and desperate desire to start kissing Malik all over again. "You somehow cheat the rules and managed to become an exception," He mumbled, still glaring and still appearing angry but there was a definite softness that ran more than skin deep beneath those words.

Malik recognized that he pretty much had just said that even though he didn't 'believe' in it, he was in fact in love with him. The thought let him dazed and giddy. Bakura was at least sort of in love with him! From the goofy smile on his face and that vacant look in his eyes along with the soft blush glowing behind tan cheeks; it wasn't hard for Bakura to guess what he was feeling.

Smirking slightly under narrowed eyes that hinted at both lust and honest affection he lowered himself down against Malik's body that was still beneath him, straddling his slim hips between his legs seductively.

It would take a lot of obliviousness for Malik to miss that and he certainly didn't, eyes widening in surprise. Slinking down lower so that half his torso pressed against Malik's perfectly sculpted abs he started his ministrations, rolling his hips slightly to make Malik gasp deliciously.

"You like that?" He teased and Malik bit his lip, trying to keep his mouth shut but when he repeated the action he couldn't hold it in.

"Yes," He moaned, and Bakura chuckled at the weakness. This was why despite his smaller size, he could pin someone much larger than him although making Malik moan underneath him was somehow much more attractive than any random bar slut could be.

Plus Malik was hot. Bakura's eyes were drawn to the exposed skin of his abdomen and many fantasies exploded inside his minds imagination. He was seriously tempted to bring some of those imaginations to life when a single thought rang through his head.


Damn it, Ryou had probably just heard every dirty thought he'd had in the last thirty seconds.

"Shut up," He mumbled and despite the dizzying lust coursing through both body and mind Malik managed to give him a questioning look. Bakura snorted, sitting up a little more with irritation, shoving his own lust aside as well.

"My pansy hikari doesn't like my fantasies," He explained shortly and Malik looked down at Bakura's legs straddling his hips and slowly dragged his gaze up the bare pale chest tilted above his own and then into the dark smirk on Bakura's face. Realization crossed his face followed by a triumphant grin.

"Oh yah, I knew you were into me," He teased and Bakura glowered again, shoving him back down on the bed firmly with both hands on his chest. He lowered his face to nuzzle Malik's jaw briefly with soft lips before parting to bite wickedly with sharp teeth. Malik flinched back at the sensation and Bakura chuckled darkly again.

"You do realize you don't have to be into someone to want to fuck them right?" He asked in a sultry voice in his ear.

"You wouldn't do that to me," Malik murmured back. Bakura's slow bites and kisses hesitated then he pulled away, looking down at Malik with a strange expression on his face.

"What makes you think I wouldn't?" He asked incredulously. In answer both of Malik's hands shot up, grabbing Bakura's face and yanking him down to kiss him hard on the mouth. Needless to say it caught Bakura by surprise but hardly did anything dissuade him from kissing back with a passion.

If Malik was trying to prove something to him than he had: he was a very good kisser.

Or maybe it wasn't that he was so good but that when Bakura squeezed his legs tighter around his waist and he moaned into his mouth there was something so much hotter about it when he did it then when anyone else did.

Bakura was fully in control of the kiss ironically right up until his hands found Malik's toned stomach again. He gave a small gasp, breaking the kiss and catching Bakura's hands in his. The pale boy looked down at him with desire but that was nothing compared to what happened when Malik raised his hands from his own stomach to Bakura's collar bone.

At first the expression changed to quizzical as though wondering what exactly he was doing but when he started to slide his hands down it began to morph to almost painful pleasure. He repeated the motion and Bakura purred for him, eyes half lidded as he arched into the touch. His expression was both beautiful and sexy at the same time.

"Hey Bakura?" He whispered breathily and the boy caught up in his own pleasure could only nod slowly, skin trembling a little beneath Malik's captivating fingers. The weakness had caught his attention the first time he touched him like that accidentally and he fully planned to exploit it as much as possible now that they were, er, together?

Sort of anyways.

"Do you want to know why you couldn't fuck me and walk away?" This time the other boy still riding him closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them again they were sharper, no longer dulled by the lust.

"Why?" He hissed back and Malik smirked as he regained his ferocity. Reaching up he hooked his hand around the back of his neck again, yanking him down effortlessly. He collapsed forward on his chest, hands cushioning his own impact as he looked directly into Malik's suddenly shockingly close lilac eyes.

Leaning in to whisper in his ear without having had to sit up an inch Malik whispered huskily, "I wouldn't let you fuck me in the first place."

Bakura scrambled back, shock and horror written all across his ivory face from his wide dark ruby tinted eyes to his slightly parted lips like Malik had just committed a sin against him. Abruptly his expression grew dangerously angry, nails digging into the skin of Malik's chest through his shirt.

"If you have been fucking with my mind this whole time so help you Malik I will" –

"Oh shut up," He said in an exasperated tone, pulling Bakura right back down to where he started by his long white locks only this time he started kissing him deeply. After a long moment of hesitation and, okay, kissing back a bit, Bakura ripped away again.

Malik had gravity on his side but Bakura had sheer rage induced will power.

"What do you mean you wouldn't let me fuck you?" He demanded, glaring down at the Egyptian beneath him and Malik grinned slyly.

"That really bothers you doesn't it? Well you're the one who was on about getting it done and then walking away. You think I'm that desperate?" Bakura growled, shifting his weight irritably.

"I wasn't serious," He said with a frown and Malik gave him 'a look'.

"Have you ever been in a real relationship before?" Bakura just glared back, biting his own lip with sharp teeth.

Obviously there was no good answer to that. He'd slept with plenty of people, he wasn't going to lie and call himself a saint but relationships? Having only ever believed in lust and not love he had never seen the value.

Remembering how those teeth felt against his own skin, Malik winced; reaching up a hand to slide his thumb between his lip and his teeth. Bakura looked surprised, staring doubtfully down at his hand, or what he could see of it anyways, then flicked his tongue out, running the warm, wet appendage across the pad of his thumb curiously.

Malik jerked back a little but Bakura bit down automatically, not hard enough to break skin but enough to make him freeze. Closing those intense ruby tinted eyes he relaxed his jaw, licking him again more searchingly this time before sliding his lips down to the inside of his wrist, flipping his hand with a nudge of his cheek.

He ran his tongue across the surface again and Malik was starting to get used to the slightly rough but almost sweet sensation. It was about as gentle as Bakura got anyways. Opening his eyes again that glare was still present but it was sedated, dulled by another emotion that dominated his face: confusion.

"I don't understand how you make me not care," He mumbled, staring at Malik with a concentrated expression on his face. Malik had no idea what he was talking about but it was obvious whatever it was actually bothered Bakura some extent, a rarity in itself.

"About what?" He asked curiously.

"Not fucking," He said bluntly and Malik couldn't help a small snort. Well it wasn't exactly romantic but for someone who had never done anything but have sex in his 'relationships' before it was actually saying something. At least he was honest.

"You don't care?" He asked and Bakura looked down slowly, eyes travelling from the leather clad hips he was still straddling to his toned stomach, up his lavender shirt and the smooth tan skin of his neck marked in a couple places from Bakura's 'kisses' and then finally his face with those dark tattoos, white-blond hair and entrancing lilac eyes.

"Maybe," He managed muttering, looking down again so he didn't have to meet those eyes. He could still feel him staring anyways. After a couple seconds of feeling the tension build up inside he raised his head with a vicious glare and snapped, "Fine, I don't care, not enough to leave anyways."

Malik grinned at the confession and Bakura glowered back, obviously not happy about it at least. To be honest he was more confused than unhappy though. If love didn't exist then he shouldn't want to be with Malik if it meant no sex, at least not right away.

Malik let out a small breath, relaxing beneath his 'friend' comfortably once more.

"What if I told you my real reason for not wanting to have sex is that I don't want to lose you?" That sharp gaze flashed back up, piercing him and pinning him down to the bed effortlessly, like Bakura had suddenly gained a hundred pounds.

"Lose me?"

"Assuming I have you and this isn't going to end with you walking out and acting like it never happened," Malik muttered only half-jokingly. Bakura gave him a strange look.

"You think I could actually pull off acting like I don't want to jump your bones every time I see you?" He asked, almost innocently puzzled. If he wasn't honestly confused it probably would almost have sounded romantic as well.

"You've done a pretty good job of it so far," Malik joked dryly, hinting at the fact that Bakura had shown no signs up until today of wanting to even talk to him on a regular basis, let alone make out. He doubted he had even thought about it until Malik actually kissed him.

"Because you're blind," Bakura snapped with a glare, obviously taking his 'joke' seriously.

"You mean you actually wanted me before I kissed you?" Malik asked and he was floored when a red tinge highlighted the cheeks of the boy on top of him.

"I like you okay, get over it," He mumbled and Malik felt that dazed feeling of dear-Ra-Bakura-just-told-me-he-liked-me feeling smacked him in the face again.

"Easier said than done knowing I'm possibly the only person alive that you've ever actually liked," Malik replied teasingly despite the cheerful giddiness inside him and Bakura glared at him per usual.

"I told you, that sort of thing doesn't exist for anyone else, you cheated somehow," He growled getting right into his Egyptians face. His? Well he was his now since nobody touched what was Bakura's and he'd decided he didn't want other people touching Malik.

Did that mean Bakura was his?

No, thief lord Bakura belonged to no. No one. But...if he had to belong to someone, it might as well be Malik. Was this love? Fate was such a bitch. Speaking of touching, being so close in the other's face who he had recently decided he 'belonged' to he recalled that not only was touching him fun being touched by him was a million times better than being touched by anyone else.

Malik evidently noticed the sudden change of Bakura's gaze from a glare to a hungry inspection of his own lips because those same lips curved up into a smile, narrowing his eyes up at him.

"Something you want 'Kura?" He suggested smoothly and his new found lover made that strange sound somewhere between a purr and a growl. Malik was pretty sure it was his way of saying 'yes' in his most primitive way because just like that he was kissing him again and Malik didn't even have time to laugh because it seemed like a waste when he could be enjoying having the daylights kissed out of him.

Because with as much practice as he had Bakura was an amazing kisser not to mention with a iron will like his he always made sure he got what he wanted and got it good.

It didn't take long for Bakura to have his hands up Malik's shirt and when Malik's hands started to stroke his sensitive bare chest again he almost exploded with desire, biting at his lips with low moans that Malik hadn't thought he'd ever get to hear from the proud Bakura.

Pulling away from the kiss with another one of his strange almost feline growls despite his ragged breathing he said in a rough voice, "I want you."

"I know," Malik started innocently but Bakura just growled again, hooking his fingers around the belt of his pants and jerked him forward.

"Right now," He moaned in a voice rich with desire as Malik gasped, feeling his arousal pressed against him firmly.

"B-Bakura," He stammered, shocked that he could produce that sort of reaction out of him.

"Please," He actually begged, and it was almost flattering. He had never even heard him use the word please before let alone so sincerely. Heat spread throughout Malik as the image of Bakura on his knees over him, pressed against him so fully as he begged to take him burned itself into his mind.

Like Malik wasn't already turned on enough. But worse was the idea that if he did let Bakura take him that he would be satisfied and not want him anymore. Obviously seeing him hesitate for so excruciatingly long Bakura moaned again, glare spiteful despite the fact that it couldn't overpower the clawing desire inside him.

Dropping his lips to Malik's abdomen he distracted himself by kissing the hot skin above his belt repetitively then slowly dragged his tongue up the valley between his abdominal muscles, trying to calm himself with deep breaths.

He could just take him right now, just do it; Malik probably wouldn't even blame him. And it would feel good, so good to both of them...but it wasn't what he wanted and for some reason the idea of Malik seeing him as weak or even disliking him was even worse than the beast clawing beneath the skin of his lower abdomen.

He collapsed against the boy beneath him, clamping his mouth above the spot where his collar bone and neck began, teeth sinking in. It must have been painful but Malik made no complaint, wrapping his arm around his waist tightly as the entire length of Bakura's body shuddered, fighting wave after wave of urges.

Sometimes he'd lift his head from his shoulder and begin kissing him again until it got too much and he go back to biting gathering his self-control again. It felt like the cycle went on for a long time but it couldn't have been that long.

"We can stop," Malik said at one point but Bakura's eyes immediately snapped open, pulling himself upwards in his embrace furiously. "No we can't," He had hissed, pushing himself straight to his limits. Each time he challenged himself again he felt more triumphant when he defeated the instinct to rip all of Malik's clothes off right now.

After many minutes of this Malik finally pushed him away mid kiss, tensed as he waited for Bakura to get pissed off again. Really he should be used to his partner's strange reactions by now but he was still surprised at the smug smirk on Bakura's face.

"Well that was fun," He said, flashing his very sharp canines when he grinned, picking himself up off the bed into a more graceful position, straightening his clothing slightly. His hair was, if anything, more wild than normal.

"You call that fun?" Malik asked disbelievingly as he rolled his shoulder painfully, feeling the place where Bakura had bit him hard several times.

"Well what would you call it?" Bakura demanded, actually sounding a little offended. He had, believe it or not, been enjoying himself. The exhilarating challenge of controlling himself for the first time, well, ever, was so much more thrilling then just getting an easy lay.

"Erotic," Malik responded with a sly smile and staring back still smirking Bakura crouched slightly, making that feline-growl again that meant he agreed completely. He could get used to this. Malik was so much more fun that anyone he had ever been with before.

What he couldn't get used to was the way Malik would suddenly reach out and use his strength to jerk him down beside him again. Surfacing from the lazy one armed embrace, Bakura glared, not appreciating landing sprawled across his chest, no matter how much he might happen to like that chest.

"I am not your fucking teddy bear, stop throwing me around," He grumbled irritably which was considerably nicer then he might have been before all the making out.

"Aw, but you're so fluffy," Malik teased, messing up his coarse white hair and Bakura yanked away, glaring furiously at him.

"I am not fluffy. Just because I made out with you instead of just fucking you doesn't mean you can start calling me stupid stuff."

"You better be planning on doing more than just making out with me," Malik said warningly, watching warily as Bakura slid to the edge of the bed, rising to his feet easily.

Glancing back at him doubtfully he asked gruffly, "What's that supposed to mean?" Malik rolled his eyes.

"Exactly what it sounds like," He said, forcing Bakura to accept the truth whether he liked it or not.

"I'm not going to" –He started to growl but Malik shot him down with an equally fierce glare.

"I'm not just one of your bar sluts," He pouted slightly, folding his arms over his chest.

"Obviously," Bakura mumbled.

"Well you don't act like it's obvious," Malik said pointedly, propping his back up against the headboard, legs stretched out in front of him.

"I don't...what the hell do you think I was just doing?" He spluttered back furiously. Even if it had been 'fun' that didn't mean it was easy.

Malik flushed slightly when the image of Bakura on his knees begging to take him filled his mind's eye. He probably wouldn't have been able to resist him if he had tried, and Bakura likely knew it. In a lot of ways he had showed him a great deal of respect.

"Okay so maybe you treat me a little different," He admitted and Bakura rolled his eyes.

"You're damn right I do. Now get your lazy ass off my bed," He ordered and Malik made a point of thinking about it before rolling over once then bouncing to his feet. Truth be told Bakura was annoyed but not with Malik, he had performed so well that he actually had him on his knees, something that he had never experienced before.

Maybe it wasn't so much what he had done but who was doing it that had made Bakura want him so badly. The real problem was that despite all that lust, Malik had pushed him away before they could go all the way and the reason that annoyed him was that, well, that it didn't annoy him more.

He lusted deeply for the Egyptian boy, there was no denying that but if it was just lust being pushed away should have pissed him off not just disappointed him.

"Couldn't be a bar slut anyways, you're way too much fun," He mumbled as Malik straightened his own clothing so that Ryou hopefully wouldn't suspect too much of what they had been doing. Not that he hadn't probably already heard it all from Bakura's mind anyways. He paused, raising a striking white blond eyebrow against his tan skin at Bakura's words.

Was that his idea of a compliment? From the way his pale cheeks flushed bright red and looked away quickly Malik suspected with a flattered grin that it was.

"Fucking love," He cursed under his breath as he accidentally let slip what he considered to be a gracious compliment then glanced over at Malik who was still grinning hugely especially because of the way his blush only deepened along with his childish scowl.

He hated that seeing Malik smile like that over something he said made him feel all fluffy and sappy on the inside.

"It does not fucking exist, so don't go getting a big head damn it!" He denied loudly and stubbornly though it was getting less convincing each time. At least it almost sounded like he was trying to say he was an exception to his precious 'no love' rule, Malik thought dryly.

"So it doesn't exist despite the fact that you're feeling it?" Malik replied doubtfully and Bakura bit his tongue forcefully, expression seething. Saying yes would make him a hypocrite and saying no was stupid because it risked hurting and/or pushing Malik away. Seeing his expression Malik couldn't help taunting him a bit.

"Your logic isn't making so much sense, is it?" He asked with mock exasperation and Bakura's eyes flashed anger. He couldn't stand that superior tone. Grabbing him he pulled the taller boy beside him down a couple inches to kiss him roughly before pulling away again with a fierce glare.

"You are the only exception," He hissed then snatched up the others surprised hand before stomping out the door. Malik stumbled after him as he tried to translate those words in his head. It sounded an awful lot like he had just said something like 'I love you and I literally can never love anyone else'.

Malik felt a goofy smile plaster itself across his face and he was immediately glad that Bakura couldn't see it. Then again, he'd never been so glad to be stuck with someone before.

In front of him despite the fact that he was leading the way Bakura felt like he was swimming in confusion. The worst part was he was confused with himself something he had never had to worry about before.

Part of his volatile temper wanted to explode, part of him wanted to kiss the hell out of the boy behind him again and part of him, the scariest part, was really content just holding his hand.

Oh no, my walls are gonna break
So close, its more than I can take
So tired of turning and running away
When love just isn't safe
Your not safe
And that's okay

Probably hearing his yami's loud irritable footsteps approaching, Ryou appeared in the doorway looking concerned. He looked almost as stunned as Malik was to notice despite Bakura's light scowl and loud footsteps he actually didn't seem to upset and he was holding hands with Malik.

"Um, Bakura, where are you two going?" He asked politely and Bakura didn't even spare a glance back at his hikari.

"Out!" He merely called back, trusting Ryou to hear it as he continued to drag Malik towards the door.

"Where are we going?" Malik finally thought to ask curiously.

Bakura grit his teeth and said testily, "I already said we're going out." Malik resisted a small laugh that threatened to escape at the response. He should've known better then to think Bakura had actually planned his sudden impulsive 'outing'.

After all, it was almost like asking him on a date only without the 'no' option. Not that Malik would have said no anyways. Probably his comment about 'not acting like it was obvious' had brought this on. Well, that was fine by him.

Going on a date with Bakura could be nothing but interesting anyways.


But darling,

You, are, the only exception

You, are, the only exception

Oh and I'm on my way to believing.

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