Author Note: WIP from the Glee Angst Meme

Warning: Rape/Non-Con, Homophobia, Angsty Angst...

Disclaimer: The only character I own is the rapist... and I stake no real claim.

"No, no, no, no! Oh, come on!" Puck tosses his video game controller onto his bed and collapses against the pillows. "You cheated."

"I am offended by the accusation!" Kurt's indignant glare is betrayed by the slight twitch of a smile at the corner of his mouth.

"So, I'm supposed to believe you mastered Mario Kart in the four months we've been dating?"

"Four-and-a-half, and it's really not that difficult a game."

"Not that difficult, eh?" Puck's eyes turn predatory. He pounces, shoving Kurt down on the bed and landing on the smaller boy, chest-to-chest.

"Noah Puckerman, are you trying to kill me?" Kurt's laughing, so it couldn't have hurt that much.

"Maybe just ravish you a bit." Puck nips at Kurt's lower lip, then brings it into his mouth and sucks.

Just like that, Kurt's putty in Puck's arms.

Kurt's hips bounce of their own accord into Puck's thigh as his unrestrained moan reverberates around the room.

"You like that?" Puck knows his boy's body well, and before Kurt has a chance to respond, Puck latches his mouth onto Kurt's favorite spot just below the ear.

Kurt yelps, grasping at any and every bit of Puck he can get his hands on. He's tugging at clothing now, wanting it gone.

"Fuck, you're hot like this." Puck loves getting his boy frantic. He pulls off his own shirt, then slowly, torturously, unbuttons Kurt's.

Kurt wants to protest, but he values his clothes, and the frustration has him whining and writhing.

As the last button comes loose, Puck dives his tongue into Kurt's belly button.

Kurt cries out, his hips bucking with abandon, "Noah, please!"

Puck chuckles, "What do you want, Baby?"

Kurt moans, "Anything. More. You."

Puck drags his palm over the bulge in Kurt's pants.

"Yes! Yes! That! More!"

"It's okay, Love. I've got you." Puck unzips Kurt's trousers and pulls them down the slim, pale legs, discarding them on the floor.

Kurt's opened shirt follows before Puck plants a gentle kiss to the crook of each elbow.

Kurt is left panting in a pair of maroon boxer briefs that leave very little to the imagination.

"Noah...want you..."

Puck leans down to kiss the sweet, pleading lips.

The bedroom door slams open, "What the hell!"

Puck has launches himself off the bed and positioned himself protectively between Kurt and the doorway before it even registers who is standing there.

"Isaac! I...thought you were out with Mom."

Fuck, fuck, fuck! They've been caught. Months of keeping it a perfect secret from nearly everyone, and they are caught by his mother's boyfriend in about the most compromising position possible.

The man is still just staring, so Puck continues, "Look, Isaac, I-"

"Are you a fag, Noah? Are you a fucking fag?"

Noah flinches. He knows that word is hurtful, and he knows he is not the one feeling the pain. Puck glances behind him.

Kurt has his knees tucked to his chest, trying to hide his near-nudity. His lower lip is trembling and his eyes have that far-off stare that means he's trying not to feel.

This is everything they've dreaded.

Puck is tugged toward the door by his wrist and he hears a click. He has just enough time to realize he's handcuffed to his desk before Isaac pushes past him, standing just out of reach and staring Kurt down.

Puck tests his restraint, clanging metal against metal. "Isaac, what the-"

Isaac pulls a gun from his waistband and Puck freezes. 'Oh, God...'

"No fag is going to live under my roof." Isaac shoves the barrel of the gun into Kurt's temple.

Kurt screams.

"No! No, please don't kill him! Please! Please! Please!" Puck collapses face-first into the carpet. He knows he needs to be strong for Kurt, to fucking dosomething, but he can't look, can't let himself see that.

Instead of the bang that would destroy everything, Puck hears Isaac's voice, "You actually think you have feelings for this freak, don't you?"

Puck brings himself to face Isaac, "Yes. Please, just let him go. Please."

"This is worse than I'd thought." Isaac says it like he's learned the batteries are low in the remote, like it's some incredibly trivial thing, and he's still holding a gun to Kurt's head. "You need to be taught, Noah. Faggotry is disgusting and wrong."

Isaac turns his attention back to Kurt, "Lay down."

Kurt's eyes widen at the command, but he obeys.

Puck babbles a useless string of, "No, no, no, no, no, no..."

Isaac points at the maroon boxer briefs with his gun, "Take those off."

A silent tear trails down Kurt's cheek as he is completely exposed.

"This is what you are attracted to, Noah?" Isaac grabs Kurt's penis and squeezes, causing Kurt to shriek in pain. Isaac continues, "You like dick? You like fairy dick?"

Puck's only response is a shakily whispered, "Please don't do this."

"It is an abomination against the lord."

"It won't happen again. Just let him go."

"I don't believe you, Noah. You have to see for yourself how unnatural it is." Isaac unzips his jeans, and the sounds is loud in the small room.

"No! God, no!" Puck pulls at his handcuffs, kicking at the steel desk leg, bashing his restraint about, trying everything to get free, to stop this.

"Please!" Kurt speaks up for the first time, "I'll leave him alone. I won't touch him. He'll never see me again. He'll go back to normal. You don't have to do this. Please. Please don't!"

"If you fight me, it'll just hurt more."

See the gun and hearing the futility of Puck's struggles, those words were Kurt's last hope. All he's left with are sobs.

Isaac slides on a condom so he can't catch the gay, and adds a little spit.

Kurt realizes that is all the lubrication he is going to get. This is going to hurt. Kurt sobs just a little bit harder.

Isaac shoves Kurt's legs apart, and the prone boy's only resistance is the tiniest of whimpers.

Kurt turns his head away from the visuals of his own rape and finds himself facing an utterly defeated and terrified Puck.

Puck notices Kurt looking at him and wants desperately to be able to help. There is nothing he can do to stop this, though, so he just has to settle for being there for Kurt while it happens.

He locks eyes with his boyfriend and mouths, "I love you."

Isaac slams in, and Kurt's screaming, and it's happening. It's actually fucking happening. Kurt is being raped right before his eyes, that gun's once again pressed against his temple, and Puck can't do a god-damn thing about it. He's a badass! He should be able to fix this, gun and handcuffs be damned.

Handcuffs can be picked!

Puck scrambles around the floor looking for something, anything, he can use to pick the lock. He doesn't dare open a drawer for fear of alerting Isaac to his plan, but his floor is spotless, and damn it, why does his mother have to keep his room so clean!

He looks back at Kurt and sees he's been watching him, sobbing tears of agony and humiliation as a small cry matches each of Isaac's movements, and Puck realizes with a stab of guilt that he'd broken his silent promise; he wasn't there for Kurt. There is nothing he can do to prevent what has already happened. He can only wait out the painful experience with Kurt and hope it doesn't get worse.

'Please, God, don't let him die!'

He locks eyes with Kurt. The small boy reaches out to him, and even though there is no way they can touch, Puck reaches back, equally needing the contact.

"You see this, Noah?" Isaac's fucking talking again. "You see how much pain the bitch is in? That's because this is unnatural. Does this look like what the lord intended? He made it hurt so man wouldn't attempt such an abomination. Do you ever want to feel this pain, Noah? Faggotry is pain."

The speech does nothing but anger Puck more, but it seems to have a far more powerful effect on Kurt, whose eyes are now shut in a refusal to meet Puck's.

'No, Kurt,' Puck silently pleads, 'don't listen to that bastard. Just focus on me.'

Kurt is lost to him now.

Without the distraction of Kurt's gaze, Puck is inundated with far worse images. Kurt's small frame is slammed back with each thrust, his legs bouncing helplessly mid-air. His fingers rake at the sheets, trying to dig or drag his body from the pain. Isaac's finger is close, too close, to the gun's trigger, and one slight twitch, and Kurt's life could accidentally end in the middle of its most horrible moment.

Then, the smell hits him: blood. 'Kurt is being ripped apart.' He can't stop the brain from supplying the answer, and it somehow actually makes this allworse.

That's his Kurt. That's his fashion-obsessed, bitchy, caring, proud, awesome at Mario Kart boyfriend, and nothing like this should ever happen to him.


That's his mother's voice!

Isaac seems to have this same realization, because he's pulling out of Kurt and shoving himself, condom and all, back in his pants, "Rebekah! I caught these two fornicating and they had to be shown the error of their ways." He tucks his gun innocently back in his waistband.

Puck lets himself believe as he once always did that his mommy can solve everything.

Her first step is a good one: "Get out of my house."

Isaac, not receiving the support he for some reason thought he would, levels a glare at Rebekah, "Your son is a fag."

Nobody moves until they hear Isaac's truck drive off.

Kurt is shaking and crying and bleeding and Puck's still in these fucking handcuffs.

"Mom, he needs me," Puck indicates his restraint.

Rebekah is confused for a moment, or just still reeling from what she witnessed only minutes ago, but she springs into action. She detaches her nametag from her uniform and hands it to her son, showing the safety pin fastener.

"Noah, I am so sorry. I had no idea..."

Puck picks the lock almost immediately and races to his bed. Then, he has to pause. "Kurt?" he asks tentatively.

Kurt doesn't open his eyes, only whimpers a distressed, "Noah!" and Puck has decided that is all the permission he needs. He collapses onto his bed and pulls Kurt to his chest as he drags a quilt over the shivering form.

Rebekah is still kneeling beside Puck's desk, unsure.

"Mom, can you bring me a pair of dark sweat pants and two T-shirts?"

Rebekah again leaps into action, laying the items on the bed. "Do you...?"

"I can get him dressed."

Rebekah nods as if understanding some important point. Then, she panics, "Oh my God, where is Sarah? She called, said something bad was happening, begged me to come home. Sarah!"

"Mommy?" the small girl responds from her room down the hall.

"I'm coming, Sweety!"

"Mommy, are Kurt and Noah okay?"

Puck and Kurt are left alone with the realization that little Sarah Puckerman had overheard the whole thing. It doesn't even make it worse. They are as low as they can go.