Title: What if the girl was the vampire?

Summary: When Clare struggles with writing, she moonlights as Madame Degrassi once more to kick her slump. But Declan Coyne is no longer her inspiration… Rated M for later chapters. Starts out slow, so grin and bear with me.

Disclaimer: Though I wish I did, I unfortunately own Degrassi of any sorts, because if I did, then there would be more Clare and Eli and less of other certain characters(that's right; I'm looking at YOU Jenna!)

Chapter one

Clare Edwards was an intelligent girl, yet she couldn't decipher why she was smiling at her reflection.

There was nothing in her life that would give her a reason to smile. She has been suffering from a horrible case of writers block, causing her English grade to significantly drop to average; with each passing day, she and her best friend Alli were becoming more and more distant, with her new goals of popularity and gaining the attention of the new high school quarterback; and worst yet, the imminent doom of her parents' failing marriage was upon her.

Except Clare had detention today.

With Eli Goldsworthy.

Clare silently scolded herself. She still felt the cold stab of betrayal K.C had left on her heart. Eli was nothing but bad news, and Clare knew this; yet she found that his sarcastic mannerisms, his signature smirk always on cue whenever she blushed(which was becoming more common with each passing day), and his deep emerald eyes that showed beautifully through his chaotic dark brown hair utterly attractive and irresistible, and inspired her heart to do dance…

"Stop it Clare," she growled at herself.

Her mother then beckoned from downstairs so they may venture out into the world; school for Clare, and work for her ailing mother. How her mother had the capability and the willingness to face the world was beyond the comprehension of the young sophomore. A few days prior, Clare's father's affair had been uncovered, and he elected to stay elsewhere, for the time being; though Clare suspected that he would never return home.

After running a brush though her auburn curly hair, and applied a dash of mascara and purple eye shadow on her eyes, Clare decided that she was at the peak of perfection, and practically frolicked downstairs with thoughts of the afternoon danced in her mind.

Clare glanced at her waiting mother when she descending from her room. Days have seemed like decades to her mother. The misfortune of wrinkles had been bestowed upon her once lovely face. Her eyes were blood shot and were bruised with purple bags. Every now and then, her lip would quiver fighting the storm of tears to stay at bay. Her movements were now hesitant, and her voice was insecure and timid.

The car ride to Degrassi High was rode in awkward silence. Clare chose to stare out her window the entire trip.

Once they had reached their destination, Clare's mother murmured to her daughter,

"Have a great day, honey."

Clare responded with a tentative "I'll try" and continued towards the school.

Once inside, Clare was eagerly greeted by Alli, who was gushing over her new "soul mate" Drew, the high school quarterback. Much to Clare's dismay, Alli described in detail the preceding evening, which including an exclusive make out session with Drew after her party. Alli was oblivious to the fact that Clare was only half listening, for her new focus was towards her locker, where Eli waited patiently for her.

Once he saw Clare, he instantly brightened up, and Clare's heart beat increased dramatically.

Alli noticed her friend's lack of attention, and quickly slipped away once she realized why with a small smile on her face.

"Good morning Ms. Edwards," Eli said as Clare begun opening her locker, searching for her English notes. "And how are we on this fine morning?"

Clare gasped and put her hands to her mouth in mock astonishment. "What is this? The infamous Elijah Goldsworthy in a perky mood!"

Eli then exposed his familiar smirk and continued in a sarcastic tone, "Well, the sun is shining, the birds are singing…"

Clare then pretended to be in deep thought, and stroked her chin. "Hm…" she dragged out as long as possible. She was feeding the always ravenous ego of Eli's. "I don't think that's it." She then suddenly snapped her fingers. "Could your good mood be due to the fact that Fitz is suspended?"

Eli's grin unrelented, and shrugged. "It may be a contributing factor."

Fitz was a sadistic Neanderthal who enjoyed watching his fellow students succumb to pain and misery. He paraded the halls with arrogance along with his entourage of thugs. His two favorite people to terrorize- Eli and his best friend, Adam Torres.

But Eli held a personal vendetta against Fitz, and chose to ignore Clare's passive pleas to end the cycle of violence. Eli had created a fake id for Fitz with information pertaining to an escaped convict. He then physically fought Fitz, and once the police checked their ids and realized who was on Fitz's, he was hauled off to the clink, while all Eli had as a souvenir was a busted lip. Though Eli learned that it was more of a blessing when Clare took it upon herself to heal him.

Once the school got wind of Fitz's latest blunder, they suspended him.

Clare grinned. While she didn't agree with Eli's method, she was glad that for the next two weeks, she didn't need to fret about Eli and Adam.

"Oh really? Only one contributing factor?" Clare whispered in a suggestive tone, much to her and Eli's astonishment. "What are some of the other factors?"

As she said this, she took a cautious step closer to Eli. Clare could feel Eli's hot breathe on her skin, and could smell the aroma of his cologne- a little woodsy but it complimented him well.

"Well…" he murmured as he gazed into her deep blue eyes.

Just then, the bell rang. All the students departed from their friends and headed towards class. Eli moved closer to Clare; so close she could now feel his breathe in her ear.

His voice was hoarse. "Time for English Clare."

He pulled away quickly, winked at Clare with his emerald eye, and walked towards Ms. Dawes' room, leaving a breathless and utterly confused Clare frozen at her locker.

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