So here is my first Twilight story. I guess I should say first that I am (clearly) not Stephenie Meyer and I don't own any of the characters. I am firmly in the Team Edward camp but then again in the books, Team Jasper just isn't offered as an option. Needless to say Jasper is my favorite character and I can totally see him getting together with Bella. For anyone who hasn't read one of my stories before, I'm a fan of angst and that hasn't changed just because I've switched to Twilight... so be warned.

Anyway, this story starts towards the end of the Twilight and considers what might have happened if things in Phoenix went a little differently. There are a few differences to the original story but hopefully all will become clearer as you read it. I hope you enjoy it.

The Bond of Brotherhood.

Chapter 1.

Carlisle was first of the group to walk into the building; the ballet studio Alice had seen in her vision and Bella put a name to. The remainder of the family entered slowly behind him and they were all hit with a sight they didn't expect or want to see. Bella was lying on the floor and Carlisle has already sped over to her to see how she was. The remainder of the room was a mess; bits of broken floorboard, glass and mirror strewn all over the place. The door at the far end of the building was wide open and it looked as if someone had left in a hurry.

Everyone eventually made their way to where Carlisle crouched over the young human girl. "Is she going to be okay?" Esme asked; worry for her obvious in her voice.

"She's been bitten; there isn't much venom but there's no way to stop the change; it's too far advanced to stop it. She's going to be a vampire. We need to get her back to the house and work out what we're going to do." He said; lifting Bella's battered body from the floor up into his arms. He walked from the room and they all trailed after him. "Emmett, Rose, can you do clear up before coming back to the house and create a cover for Bella's disappearance? We'll go ahead with Bella. Jasper, can you drive? We need to get back to Forks as soon as we can."

"What about Edward and Alice?" Esme said quietly; it was the question no one else dared to ask.

"We'll worry about them when we get home; for now we need to concentrate on Bella; we need to help Bella get through this. Edward and Alice will know we're at home and come back to us." Nobody seemed particularly happy with his answer but accepted it as he knew they would. The four of them were all silent as they climbed into the car; Rosalie and Emmett watching as Jasper roared the engine to life; it was that moment Bella began to moan and writhe in Carlisle's arms, "This might be easier for you both if you didn't breathe until we get home." He said softly to the rest of the car, "We obviously can't open the windows because she's going to get pretty loud any minute now." The eldest vampire added.

He wasn't wrong; within the space of ten minutes Bella was releasing blood-curdling screams that made the family wince. Jasper turned the radio in the car on and turned the volume up so it would hide the sounds of her pain from anyone they passed. He sent a wave of calm through the car and tried to ignore the pain and anguish reeling from the barely human girl; it was difficult but he had the driving to concentrate on; which was probably the reason Carlisle asked him to do it. His senses were being battered by her ever-changing emotions though and it was just adding to the anguish he was feeling.

Even at the speed he drove the journey still took many hours and it was a trip filled with angst and heartache for them all as they each dealt with hearing Bella's screams gradually turn into cries before fading into whimpers. None of them wished for her to be in this pain and the fact it was because of a nomadic vampire who'd attacked her after seeing her with them gave them all intense feelings of guilt and Jasper was absorbing it from them all. His main overriding emotion above the guilt though was worry about his wife and brother. He knew something must be wrong for them to not be with Bella when the family got there. Something had happened to them and as he drove and drove it was this that kept him occupied from dwelling on Bella's emotional anxiety.

Almost the whole of the first day of her transformation had already passed by the time they got back to Forks and as Jasper pulled the car onto the driveway Bella had fallen to silence and it was with some relief they climbed out of the vehicle and moved into the house. Esme moved quickly round the house; retrieving blankets and pillows from various rooms and bringing them back down to where Carlisle had placed Bella on the couch. Jasper looked around the room wistfully, "Alice and Edward aren't here." He said quietly.

"They'll turn up, Jasper. Don't worry." Esme said. She sounded so sure that Jasper didn't have the heart to tell her he suspected she was wrong; his gut was telling him they weren't coming back and he felt like it was killing him.

The three of them watched Bella as she lay peacefully on the couch; the transformation was moving much faster than usual and none of it was making sense to them. "I'm going to pop up to my study and get a couple of books. Something is bothering me about Bella's transformation; she doesn't seem to be reacting the way I would expect her to; it's going a lot faster than it should be." He added unnecessarily because they could all see it.

Jasper watched from where he stood behind the couch; seeing Carlisle move quickly up the flight of stairs. He and Esme remained where they were and he began to wonder why it appeared as if it was only him that was worried about the missing members of their family. Emmett and Rosalie walked into the house a short time later and took their respective seats next to each other on one of the other couches; their worry and surprise about Bella's transformation adding to the heady mix of emotions in the room. The main emotion Jasper could feel coming from everyone was concern for Bella; which while being totally justified, he felt there was little they could do about the situation; at least they could try to do something about Edward and Alice; anything rather than sitting here and doing nothing.

He felt a change in emotions before he was aware of anything else. It was emanating from the upper floor so he knew it was Carlisle he was sensing. What surprised him more than anything though was what he was feeling; it was anger and pure sorrow. It was just seconds later that the man he'd come to think of as a father came back down the stairs at a blistering speed. "There were some letters for us in my study." He looked at his family; his eyes finally resting on Jasper. "From Edward and Alice."

Jasper's heart sank; he knew he'd been missing something and now it was becoming a little bit clearer; something had seemed off about what'd happened ever since they'd arrived at the studio; tickling at the edge of Jasper's consciousness but not making its presence known until now. He moved towards a chair and took a seat; trying to ensure he was as far away from everyone as he could get; not that the distance would minimize the emotions he was already sensing but it might reduce the affect of any emotions he'd send their way. The family all looked expectantly at Carlisle. "What do they say?" Esme said softly; her question being met with confusion from her normally unflappable husband. "What do the letters say?"

"I've only read one of them; which said I should read the next letter to you all and hopefully we'll understand. The last letter is for Jasper and I'm to give it to him tomorrow."

"Why can't I have it now?" Jasper said; irritation overriding all other emotions that were pounding into him as he sat there.

"It's what they asked me to do, Jasper. It's what they want." He was trying to explain it to him but his words didn't really help and just left Jasper feeling more confused. Carlisle sat next to Esme and opened the letter to the whole family; scanning it quickly and then lifting his eyes and looking at them all. Jasper could feel his confusion; mixing again with his sorrow and he wondered just what they'd written. "Here's what they said." He said softly as if hearing the question they were all silently asking him.

To our beloved family,

We're so sorry we're not with you now and that we didn't tell you this was going to happen before we left for Phoenix but it had to be this way. This all began several months ago before we even met Bella Swan and this is the way it should have turned out. Alice had a vision of her coming into our life and she had a glimpse of Bella falling in love with me and I, with her. The first day she attended school Alice's vision changed and she saw the beginning of what led to this happening. It was one of the reasons why I fought to resist being with Bella in those first weeks; because the outcome of Alice's vision was devastating to us all. I gave in to what I was feeling because it turned out my choosing to not be with her would've led to an even worse reality; one Alice and I found unbearable.

Alice's visions have changed as the weeks passed and this was the best ending we could hope for. The only guarantee we had of it happening this way was to keep it a secret from you all and for that we're both truly sorry. We love you all and you'll all be in our thoughts for the rest of our lives.

We need to explain to you what happened in Phoenix and why we let it fall this way. Until recently in all of Alice's visions the ending was much different to what you're facing now and it ended with the whole family being destroyed. That was the last thing either of us wanted and until the last vision we thought that was the way it would always be; despite everything we tried to change it. However, Alice saw that if the two of us went to Bella's aid before you it would be different. It meant sacrificing ourselves so you could all survive. That was more important to us than anything and you'll be able to help Bella begin her new life.

James is a lot smarter than any of us realized and when we went into the studio it wasn't just him there waiting for us; Laurent and Victoria were also with him and it made the odds definitely more in their favor. Bella was bitten by James before we got there, so he would turn her but that was the only thing he ever wanted to do to her; it was never his intention to drain and kill her; not in this vision anyway. Alice and I were overwhelmed by the three of them and by the time you read this they will have killed us. It feels so strange to have just written that down and yet it fills us both with joy that we can do this to keep you safe.

Carlisle – I'm so grateful to you that you chose me to be your companion all those years ago. I've learnt so much over the years and love you like a father. Alice wants me to say she always thought of you as her father; having never known one from her human life and she's seen you're going to be strong enough to support the family through this trauma. Please believe us when we say that we're both so proud to have been able to call ourselves your children and to adopt your name. Neither of us could've wished for a better father and we know you'll continue to be so to the remainder of your children and especially your newest daughter. They'll need you now; more than ever and your clarity of thinking will help them deal with this loss, in the same way that Esme will help you with yours.

Esme – both of us are also really thankful to you for being our mother all these years. Your caring for others is your greatest quality and is something we all love you for. It was a pleasure to know you and if we gave you any joy by being your children, please know it was easy for us to do. Please look after our family through this time; they've never needed a wife and mother as much as they will do in the coming months. Jasper and Bella in particular will need you and you shouldn't let them push you away during this time. Please take care of them and love them on our behalf because your love is the purest there is and should be shared with each and every one of them.

Rosalie – you were the first to join our family, at a time when we finally became a family and we both love you dearly. I know that a lot of your antagonism towards Bella is because you don't want her to have to go through what you did; that you think about what she'd be giving up by being a vampire and know it's too big an ask for someone so young to be able comprehend and choose. Please believe us this was the only way; you know it was never my wish for Bella to become one of us but there was no other way for this to end; all other visions ended with her dying and neither of us could let that happen. Bella is going to need a sister as she learns to deal with everything that's been thrown at her and she'll need you to help her in dealing with the loss of her humanity and the future you also craved so much. Please be there for her and look after our wonderful family during this time. We know you have it in you to do it.

Emmett – knowing you has been a delight and both of us will miss you a great deal. Your fun outlook on life and the way you lighten the mood at all times is something everyone is going to need in the next few months. We're sorry we kept you from the fight; we know how much you would've enjoyed it but seeing you die in Alice's visions was heartbreaking for both of us; only paling in comparison with the devastation we saw Rose experience when it happened. To know we've saved her from that is something that gives us both comfort and we hope that, in time, you'll all realize we were right to make this choice. Please look after your new sister, your brother and your wife. We've seen you will be what they need in times of great stress; you've always been the person to lighten the mood and we pray that never changes because it is what makes you the person we love.

Bella – I'm sorry, my love, that neither of us can be there for you during this time. Please know we both would've given anything to be there when you first open your eyes after your transformation. Alice wants me to tell you we've both seen you being an amazing vampire in the same way we all thought you were an amazing human. Both of us have seen how you are when you wake and I now realize this was always going to be your destiny; to be one of us in every way. Words cannot even describe how beautiful you are; both before and after all this. I'm sorry we didn't get to be together longer; with you I finally found my one true love. That isn't the same for you though, Bella, you're destined for more in your future and only with another will you be ready to face that future. Alice and I are sorry we both misled you into believing there was a future with us but the alternative was something neither of us could live with and the whole family will need you and love you. It will be you that, in your own way, fills the gap we've left and with your compassion for others you'll help them all. You'll be a wonderful sister and daughter for the family and so much more besides and they will all help you during the first few months but we know you'll fall into this life easily and it gives me comfort that you're now finally safe from physical harm. We're sorry you didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to your parents but please know they both love you more than life itself and only ever wanted you to be happy; if they could see what we've seen, they would truly know that will be the case. Please remember I love you but don't let that love cloud your judgment and hold you back from moving on because time will make things better.

Jasper – my wonderful brother and Alice's greatest love; I'm so proud of you, as all the family are and we never tell you enough which we're sorry for. We both know how difficult this life has been for you and are glad to have met and known you. Your presence has always been something I've enjoyed and getting to know you was a great pleasure; I've always felt like you were as close to me as any brother could be. I've watched you hunt and while I know how much you struggle with this choice; to see you stalking a prey and killing it is a sight to behold. Both Alice and I know you'll be devastated by this but we know you have the strength to deal with this loss and what you feel from everyone else; you'll also find the strength to help the others cope with it too. Your gift is a thing of beauty, Jasper and you should always remember that. We know you're already thinking about leaving the family but please don't; the loss of another so quickly will be more than they can handle. Alice has said that we'll write you a personal note and Carlisle will give that to you tomorrow; when you'll be more receptive to what we want to say and I promise things will be clearer by then. She's unable to write it herself because she doesn't think she'll be able to get onto paper what she wants and needs to say and there are some things I need to explain too. When we first realized this was going to happen both of us fought it so hard; neither of us wanted to leave you all but there really was no other way and we knew if we'd told the family, it would be you alone that had the ability to change our minds and that would only lead to us all dying. Believe us, we've seen it and this way is better for everyone. Over the last couple of months I've taken some time to read some of the older texts Carlisle owns and I came across an ancient vampire law I want the family to abide by. Alice has given me her blessing to do this and I wouldn't do it without that being the case. This letter therefore invokes Obligatio de Germanitas. I know none of you will know what this is but know that there would never be anyone else I would consider for this role other than you, Jasper. Both of us know that you can, and will, do this and do it well so please don't fight it. If it makes you feel better, then know that your struggle both with the diet and your gift will become easier over the coming months and you'll become the amazing person we've both always known you would be. Our belief, trust and love of you has never faltered and nothing you could do will change that.

We'll always be with our family, looking down on you all and making sure you're okay and I know that a long time in the future we'll all be together again.

Our love and devotion always,

Edward and Alice Cullen.



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