"Mooooooooom" - I screamed out of my room -"Whaaaat?" - My mother screamed from the kitchen-
"Oh, nothing ... just ...make me a sandwich!" - I screamed as I ran to the kitchen .. .
I leaned on the bar and looked at my mother-"Mom?" - "Yes _?"-
" Well ... nothing special .. just ... Justin Bieber has a concert here this summer ... and I wondered...could you give me some money to buy myself a ticket? "- Mom looked at me and stroked my hair and said -"Sure honey."-" OMB! Thanks Mom! "- I cried and hugged my mother.

My mom has dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, mouths as in Megan Fox, and 42 years ..
she looks really good for her age ... slim 'cause she trains a lot. I love her .. and she loves me.

While I was running to my room,I took the phone and typed the number of my bestie, Lauren.

Lauren is the most beautiful girl in the world ... every guy wants to be with her, every girl envies her. She has a perfect body ... beautiful, long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes .. she's the dream of every boy ... Lauren and I are Justin Biebers fans ... We have his posters all over our walls .. we know everything about him .. i mean everything ... haha

"Hello?" Lauren said- did I forget to mention that she has a perfect, soft, warm voice? - "Lauren? It's me. I have great news!I can go to Justins concert! "" AAAA! "- we screamed together. Lauren already knew she was going to his concert ... of course ... she comes from a wealthy family .. a very wealth family .. and she's is not unrealistic blonde who spends a lot of money .. she's like..the shyest girl i've ever met. We talked on the phone at least an hour, thinking about what will we wear and haircut we'll have on Justin Biebers concert. We had to go shopping and do lots of things ...

Otherwise Justins concert is for 3 weeks .. three longest weeks of my life ... the summer has started two weeks ago .. ahh ... summer ... since the summer started we go to the beach to sunbathe .. . to tan .. haha ...

*riiiiing* my mobile rang. "Hello?" - "Guess Who's there?" - "John!" - "Yes! Hahaha "-"So how is it going? "-I asked. - "everything is great,with you?" - "Same." - "You're going to the beach today?" - John asked. -
"Of course! I do not want to be white like cheese when Justin comes here haha! "-" Haha .. funny. "- John replied with sarcastic tone.
John does not like Justin. I do not know why .. I never wanted to ask him .. but i'm not bothering him 'cause of that

John is my best friend (I believe in a male-female friendships). He has 15 years, like me, tall, has muscles, beautiful hair and face ...he plays Football and hangs out with me and Lauren .. I always thought that he's hanging out with us just to get Lauren, but one day she said that John fell in love with me ... I could not believe it,so I just crossed it ... I never thought John would fell in love with me ...

I have beautiful brown hair to the shoulders as well as my mom, dark brown eyes and long eyelashes ... I'm tall and have nice curves .. of course i could lose a couple of pounds ... I never thought I was prettier than any average girl.

While lying on a bed in the room...i was thinking about Justins concert ...that i was he's OLLG...i know that that will never happen .. i'm not that lucky. My fantasising was interrupted by my sister Lucy - "_! Guess what!
Liz told me today ... "- Lucy has only 11 years, but has already been in love many times ... at least she says and I are very honest with each other .. she says everything to me, Thank God. I know the latest news about her new crush .. of course I still didn't remember what his name was ... but I'll pretend to be interested and to know his name ... I could not stop thinking about Justins concert. ..

* 3 hours later *

* doorbell rings *

"This is Lauren and I will open" - I screamed as I ran from the room.
"Heeeey!" - Lauren can she be more beautiful?
"Yooooooooo! hahaha " I said "Ready?" - She asked me "I was born ready!" I said while I was going out of the house.
"Mommy i'll come back later .. I'm going to the beach with Lauren and John!" -I shouted to my mom.
"Okay be careful what you doing!" - my mother replied ..she worries to much.

On the beach had a lot of fun ... in the end we were be so tired that we almost fell asleep as soon as we came back home.
I, somehow stayed awake to go to twitter and check what is happening in the world. I signed in and wrote "Hey everyone .. I'm finally online ... I was with Lauren and John on the beach .. I'm dead tired." I tweeted,then smth poped out - "Whoops something went wrong" - Twitter is over capacity and I can not see what has Jusin tweeted.. surely .. I knew Justin was online 'cause twitter's never over capactiy when he's not online...I turned off the computer and went to bed ...