*next morning*
"yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!" i yawned when I woke up (LOL)
"_ r u awakeeee?" my mom yelled from downstairs "yeees mooooom!" i yelled back "Go take the dog out!" nooooooooo...i was too lazy to do that...i don't want toooo "But moooooooooom-"
"No but..GO OUT!"
"okaaaaaaaaaaaay" bitch..i thought to myself xD

I got out of the bed and got dressed I went out...i grabbed some money before i got out so i could go to the store adn buy some chocolate..strawberry chocolate..my fav..

while i was walking the dog Justin called me "Hello?" i answered with weak..kinda scared vioce "_ it's Justin" please God..please tell me he didn't get back with her...
"Justin..is she.."
"she's gone..she went back home don't worry babe" i felt he was smilling and i felt a relief "ohmygod...huh..good..haha"
"_ u really thought i'll get back with her?"
"idk..i guess..but it's just cause-"
"_ don't ever think that again..i told u million times and i'm gonna tell u million more times..u...!" he said word by word "besides my mom..i love her too but _ ur the only girl i wanna be with..the only girl that has my heart..the only one i think about..and the only one i miss right now..is that clear?"
"yes..thank u Justin..i love u too" i smiled "well u better love me too hahah..listen gotta go..ttyl"
"k..bye..love u"
"love u too"
he hung up first..

i just had to sit down..i don't care if it's middle of the road..i just have to sit down..there were no cars thank god

Justin Bieber just told me he loves me more than anything..

a month ago I was just a desperate fan..crying for Justin..now i'm his girlfriend..can my life get any better? prolly not..i smiled at the fact that i'm prolly the luckiest girl in the world..i have food watter..house..and the best..i mean THE BEST boyfriend in the whole world..yes..i am the luckiest girl..

*fast forward*
*5 day before Justin's ending his tour*
I am so damn excited..5 more days! and i'm gonna see my baby..
Justin calls me everyday..Josh and I r only bffs..thank god we had that convo about us *flashback*
"_ we need to talk..seriously"
"okay let's go to the beach"

we got to the beach..i was so nervous..i hope he won't ask me to choose..between having him..i mean being with him..or losing him 4ever...

we got to the beach and sat down..we were quiet for a couple of mins..

"i'm not gonna ask u to choose..although i know u were thinking i will.."
"hmm" that was all i could say? wtf? stupid brain

"_ i love u to much to ask u to choose..but i see u love Justin Bieber not me.."
"Josh listen-"
"na-ah lemme finish..i'm not gonna tell u what makes me a better choice than him..i'll let u realize it yourself..he will hurt u one day..i know he will..and when that day comes i'll be waiting for u..and by then we can be friends..best friends if that's what u wanna be with me...okay?"
"okay" i smiled and hugged him *end of flashback

I was lying in my bed and thinking about everything..what am i gonna wear when Justin comes here...geeez..i can't wait to see him..

my girls came back in the town so i went shopping with them..i bought myself some new Justin Bieber shirts..after all I was still his fan..i also bought myself some shorts and flip flops..

after shopping we went on the beach to tan...yeah i missed those days..when everything was simple..i wonder ...if i never met Justin..i'd prolly be with Josh right now..i wonder how would we look like togehter (okay this is totally spelled wrong but IDC xD)..but i'm not gonna play God or anything..i'll just let things go their own way..hopefully everything will be good..