Chapter 9

Diego, Fred, and I walked out of that hotel for the last time as sun hit high noon, as I had planned. We walked the streets of Montana slowly, discussing and planning out our next move quietly.

"How about WI?" I suggested, getting weird look from them both.

"Just a suggestion..." I grunted, as both boys discussed quietly. The morning was warm, I could feel it. I loved it.

A feeling shot through me. I turned around quickly, meeting face to face with a red headed woman. She stared me down intently, her red eyes capturing my focus.

"Where do you think you're going little miss Bree?" She mocked, tilting her head, pushing me roughly down to the ground. Diego caught me before my head slammed into the concrete.

"Who… are you?" My voice shook, her stance alone sent me to chills. Was this? No. It couldn't be. Her? She laughed light heartedly, which scared me that much more.

"Silly little girl. Of course im "her." I'm here to send you a message." She spoke lowly, grabbing at Fred's neck, throwing him across the street, as he rolled the rest of the way. He got to his feet slowly, wincing. What the hell? How is he hurt?

"Run!" Fred ordered to us, his body being slammed into a building.

"NO!" I screamed, my eyes going wide. My mind raced, feelings battling each other back and forth. Run! Hide! Save him! He's you're friend! It was like I had two consciences, battling it out in my head. I stepped back, as Fred's head hit the concrete ground his body ricocheting.

"I'm not stupid you fool! I know you led them here! You helped them to safety when you would know what would happen! I found you! Now you're to be punished." She screamed at him, her eyes piercing into my skull like daggers.

"Listen to your friend here, little one, unless you want this to happen to you as well. This is your warning for you two, now run. This is merely entertainment for me. Rylee has soon not forgotten about you. He sent me here to kill you, and I plan on fulfilling his one wish, even if it may not be right now. Your death is on its way." She said through her teeth, slamming her boot into Fred's skull, knocking him unconscious or dead. I couldn't tell.

Diego pulled me onto his shoulders without warning; I had no chance to save Fred. We sped off with lightning speed.

"We have to save him Diego! Go back! We have to help him!" I felt almost a ghost tear run down my cheek.

"Are you stupid Bree? She knows your battling humanity! She wanted you to stay! I read her thoughts, just as she read yours! She wants to use our only weakness against us! I know you like feeling human but think like a vampire once and a while!" He ordered, and I fell silent.

He never yelled at me like that. For hours we raced on and on, even I knew that. We were going far away. As the sun set over the horizon, Diego set me down on what I now realized was a giant rock. We were in the desert, most likely Mexico.

Lost in my thought I didn't notice that for awhile, Diego was looking at me. His piercing blue eyes staring into mine, which is when I realized I couldn't breathe. I was literally falling to pieces, but his presence kept me glued together. I knew he was mad. He paced on our rock for long minutes, his steps finally slowing down, as he sat next to me.

I studied his face for the first time since we met, like really studied. His face wasn't nearly as rough as I thought, more defined really. I let my hand reach up to his face, and cradle his cheek, his skin baby soft to the touch. He was something irregular, but perfect. Tough yet soft. He sighed into my touch, holding my hand. We were in the midst of hell right now, but completely alone and out of harm. For now, at least.

"Bree… I'm sorry about what I said earlier I-" He attempted to explain

That's when I realized I wanted him, needed him. Ever since I had been trying to put my "human" feelings in the back of my head to the best of my ability, they must've been growing. I looked up to him, scooting closer till I was up against him.

At first he was surprised, and then he started to understand. At that moment, I wasn't shaky or even nervous, I knew what I needed, and so did he. He beckoned to me then, pulling me onto his lap, me straddling him. I looked into his eyes once more, before he voluntarily bent his neck slightly to the side, as I saw him swallow, the lump in his throat bob up and down. It was him and only him I craved and needed.

I lifted my head to his neck, kissing below his ear, breathing on it softly, before softly licking along his neck, electing a shiver, which only made me more excited and strong. I paused for a moment, as I felt the presence of his lips on my neck, sweetly kissing my neck. Then I bite his neck, and start drinking the sweet sweet blood. Soon enough, I feel something even stronger. Diego's drinking from me as well, slow, but sweet.

Diego pulled me closer, softly grunting into my neck; as I let my fangs slide out of his neck, tilting my head back in pure ecstasy, and for once, I let myself just feel. I let the emotions fall into me, closing my eyes, as I let a moan escape my lips. A moan that fell between happiness and pure, sexual, fantasy. I didn't even care at that time. Even if I was a vampire I was still 18 meaning I could choose to do, and be with, whoever I wanted.

That's when Diego slowed his drinking, pulling his fangs quickly from my neck, forcing my face to meet his. What I saw was deep, deep, blue. Within those deep blues, underlay a subtle hint of… lust. That's when he kissed me, but this was different. The feeling of love pouring out of his kisses was stronger then ever, and I could feel the lust as well. His hands caressed my back, his intentions clearly innocent at the most.

The feelings were stronger then ever now, which is why I decided to pull away. I closed my eyes, taking un-necessary breaths that Diego and I shared. It was quiet for awhile, and then we finally spoke.

"Bree… I wouldn't ever do anything you wouldn't want. Ever. I love you to much to hurt you. That's why I'm sorry I yelled earlier... It hurt me to hurt you like that. Fred knows that we wanted to save him, but he knew better. He's putting himself at risk to save us, because he loves us. Ms. Bree, you surprise me further and further, and your selflessness is more than enough. You did the right thing." He spoke seriously, as I felt a tear slip down my cheek, letting the feelings come in waves of the past few days.

"I love you so much." I said softly.

I let myself feel, for the second time that night. Diego just held me close, as the sand blew across the desert floor, a beautiful purple pink sunset cradling us in its comforting embrace. As I closed my eyes, I felt my human side start to creep in, taking over. Diego's warm arms lifted me almost in slow motion; it's all I remember before sleep cradled me gently to bed.