"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

Hello my lovelies,

So it's taken me a while to realise that this story is actually done. I can't believe it, it's over! I'm so sad but I know there's a sequel to come so that's keeping me on my toes. After looking over my notes, I've gone back to the planning stage a little bit, just so I know everything ties in nicely and makes sense. And…this may become a trilogy, we'll have to see how you guys like the sequel!

Anyway, this isn't really a chapter. It's just giving me a chance to thank you all and to let you know what's going to be happening. I keep forgetting that I don't get to talk to you guys all the time, so I want to let you know what I plan to be doing over Christmas and when you can probably expect the sequel and future stories that I have planned. And, you know, all that good stuff.

So, on to reviews! I really want to thank you all individual. I've spent the past while reading over all my reviews again and taking down names and whatnot. I do have some people I'd like to mention for certain amounts of reviews and all that. I'm not doing it to make anyone feel bad but I like to thank the people who've been with me from the start or who put a lot of thought and genuine feelings into their reviews. So I don't want me mentioning them to upset anybody or anything, I appreciate every single review I get and thank you to everyone!

So let's start this baby off with the top reviewers!

Aveangeladarkangel , coming in at a massive 29 reviews! Thank you so much!

Kitty Bane, she arrives in second with 23 reviews! Wow, thank you!

In at third is chaSing bOb with 22 reviews, thank you!

Fourth is DaisukiMomijiKakeruHaru who takes the place with 16 reviews! Thanks so much!

And joint fifth are maddielovefuruba and Chynacat32, both with 15 reviews! Thanks so much you guys!

I really do appreciate every single review I get from you guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to write even a single review!

Chynacat32, takes the title of longest review. I've read through them all and, although there were reviews that were ever so slightly longer, all her reviews have been extremely long so I felt she deserved a special mention! Thank you so much!

My-life-is-rated-M was the first person to ever review this story! Thank you so so much, I was so happy to get that very first review!

And so to thank each and every one of you: I've re-read my reviews so many times when I was feeling down or didn't think I was a good enough writer. Every single one put a smile on my face and I just can't believe I've gotten this far. Thank you!

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Thank you so much you guys. I know I keep saying it but you have no idea how much each review means to me! Honestly, thank you! And now I just want to share the stats of this story with you guys, just to let you know how much I appreciate you guys and how much every single hit and review means to me!

Stats (As of the 21st of December 2012)

Words: 96,670

Chapters: 40

Reviews: 260

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Favourites: 60

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Thank you so so much you guys! I never thought this story would get this far. I'd put so much effort and time into it and it's so sad to finally leave it rest. The sequel won't be the exact same as this story and the focus may not be on the same characters. I don't want to give too much away! I'll hopefully have it started soon but I'm still in the planning stage, as I've said. Also, I just want to quickly mention where I am with stories at the moment, where you can expect an update and some future stories that some of you may be interested in!

Stories that will most likely by updated in the future: My Rusty Halo and Ijsselmeer.

Stories that have been discontinued will most likely be deleted within the next few weeks but I have all the chapters saved if anyone, for some odd reason, wants to read the first version I put up. Upcoming, sparkly, new stories are:

Batman (Movie) – OcxBatmanCharacter (not giving anything away!)

King Arthur (Movie) – OcxTristran

Lord of the Rings (Movie) – OcxA member of the fellowship (possibly, not set in concrete)

Twilight (Book) – OcxEmbry, OcxPaul and, yes, OcxJacob! These will be three separate stories and I can't decide yet if they'll be interlinked or be standalone stories!

Those are the main ones guys but I'm sure there's more that will be appearing in the future! I just said I'd let you guys know what's happening and where I'm at the moment!

Again, thank you so much you guys! I cannot thank you enough! It's still so surreal to me! I can't believe it, it's done!

Happy reading and writing everybody!

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