"Gilbert, for the last time, I told you-"

Matthew was currently pushed up against the large headboard of the bed, sandwiched between the wood and his boyfriend as Gilbert kneeled over him.

"Blah blah blah, you don't want to soil the innocence of the room you used to stay in when you were a kid. And I told you that I could give less of a fuck."

"Gilbert!" Matthew hissed, as he pushed Gilbert's face away for the hundredth time."If Arthur put in us in separate rooms, he's probably not going to happy if he hears us or walks in! I don't think anyone in this house would be!"

Undeterred, Gilbert settled for Matthew's neck instead.

Originally, it was just Matthew and Alfred that were supposed to be visiting Arthur, but Francis decided to tag along. And because Matthew was there, Alfred and Francis had insisted that he bring Gilbert over so that Arthur could give them his blessings. Matthew thought it was a horrible idea, but Gilbert, who Francis and Alfred made sure was in the room while they asked, thought it was an awesome idea.

Matthew, knowing that he wouldn't win against the three blockheads, gave up and let Gilbert come. Arthur, predictably, had been none too happy about having a "bloody madman" running about his house. That was why he and Gilbert had been put in separate rooms at each end of the house. Gilbert, not to keen on boundaries, had sneaked into Matthew's room as soon as most of the house had retired. And that was where Matthew's problems had began.

"Ah-Gil! Don't do that!" Matthew protested. Gilbert replied by biting down a bit harder on Matthew's neck, and Matthew held back a tiny gasp.

"But Mattie," Gilbert whined near Matthew's ear. "I love you."

"Good for you." Matthew replied, trying to push Gilbert away and failing. "Now get off."

"Nope. You look fucking delicious." Gilbert said, smirking against the skin as his hand skittered underneath Matthew's night shirt. "I'm not leaving until I get a taste."

"Gilbert!" Matthew really wished that Gilbert would just get off and go away and he could get some sleep. "Don't... I don't want people to hear us."

"Then be quiet. You're the one that's loud anyways."

"I said no!" Matthew blushed a furious red at Gilbert's statement.

"And I said I don't care. Come on, Matt, we've done it in worse places than this~"

Before Matthew could argue more, Gilbert brought his head up and crushed their lips together. Matthew tried to make a muffled protest, but Gilbert's tongue shoved its way in and prevented him from doing that. The hand under his shirt had slowly slid down to his waistband, and Matthew squirmed as he felt the cold wood press against his back.

"Well," Gilbert said as he drew away, slightly panting. "How about we do it nice and slow? You know, instead of fucking each other senseless. You're quieter during that."

"Can you not mention my vocal tendencies?" Matthew was trying to keep his breathing steady, as to not give Gilbert any encouragement. "And for the last time, no, non, nein!"

"Well then."

Matthew found himself pulled underneath so that he was pressed against the mattress. Gilbert was straddling him now, and leaned over him.

"Then I'll tie you up." He said, the grin on his face growing wicked. "And maybe gag you. Then there'll be no problem at all~"

Yet again, Matthew found his mouth completely occupied by Gilbert's before he had a chance to say anything. What was an intended protest ended up coming out as a moan as a hand skated under his boxers. Matthew felt he needed to put his foot down, and tell Gilbert that no, he wouldn't get his way again...later. Right now, his mind was occupied with thinking up revenge plans and keeping his voice down as he started to return the favour.

And then there was a sharp knock on the door. They jerked their hands away from each other, Gilbert placing his hands on either side of Matthew's head with a disgruntled expression.

"Matthew? Are you awake?" Arthur's voice floated in.

"Y-yes!" Matthew replied out breathlessly, earning a disapproving glare from Gilbert.

"Make yourself decent, boy. I need to talk to you."

"Just give me a second!" Matthew squeaked, and tried to wriggle out of Gilbert's grasp.

"Can't you do this in the morning?" Gilbert asked rather loudly.

"Gilbert!" Matthew whispered frantically. "He'll kill you!"


"Matthew?" Arthur said his name again. "Is there someone with you?

"Yes, there is." Gilbert interjected, before Matthew had a chance to answer. Matthew took the momentary distraction to shove Gilbert off of him. He sat up, straightening up his t-shirt and pulling his boxers back up to a decent level. He ran his hands through his mussed up hair, trying to settle it down.

"Y-you can come in!" Matthew called out, trying to get his voice to an even level and hoped that he was not as red as he felt. "We're g-good..."

The door opened slowly, and Arthur stood at the doorway. He was wearing a maroon robe over his nightgown, and looked less than pleased at the scene.

"What do you want?" Gilbert asked flippantly. Much to Matthew's indignation, he had not bothered to put his shirt on, nor fix his disheveled hair.

"I just wanted some words with Matthew." Arthur said curtly, emphasizing Matthew's name. Gilbert decided not to pay attention, and stayed right where he was on the bed. "And isn't your room at the other end of the hall?"

Gilbert shrugged nonchalantly. "But Matthew's here. What's your point?"

Green eyes narrowed and Arthur gave a slightly pained sigh.

"Well, I suppose I can tolerate your company."

Gilbert shot Arthur a challenging look, and Arthur returned the gaze coolly. They had a stare-down for a good thirty seconds before Matthew cleared his throat, slightly uncomfortable.

"So...Arthur...you wanted to talk about something?"

"Oh, yes. Well," Arthur looked at Matthew, his eyes softening a little bit. "Francis told me that you...er...wanted my blessings. For your relationship with...that thing."

Matthew ducked his head in embarrassment, avoiding Arthur's concerned gaze and Gilbert's extremely amused expression.

"Yes...well I sort of wanted your approval because...um...you and Francis sorta raised me, and Francis already gave his blessings and..." Matthew trailed off, giving Arthur a slightly pleading look. He could tell by the little jerks where Gilbert had sat up beside him that Gilbert was finding this rather entertaining.

"That frog agrees with everything." Arthur scoffed. "as long as I don't."


"No, no." Arthur waved Matthew off. "Let me finish, boy."


"You're an old enough man...nation...whichever, to be fully capable of making your own choices. This relationship included."

Arthur directed a small smile to Matthew, and Matthew gave him a nervous one in return.

"So, even if you chose to be with a such an uncouth person, I trust you to make the best decision."

"T-thanks." Matthew replied, his smile slowly becoming a bit more genuine and grateful.

"Aw, Arthur, I'm so glad I got your approval~" Gilbert mocked, then broke into snickers as Matthew gave an exasperated sigh.

"You did not get my approval, your relationship got my approval. I just want Matthew to be happy."

"Wow, Artie. Under all those crusty layers, you actually have a heart."

"Heathen." Arthur spat back. "Don't make me come there and throttle you."

"Damn. What they say about the evil mother-in-law is true."

"Mother- I'm not your bloody mother-in-law! I'm not a bloody mother in the first place, wanker!"


He groaned and looked at his watch again. The dimly lit green screen read three thirty a.m.

Where is he?

He knew that his boyfriend had gone out with his brother to do some 'brotherly bonding'. Which meant getting piss-faced at the bar of his brother's choice.

He was on the couch, watching some lame late-night TV program and waiting for him to come home. He wasn't the one who really stayed up for anyone, but he didn't expect the other to be out so late. At least without him.

Kumajirou was also awake, with Gilbird nestled on top of his head.


He ignored the bear, being used to hearing that question over and over again. It was when he was starting to doze off on the couch, when the doorbell finally rang. And rang. And rang and rang and rang. And there was some knocking, and a drunken calling of his name.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" he barked, as he made his way to the door. The knocking continued until he unlocked the door and opened it. The man stumbled forward, immediately wrapping his arms around him in a large bear hug. In turn, he wrapped his own arms around him, trying to steady him before he collapsed on him.

"Gi-il, you stayed up for me~" Matthew giggled, his voice a few octaves higher.

"Yeah, yeah." Gilbert grumbled, pulling his boyfriend into the house. "Just so you don't fall up the stairs on your way to bed and bleed all over the place. It's a bitch to clean."

"Mmm, but Gil, what if I don't want to sleeep?" Matthew said, nudging Gilbert slightly. "What if I want to do something else?"

Gilbert raised his eyebrows. "Like what?"

"What if I want to..." Matthew tilted his head to the side and looked like he was pondering this for a second, and then grinned. "What if I want to eat?"

Gilbert rolled his eyes, clearly unimpressed.

"No. Because I'll cook, and in the morning you'll complain on how I messed up the kitchen."

"Nooo!" Matthew looked highly offended, and tightened his group around Gilbert. "Why would I do such a thing?"

"You're wasted." Gilbert started to steer Matthew towards the stairs, but the blond started to push him towards the kitchen.

"Come on Gil!" Matthew whined, as they struggled in an awkward dance, each trying to get to a different destination. "Al didn't let me eatanything! He spent our non-booze money on burgers and he didn't even share!"

"Alright, alright." Gilbert said, deciding that he would probably not hear the end of it either ways. And that Matthew would never let go of him if he didn't comply. "What do you want? Pancakes?"

After some time, and many destroyed kitchen utensils, Gilbert had gotten the hang of making the food. The "proper" way, as Matthew had said it, and not the "half-assed way with the Insta-Mix" that the Canadian rather disliked.

"Nope." Matthew replied, popping the p. It amused him, and he started repeating the word until Gilbert shut him up with a slight head butt to his forehead. "I want...wurst. Yup, wurst. You're the best at making wurst, so I want the wurst. Because I can't make wurst myself, oh no, I'm the worst and making wurst. Get it Gil? Worst at making wurst? Get it, get it, get it?"

"No, too much effort." Gilbert responded. "I'll make pancakes."

"But I like wurst!" Matthew pouted, but Gilbert kept his face blank, indicating that he would not budge. "Gilbert! I make pancakes for you all the time, eh? Can't you make wurst for me once?"

"I'll make you some in the morning. Hell, I'll make you as much as you want in the morning, because I'm awesome like that. But I'm not making any now."

Seeing that Gilbert would not give in yet, Matthew decided to change his tactics.

"Hey Gilbert~"


"Please will you make me some?" He said, in his best attempt to purr. It came out as a sloppy slur, but that was okay.


"I'll do anything for you, eh?" He said, lowering his voice and hoping it would work. Gilbert caught on to the intent behind the words.

On one hand, he didn't want to take advantage of his Matthew when he was drunk, especially since the kid would be nursing a nice hangover later in the morning anyways. On the other hand, now that they were together, it was alright to do things when either one of them weren't sober. Oh, and then there was that little thing where he had stayed up waiting for Matthew.

"If you fall asleep on me..." He said warningly, and Matthew flashed him a toothy smile showing that he was totally wide awake, even if inebriated.

"Would I do that?"

"Fine. Now let go of me." Gilbert sighed, looking at Matthew. "I'll make you wurst. But you better not expect me to clean up. Anywhere."


Matthew opened his eyes a tiny bit, vision blurred, feeling like someone had nudged him out of his sleep.

"Mornin', Mattie."

His half-asleep brain made out the mop of silver hair and twinkling red eyes resting on the pillow in front of him.

"Mornin' Gil." He yawned, as Gilbert's face came into focus.

Gilbert said nothing, and stared at Matthew, a big, rather wicked smile on his face. He had one arm swung over Matthew's waist, and pulled Matthew right up against his own body. Matthew noted that he had no shirt on.


Gilbert still did not reply, and still had the grin on his face.


Even though he was now used to waking up with the other man, naked or not, Matthew still found the lack of distance between them and Gilbert's expression rather disconcerting, so he decided to roll over.

Except when he did, he came face to face with a set of bright blue eyes and a mess of blond hair. Something he wasn't used to in the morning.

Matthew's own eyes grew wide, and he yelped, moving off the bed. Or tried to, because Gilbert's grip around him tightened significantly.

"What's up?" Mathias grinned. He too was only wearing his boxers.

"M-Mathias?" Matthew sputtered, wondering how the hell he had gotten into his bed. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

A third person cleared their throat. Lars, who was lying beside Mathias, propped himself up on one hand, smirking at Matthew.

Matthew shrank back into Gilbert's arms, as he tried to keep his eyes above both of their chests. Had they all forgot to dress before visiting him or something?

"What's going on here, guys?"

"Well," Gilbert said from behind him. "Think of it as a birthday gift."

"What do you mean?" Matthew was sort of confused now. His birth day had been two days ago, and he was pretty sure that they had 'celebrated' enough.

"Well, remember that party at Francis'? Where we first nearly hooked up? Remember that conversation that we had around the time you first came in?"

Matthew tried to recollect. The night had been etched into his memory. Some details were still vague though, since it had been so long ago. When he had first came, Gilbert said he was pregnant, Mathias said that he used to be pregnant, Matthew said men couldn't get pregnant, Gilbert said they could try and then Mathias and Lars said...




Matthew was wide awake now.

Mathias saw the expression on Matthew's face, and immediately slung a leg across both Matthew and Gilbert, preventing escape for the blond.

"E-eh, guys, we're not really going to-" Matthew tried to squirm out, but the two men had a strong hold on him.

But Lars reached over and pressed a finger to Matthew's lips.

"Just this once, Matt. It'll be fun, trust us." He said, winking. Lars leaned in over Mathias' body, but Gilbert pushed his face out of the way.

"No, I'm the boyfriend, I get the morning kiss."

"Please." Lars scoffed, swatting away Gilbert's hand. "Let him properly wake up to something good for a change."

"He woke up to my awesome face!"

"You looked like a fucking rapist!"

"Says the one that looks at little girl porn!"

While the two bickered, Mathias saw it as an opportunity. He grabbed Matthew's head and pulled it towards him. Matthew meeped and Mathias gave him a sloppy, open mouth kiss which brought back the attention of the other two men.

"Hey, fuck you! That was not fair!" Gilbert protested, while Lars pried Mathias off. Matthew was in a greater state of shock than before, still trying to process what had just happened. After all, he wasn't used to waking up to two extra people in his bed.

"Dude, you need to learn how to share if we're going to do this." Mathias pouted, and Gilbert stuck his tongue out at him.

"Still, I was supposed to get the first kiss!" He said indignantly, blocking another attempt from Mathias.

"Oh for Christ's sake." Lars said, rolling his eyes, and then in a blink of an eye, he lunged forward and planted a kiss...

"Mother fu-"

...directly on Gilbert. And this was where Matthew's resolve started to break. Lars crawled over both Mathias and Matthew, straddling Gilbert. He kissed him again, and Gilbert grabbed his hair, trying to pull him off to no avail. Lars continued attacking the other's mouth, until Gilbert stopped trying to push him off. He pulled back with a smug expression, and Gilbert shot him a glare.

"So, can we do this or what?" Lars directed the question to Matthew, with a slight leer. Matthew looked back, slightly wide-eyed, as he felt someone's hand start to creep down his side and hook the thumb into his waist band of his boxers.

Oh, he was all up for monogamy. All up for it, but to see his rather rough-in-bed lover get caught and dominated like that...

"Holy shit. "

...was starting to plant ideas into his own head. He might as well take the opportunity presented. They were the ones who offered it in the first place, right?


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