This has a few of mine and my husband's White Wolf characters in it. It's not really a White Wolf story though. I've changed some of the rules to make it more my own. Just a little. Let me know what you think, and if you think it's worthy of continuing with a part two. Otherwise I'll stick to writing Alyx/WarCry stuff. Thanks!

Also, my husband was kind enough to point out (after I've already now started part 2) that I have too many characters with names starting with 'E' and that I should change a couple of them. Fun. So I'm changing Ethan to Nathan and Eleanor to Madeline. Hope nobody gets confused.

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Life Sucks When You're Dead

- Friday -

I stood up as soon as I heard the footsteps approaching from somewhere down the hallway outside the room I occupied. The woman who had called me to set up this job interview had left a note saying she was running late, and to wait for her. And although I hadn't been waiting long, the whole situation was disconcerting. Okay, so the lady had said the building was now vacant. She'd explained the offices were being moved to another location, and because of that, the interview had to be held after hours and in the old building, because the new one was still a mess. The area of town left something to be desired, but there had been a security guard in the empty parking lot. But since entering the building, taking an elevator down to basement level B, and following the woman's directions to this nearly empty room, I had not seen another soul. It was creepy.

I should have felt relieved that someone was coming for me now, but a chill ran up my spine and my arms broke out in gooseflesh. I rolled my eyes at myself, feeling silly for being nervous. It didn't help, and I anxiously smoothed my black slacks and crisp white blouse, neither of which needed it.

The footsteps paused outside the door, just out of sight. I heard the soft, tinkling laugh of a woman, and then a masculine grunt. I'd only heard the footsteps of one person, but the muffled words of two voices drifted in through the open door.

I was about to call out, but then the woman was in the doorway and approaching me. She was a slight woman with wild blonde hair, blackened raccoon eyes, and a sneering mouth. She was appraising me as the male approached behind her, silently, as his feet were bare. The man towered over the smaller woman, but was painfully thin, his skin stretching thinly over his bones. His expression was grim and he spared me only a fleeting glance, as though I were inconsequential.

They were an odd looking, mismatched pair. The man wore dark gray pants with a nice dress shirt, and his bare feet aside, would not have looked out of place in an office. On the other hand, the woman was wearing skin tight jeans that would have made anyone look trashy. Her blue tank top could have looked nice if it hadn't been about three sizes too small.

I gave the woman a puzzled, tentative smile and reached my hand out in greeting. I wasn't convinced this was the woman I'd set the interview up with.

"Hello, I'm Eryn Carter. I hope I'm in the right place?" I asked, though my mouth and throat had gone dry.

The woman grinned back at me, but ignored my hand, which I awkwardly let drop back to my side. There was nothing friendly about the look she gave me. In fact, she sort of inspired the image of a dog foaming at the mouth and gnashing its teeth. My instincts were telling me to get the hell out of there, but the fear of making a fool of myself kept me frozen in place.

"This was too easy Jonas," the woman said to her companion, "Hardly any fun at all. Do I at least get to take a bite?"

The skeletal man shrugged slightly, "A small sample."

The woman leaned towards me and inhaled deeply. She closed her eyes and sighed as if in ecstasy. I backed away until I stumbled into the worn leather couch, the only object left in the room, and sat down unwillingly. This was all wrong, seriously wrong. My desire to run was overwhelming, but still I remained frozen, staring back into the woman's face, not quite meeting her eyes. I opened my mouth to try and speak, though I had no idea what to say. I didn't want to overreact, when I was probably only misunderstanding.

"Shut up!" The woman struck before I could say a word, and the side of my face lit up in pain.

My eyes bulged in shock. The woman had hit me! Nobody had ever hit me before. I could feel my face burning hot with both embarrassment and rage. It was nearly enough to drown out the pain. With a surge of adrenaline, all fear was forgotten for the moment. I stood up and glared at the woman, my fists clenched so tightly that I popped the knuckles of both thumbs.

The man snapped his fingers and reflexively, I turned to look at him, meeting his eyes.

"Sit down." It was a simple command, and I obeyed without thought. I blinked at him, and turned back to the woman. I didn't want to sit down. I wasn't sure why I had. What I wanted to do was hit the woman and see how she liked it. And then get the hell out of there.

"Stupid girl," the woman purred, and reached out to stroke my hair as if consoling me. I tried to flinch away, but the woman curled her fingers into my hair and clenched a handful of it in her fist. She leaned over me and suddenly licked my face, from my jaw to my temple.

That woke me up. Cringing, I screamed and kicked at the woman, clawing at her arm, and trying to twist my head out of her grasp. The woman only laughed, that same soft, tinkling sound like glass.

When all my flailing failed, I went limp, remembering something I'd seen on TV about self defense. Some of my hair was yanked out painfully by the roots as I fell to the floor, but the woman's grip didn't loosen. Instead, she took advantage of my new position and straddled my waist, her knees squeezing into my ribcage and bruising my sides.

Maybe that only works if someone has their arms around you? I wondered, slightly hysterical. I didn't know what to do. I was still screaming, but there wasn't anyone around to hear me. There was the security guard, but he was out in the parking lot. The security guard!

"Someone knows I'm here! The security guard saw me, and my car is out there. You can't do this." I panted.

The woman rapped her knuckled on my forehead. "That was Jonas, you idiot. And I doubt you have any idea what we're going to do to you."

"Constance... are you going to play with it all night?"

The woman hissed in annoyance, but released her grip on my hair and slapped me across the face again. Before I could recover from the shock of the blow, Constance locked her hand around my chin and held my face in place.

"Jonas is impatient to get you back to your boyfriend. I hope you'll make it, I really do. It's an ingenious joke, don't you think? I wish I could see the look on his face when he sees you again. I wonder if he'll rip your throat out. Maybe he'll cry."

I didn't understand the woman, but her words sounded promising. Maybe they weren't going to kill me. I wanted nothing more than to see Ben again.

Constance brought her face close to mine and pulled her lips back from her teeth. I shrieked and bucked, trying to throw the woman off of me. I pounded my heels into the floor and beat at the woman with my fists, but she would not be budged and she didn't so much as flinch at the blows.

The woman had fangs. And while I had seen any number of teenagers with silly fang-like caps on their canines, these looked sharp. And they were inches away from my throat. She was going to bite me. The crazy bitch was going to rip my throat open with a freaking pair of dental implants.

A wave of nausea hit me and my head swam. Forcing myself to give up the grip I had on her, I pulled my fist back and slammed it into her face. There was a crunch and a pop as I made contact with her square on the nose, the ring on my right hand causing more damage than I could have done on my own.

I gasped, my thumb without a doubt broken, and possibly my hand as well. I'd never thrown a punch before and realized too late that I'd done it wrong.

Constance jerked away, releasing her hold on me entirely, hands flying to her face. As I pulled myself out from under her and scurried away, I saw Jonas shaking his head, expression bored. He didn't look my way as I bolted out the door.

I retraced my steps back to the elevators and pounded on the button. Nothing happened. I continued to hit the button repeatedly, urging the doors to open as I listened for the footsteps I knew would follow.

I wished fervently that I'd agreed to carry the pepper spray my boyfriend had once tried to purchase for me. I'd laughed, thinking Ben was being silly for worrying about my safety. But even if I'd let him buy it for me, my purse was still in the office. Along with my car keys. Well, shit. All I could do once I got out of there was scream bloody murder until someone helped me, if only to shut me up.

I watched the hallway through bleary eyes, but it was still clear. The damned elevator doors remained shut. With a cry of frustration, I slammed my palm into the button one last time before running further down the hall. There had to be emergency stairs somewhere. If the elevator doors opened before I found them, I could always run back.

I was running flat out when I crossed an intersection in the hallway. There was movement from the hallway to my right. I skidded to a stop and screamed for help. Too late, I realized it was Constance. Jonas was at her heels, expression still uninterested. Constance was laughing, despite the blood that stained her face. Her nose was definitely broken.

"Little girl, little girl, run away home. Your lover is waiting, ready to... HEY!" Constance shrieked as I took off down the hall again. "It's impolite to walk away from someone when they're trying to talk to you."

I turned the next corner I came to, only to find myself slammed face first into the wall as my arm was yanked back, throwing me off balance. I crumpled to the floor before I knew what had happened and looked up to see Constance standing over me, smiling down almost pleasantly.

"I'm going to have to get rough with you, aren't I?" She chided. Shaking her head, smile still in place, she twisted my arm, bringing forth another howl from my lips. Not quite satisfied with that, she pursed her lips and kicked out, the sharp toe of her boot making contact with my ribs.

My vision turned gray as I gasped for breath. My fingers went numb and I couldn't make my arm move. I was pretty sure I'd just received a few broken ribs. Constance folded her arms across her chest and didn't make another move. She cocked her head to the side and lifted her shoulders, waiting for me to make the next move.

I kept telling myself over and over again that it wasn't that bad. I needed to get up and run. I had to try. I pushed with my legs and slid a couple feet away from Constance. She made no move to stop me, but just stood there watching me. She was having fun, her face clearly amused. Her ruined nose was very small consolation.

I rolled over painfully, grunting as I went, but I didn't cry out again as I struggled to my feet. I couldn't feel much of my right arm, but my ribs were another story and every time I took a breath, I was assaulted by a sharp pain in my right side.

I took off down the hall again, though I couldn't make myself move very fast. I darted constant looks over my shoulder to watch for Constance following me, but she turned away and walked off in the opposite direction. I hoped she would find her friend and leave.

When she was out of sight, I began checking the doors I passed. For an abandoned building, you'd think they wouldn't have been locked, but I must have darted back and forth across the hallway a dozen times before I finally came to one that opened. I didn't hesitate to enter the room. As soon as the door closed behind me, I was swallowed by darkness. Not the slightest crack of light from the hallway could be seen around the door. I fumbled with the doorknob looking for a lock, but found nothing except a keyhole. I would have loved to have been able to take a quick look around the room, but opening the door again was too big a risk. If Constance and Jonas came looking for me again, I prayed they'd walk right past and never check this room. I couldn't tip them off.

I felt my way along the wall until I found a corner and curled up as best I could on the floor. My head was throbbing, my side ached between stabbing pains, and my arm was beginning to get some feeling back in it. I'd rather it stayed numb.

I rested my head on my good arm and cried silently. I couldn't understand why I'd been lured here. What could Ben have to do with this? Did he know these crazy people? And why go after me? I had no enemies. Sure, it's easy to say that, but I seriously didn't. I had never done anything remarkable enough to make someone hate me. I was three years out of high school, going to college part time, and trying to make my way through life, funded by a series of bad paying jobs. Ben was the most significant accomplishment so far in my life. Which was pretty sad. I was fully aware of how pitiful I was for measuring my self worth by my boyfriend.

Ben... I felt my heart squeeze. We'd met a little over two years ago at school. He wasn't a student, but he'd been there to help a friend move out of his dorm room. He'd been wandering around campus like a confused, lost puppy. He'd been so cute, I hadn't been able to resist approaching him and asking if he needed help. I'd been seeing someone else at the time, but the poor guy never had a chance. Ben and I had been together ever since. We never did find his friend's dorm room that day.

I'm not sure how much time passed. Probably not long. For a while I strained to listen for the sound of Contstance's footsteps, but the pounding in my head was so loud, I wasn't sure I'd be able to hear her anyway.

It wasn't until I heard a light scratching on the door and I froze that I realized my teeth had been chattering. I held my breath.

The scratching continued, followed by the sound of Constance giggling. I'd never complain about nails on a chalkboard again. It was a far preferable sound. The nausea returned and I had to swallow quickly to keep the bile down my throat.

The door opened slowly and I knew I'd been found. Constance wasn't looking for me. She knew damned well where I was, and she was playing with me.

"Eryn..." she called in a sing-song voice. "Come out and play with me some more. I've barely hurt you at all, you naughty girl. The hide and seek is supposed to come after I bat you around. I've barely swatted."

She stepped into the room and immediately turned to face me. She shook her head at me, smiling. She had her lower lip caught between her teeth and her fangs were clearly visible. With a wink, she flipped on the light switch. I blinked, my eyes burning.

Jonas appeared behind Constance, pushing the door open the rest of way, and forcing her the rest of the way into the room. She advanced on me slowly. She wasn't wary of me, she just wanted to draw out her game.

Jonas cleared his throat. "Enough. I tire of this, so be done with it or I shall do it for you. I intend to claim her and be gone within the hour."

Yes, I thought. Let him do it, whatever it is. I wanted no more of Constance. If I was going to die, I believed he would be quick about it. Constance would take her time.

She glared at me, like I'd been the one to take her fun away. In an instant, she covered the short distance between us and was on her knees in front of me. My corner had become a trap. I didn't even struggle this time when she placed her hands on either side of my face.

"Goodnight sweetheart," she whispered, and with a look of pure delight on her face she dashed my head into the wall. I barely whimpered. My vision blurred and the room began to spin. I squeezed my eyes shut and my stomach heaved. One of them made a noise of disgust, but the contents of my stomach remained where they were.

The scent of Constance's perfume filled my senses as her arms wrapped around me and she brought her mouth to my neck. My head lolled back and my muscles refused to obey when I tried to shield my throat. She met no resistance as she bit me, not from me, and not from my skin as her teeth pierced my flesh. It stung, but it wasn't as bad as the pain I imagined I would feel. It wasn't as bad as the ache of my broken ribs, or the throb of my arm now that it was no longer numb.

I certainly didn't feel any pleasure like in so many vampire movies or the few novels I'd read. But then, vampires weren't real. I figured I should be grateful her dentist had given her such sharp teeth, or it probably would have been much, much worse.

She worked her teeth at my neck, her mouth closed around the wound she'd given me as she drank my blood. At least, I assumed she was drinking it. I could hear her swallowing, and though I could feel a warm trickle down my back, I knew I must be losing quite a bit more blood than that.

My body was growing light, like I was floating. It was pretty nice, really. The pain of my injuries was fading along with everything else. It was getting more and more difficult to think at all. If I was dying, then this wasn't really so bad. Not since the pain starting fading at least. It was a relief.

Constance removed her mouth from my neck and let me drop back to the floor. The abandonment woke me up a little, but I was still floating. My eyes fluttered open to see where she'd gone, but Jonas was in her place. I closed my eyes again. He didn't scare me. He hadn't hurt me.

I felt myself being picked up again, and I wondered if Jonas was going to carry me away. I was pretty content to remain where I was so long as the pain didn't return. But it did.

There was another sting, this time on the other side of my neck. Again, it wasn't so very bad. I think I whimpered once more before I lost consciousness.