B's pov

Well I guess now is the time for a fresh start, I have absolutely no family left, and I am completely alone.

Where should I go though, does it really matter, I don't have anyone to live with, no one is expecting me to visit, but I can't stay here, not with all these old memories.

This is the place my father, and mother was died, right in this house in front of my very eyes.

I walked out of the house now, ready to turn my back on the place that torn my life into pieces.

Getting into my car, my rusty old truck that my father had got for me not to long ago and just the sight of it brought back painful memories of him.

But that was all behind me now, I had to go on, find a new life while trying to extinguish the flames of pain, and sorrow that my life has already created.

I pulled out my map that had been stuffed in my car years ago and not used until now.

I closed my eyes, and swirled my finger around, and laid my finger down on a random place on the map.

I opened my eyes, and gazed down at the paper.

Forks, in Washington, well that's better than nothing I guess.

Forks, here I come.

It wasn't too hard to get a ticket to the small town of Fork's Washington, and before I knew it I was in Fork's, then light rain only seemed to dampen my mood even more, but I knew that I had to get used to this.

I parked my truck into the driveway of the house that I had rented out, it was a good thing that my parents did have quite some money stashed in their will, and I got it all.

But I hardly cared about money, I would give all away to be wrapped back in a motherly hug that only my mom could give me, and the easy, natural teasing between my father and I.

I really missed them, but I shoved that thought away as I walked into my new home.

It was pretty empty, the floors were wooden, and creaked under your feet, the walls were a dull light yellow, and most of the rooms matched this, the kitchen was like any other, with a table, fridge, cupboards, and other kitchen stuff, but as I looked around pain jabbed at my heart and a vision of my mother cooking over the stove, flipping me some pancakes with a warm smile, and a delicious scent cascaded the room, I looked away quickly and went to the living room.

It was small, had a good sized leather couch, two armchairs, and a small TV in the middle, again the pain came back as I saw my father sitting there watching the sports, and grinning largely as he called me over to watch.

I looked away as tears slide down my cheeks, and I walked up the stairs, I peeked into the bathroom, it was also small but it was neat and clean, the opposite of the bath room I had back home, and I walked past the bathroom, and looked through the next door.

I was a master bedroom, and another pain crashed through my chest as I saw both my parents sitting there looking happy as they watched TV in bed.

I wiped my tears away, and walked into the last door, it was a small bed room, with a twin bed, a rocking chair, and a computer desk.

This would be my room.

I set down my things, and flopped down on my bed, rolling myself into a ball as I let more of my tears out.

It was hard to believe how many things reminded me of them, from the most simply objects caused me this intense pain, but I know that lots of things will remind me of them, all I have to do is learn how to deal with this, but I know that my parents would have wanted me to be strong and try and live a happy life now.

Fine, starting tomorrow no more tears over the past, I would be strong, and get over this, but for now I'll let the last of my flames burn out.