Twilight Saga-Died, Reunion, Betrayed

Chapter 1, GASP!

By: Selene Hudor Midnight

"Alice, what are you seeing?" Jasper questions, worry lining his forehead.

I can't answer him though. All my attention is one the girl in my vision. She's beyond beautiful. Rosalie doesn't even stand a chance against her, well looks wise. Her chocolate, silk brown-black hair flows behind her, making it look like a cap while she runs through the forest not once tripping or crashing into a tree, marking her as a vampire. Her sky blue eyes...I don't know what I can say about them. They just have so much laughter and spirit in them. It makes you get lost in them, like dazzling people. And her features, just wow. Never did I ever see a vampire with such defined features in all my years of living. And the only thing I can think is, I need to meet this mystery women.

But I know looks can deceive people. Nothing is what it seems. But for some reason, this girl just makes you want to trust her, not needing. It's like an instinct that you can't get rid of when you're around her. She has an air around her that screams kindness and just pureness. Though even so, if you look closely in her eyes, you can see that she's hurt. As if she lost something... or someone. But when she smiles or laughs, all you can do is laugh and smile with her even when you can tell she's down. I just can't explain it. She's unique, that's all I can say. But like I said, it doesn't mean she's not dangerous.

I snap out of my vision to see my family looking at me with concern and worry. I smile, trying to reassure them, but knowing they see through it. I sigh internally. Nothing can get past my family, especially Edward. Sometimes it's a pain and annoying to have a mind reader in the family, but most of the time it's not so bad. It's not like he can turn it off and on.

Thinking about that and the vision, I get concerned. I look over at Edward to see what he thinks of the vision, but for some reason, when I do, he has his forehead scrunched up with a worried expression. That just sets me off. Something isn't right and I know that Edward is trying to figure out what's going on.

I look around at my family. Emmett Cullen, the big bear of the family, but who can be serious when needed too. Rosalie Hale, the snotty, full of herself person, but who can be compassionate if she wants to be. Esme Cullen, the mother who looks out for her children first. Carlisle Cullen, the father who's caring and a doctor. Edward Cullen, the musician and the single one. And last but not least, Jasper Hale. My Jazzy. Oh, how I love him. He's just the perfect match for me. I don't know how I got so lucky. But from the day I went bouncing up to him in that cafe, I don't regret anything.

"Alice, sweetheart, what did you see?" my husband, Jasper asks again.

I blink a couple of times and shake my head.

"Oh, yes, sorry," I apologize. "I saw a vampire heading our way. She's going too enter the field we use for baseball in 15 minutes."

Everyone turns toward Carlisle to see what he's going to do. He ponders this information for a little bit, then stands up. I gaze up at him, wondering what he's doing. He smiles and motions to the back door. Then it hits me. I nod and stand up too. Grabbing Jazzy's hand, we all head out to meet this vampire girl.

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B-POV (Isabella's Point of View)

My wind chime laugh echoes off the tress while I sprint through the forest, following the pull to who knows where. Since the day I "woke", I've been having this pull that's wanting me to follow it, but I ignore it, well until now. For some reason, today just seems like a peaceful one. I just feel so alive and calm.

But I still can't get rid of the feeling of someone is following me. Ever since the day I "awoke" I felt like someone has been watching me, but I try the best I can and ignore it, just like I did with the pull. But today, I didn't care about anything. I let everything go and just went with the flow.

I giggle at the feeling of the wind caressing my face. I have to say, it tickles. I always loved running since the time I found out I can run faster than normal. Running just felt right to me when everything else didn't. I don't remember my human life, but I didn't dwell on it. I just lived in the moment.

It didn't take long for me to control this thirst I had. It only took around a month. I thought that was normal for vampires, then I met a coven who told me it wasn't. But like not knowing my human life, I didn't think about it.

Later on I found out that I could absorb vampires powers, yes they feel a little faint and dizzy, but that's all. I didn't have any control over it, it just happened. I trained with many covens with this. Not only can I absorb powers, I have a shield. Both mental and physical. It came in handy sometimes, like if, say another vampire would attach me. They wouldn't be able to. I don't always have my physical shield up, since I don't always need it, but I do with my mental one.

I close my eyes and let my body take control. When I sense a clearing ahead with a coven of vampires standing in it, I pop my eyes open and brake through the forest into the field.

I gasp.

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