Disclaimer: I don't own House, M.D. or any of its characters. Or Sherlock, for that matter...

I Don't See the Connection

"Whatcha watching?" asked Wilson, as he sat down beside House on the sofa.

"Sherlock," he said. "Three guesses what it's about..."

"Figures you'd like this show."

"Why's that?" asked House, taking a sip from his can of Coke.

"Let's see," said Wilson. "He's an antisocial, yet highly intelligent, logician with a close friend who'll do his bidding at only a moment's notice."

"And your point?" asked House, waving his empty can in front of Wilson's face.

"Never mind," sighed Wilson, as he stood up to get his friend another drink.

A/N: Does anyone else besides me think it's hilarious that Benedict Cumberbatch played Hugh Laurie's son in the show Fortysomething?