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~Love At Seventeen~

The golden tresses of a petite girl waver as the wind soothingly blows it into a simple breeze. A smile was placed upon her face as she layed back against the hollow tree looking out to the horizon. Her eyes watched as the sky began to fill with different hues of orange and even a tint of pink.

She had just finished her classic novel that everyone seems to love and know about.

Romeo and Juliet.

The novel that Shakespeare brought to life and won millions of hearts with its romance and heartbreak except for one. Indeed it was Rima Mashiro.

She never really thought of having a romance nowadays, for it was too cliche or it was too heartwarming. The thoughts that consume her mind are only filled with angst and heartbreak. "Exactly why do we love?" or "In the end, the pain supresses me and leaves me to die." are many of the numerous reasons.

So why did she think this way? Despite not having any experience, she could tell that romance is a difficult path to walk down. Of course, she chose not to walk down it for who knows what may happen. She just doesnt want to suffer and be like all the other girls with a broken heart.

Rima rose to her feet as her white sundress swayed from the sudden breeze. She grasped the book from the grass and looked around towards her surroundings. Many students, who were the same age as Rima, were mingling around with heavy textbooks or speaking with their fellow peers as they walked around the lake. Since it was getting dark, Rima presumed that it would be a good idea to leave as well.

"I can't believe this book has everything." exclaimed a tall brunette. She was holding a red novel while looking over at her short redhead friend.

"I know! Every word of it is true." responded her friend. Both of the girls' eyes were filled with amazement and even a dash of sparkles too.

This made Rima stop in her tracks and glance over towards the girls. Attentiveness and concern consumed the short blonde's mind as her eyes stopped at the book. How could one simple novel just swoop you up into an amazement? In order to find out, she kept her glance as the conversation carried on.

"Nagihiko-senpai understands what it is like to be in love." the same brunette explained. Yet how could he understand what love means?

"Of course, since he is the author." said the other girl.

Rima's eyes widened in shock. Her honey eyes pierced with emotion as she tried to transcript the idea that someone like him could write a story. She knew who Nagihiko was but they drifted apart after a few years. He went off to dance school while she went to study abroad in France. Its been about five years since then.

"Since when did Nagihiko become an expert on love?"she mumbled while putting one finger towards her chin. Maybe it's just her imagination? Maybe Nagihiko really isn't that keen on love and these girls were talking nonsense about romance.

Rima nodded and continued to walk down the grey path towards the large dormitories. A large number of dogwood trees surrounded the entire campus, it's almost as if it were a winter wonderland.

"Pathetic, how could one possibly thinking about romance at such an age?" she thought while walking at a faster pace. She knew that she was at an appropriate age to fall in love, but why bother? How would you know if he would stay by your side forever? How would you know if he stopped loving you after promising he wouldn't? She may not be book smart but she does have some common sense.

Consumed with thoughts and other sources, Rima failed to notice a tall, lean figure coming straight towards her. Every step and every motion kept coming closer as the two kept inching towards each other. Finally, they both collided and sent many things flying into the air. To top it off, they both also landed on the hard pavement with a loud thud.

"Excuse me? Do you know how to pay attention?" sneered Rima as she was rubbing her arm in pain. She didnt even bother to look up at the figure.

"Like your one to say." they said as they rubbed the back of their head. They didn't even bother to glance up either.

After a few seconds of trying to ease down the pain, the two strangers decided to look up and see who the other was. Within an instant, their eyes clicked and connected. Her honey eyes dreamily staring into their eyes. Not until she broke the silence and the connection.

"Nagihiko?" she mumbled while quirking up an eyebrow. Her arms were crossed and she still sat on the floor.

"Yes, I am Nagihiko and you must be Rima." he chuckled. He was kneeling on the ground and just stared at her.

Was it fate? Is it truly the moment where they meet again and celebrate? Unfortunately, if your Rima and Nagihiko, the answer is no. This little "incident" just causes more tension and anger. At least for Rima it does. As for Nagihiko, he seems content and satisfied.

"Look, I don't care if your happy or not but I'm leaving." Rima said as she started to gather her stuff. Her hands moved towards her novel quickly but another object placed upon hers. To be more specific, someone's hand decided to sneak its way in.

"Rima, we just met again and now you want to leave?" he questioned her as she took a glance back up at him. Their hands were still connected and neither one bothered to move.

"Yes, my point exactly." she dangled her hand away and began to get up.

Once she got up, she turned around and tried to walk away. Yet something else seemed to have stopped her in her tracks.

"Please Rima, how about we go to a cafe and talk?" he smiled his "Nagihiko" smile while his hand was placed on her shoulder.

"You think that smile will work on me? It may work on Amu and the others but not me." she glared at him. A spark of blue lightning appeared between their eyes but slowly began to disappear.

"Please?" he pleaded.

"No." she said.



"I'll pay and make sure you get back in time." he said with a wink.

Rima pondered on whether she should agree to this or not. It's not that she couldn't decide, it was mostly about her benefit. If she went with Nagihiko, then she would snag a free meal away. Yet if she didn't go, then he would pester her with questions and remarks. Obviously, that wasn't the ideal thing Rima wanted.

"Fine but this is not a date." she demanded while tapping her foot.

~Love At Seventeen~

Rima and Nagihiko arrived at a little, blue cafe outside of campus grounds. A huge sign with the words "Cafe Blues" were written on it. It was surrounded by many colorful lights and even had musical entertainment outside. Since it was nice out, they decided to eat outside and talk.

"Hello my name is Nina and I'll be your waitress, how may I help you?" said a girl with a high ponytail. She seemed nice and spunky but nobody really cared.

"I'll just have a hot chocolate and a strawberry cheesecake." said Rima as she rested her chin on her hand. The waitress then turned to Nagihiko and waited for his order.

"One green tea is fine." he said. She smiled and left with their orders.

Nagihiko reverted his gaze back to Rima and smiled. He put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on the tip of his hands. He never thought that he would be spending his evening with Rima but it will be good for now.

"So..." Rima mumbled. She gave him a good bored stare. Nagihiko seemed to notice that Rima wasn't the best person to please but he could still try. Even if it means trying everything in the world. He would do anything just to try to be her friend again because the connection they once had was long gone.

"I've heard that you've written a novel about romance." she said while looking down at the clear glass table. She seemed to be concentrated upon the table instead of Nagihiko himself.

"Yes I did and I'm sure it helps many people around the world." he said while still looking at her. He was just hoping that she would gaze into his eyes, even if it was just for a second. He wanted to reconnect with her but she wasn't showing any interest. All he wants right now is for her to know how sorry he is.

Nagihiko cleared his throat some as the silence continued. Its been about a few minutes now and Rima hasn't made any type of movement at all. This started to worry him a bit until she decided to look up.

"Romance is a cliche thing, why would you even bother to write about it?" she questioned him. Her eyes stared into his and he finally got what he wanted. His hazel eyes lingered into her honey eyes for a bit in silence. A few more seconds went by, then he let off a little chuckle and crossed his arms on the table.

"Wow Rima-chan, I believe romance is a powerful source that occurs in everyone's lives." he said.

A gust of wind blew by them and their hairs began to swirl. The waitress finally came back and carefully placed down their orders. Rima and Nagihiko both looked up at her and nodded in thanks. She then left which left them alone again.

"Why should you fall in love? It's nothing but heartaches and breakups." she said while taking a sip of her hot chocolate. Her eyes looked at Nagihiko who just smiled.

"Rima-chan, romance isn't always about heartaches and breakups. It's full of love and compassion sent from one person to another." he said.

"It's just a waste of time." she cornered back. How could he go and say that so easily? Rima felt empty on the inside because she wondered how he could talk about romance so easily. Had he ever fallen in love? Maybe that was it but something just didn't feel right about it. She clinched the side of her dress and just looked down.

"So tell me, have you ever been in love?" he said with a serious tone. It was a serious matter and Nagihiko knew that Rima would answer truthfully. When it comes down to something like this, they were both honest and nothing stopped them in their tracks to say it out loud.

Rima looked back up from her white dress and loosened the grip on her dress. She just blinked as he waited for her answer. She knew that she had to say something or else she would look like an idiot.

"No, but I am never gonna get myself into it." she slashed back. This caught Nagihiko by surprise because he wasn't expecting that answer. He thought that Rima had some experience and would say yes. He just never expected to hear a no.

"Why not?" he questioned.

"What's the point of going down the path of love?" she said.

"In order to find that one soulmate." he said back.

"Uh huh, you expect me to get hurt in the process? It's useless to do something when it's not worth it." she said as she grabbed her fork. She stuck it into the cheesecake and began to take small bites. She then turned her gaze to Nagihiko.

"So you'll never fall in love?" Nagihiko said.

"I already made my point." she said while taking another bite.

"Then how about I teach you the art of romance?" he said.

Her eyes widened for a second as Nagihiko took a sip of his tea. Just what is running through his head? Rima started coming up with many answers but the right one just wouldn't come up.

"No." she bluntly stated.

"Why not?" he said while giving her a disappointed look.

"I already told you that I'm not gonna waste my time on such useless crap like that." she said.

"Look Rima-chan, it's not like it will be a real romance." he gave her a look. Somewhere deep down inside Rima's heart, a struck of pain zapped its way in. She shook off the feeling and turned back to Nagihiko.

"I'll try but if I don't like it, then I have the right to back out." she said while giving him a questioning look. He smiled and then took the fork that was right next to him. Carefully, he swiped a piece of Rima's cheesecake and took a bite.

"Deal." he smirked a bit.

Rima tried to process what just happened and she looked at him. Her eyes tensed with anger and maybe even death. He just took a bite out of her cheesecake without her permission. In Rima's case, that is a violation of cheesecake privacy.

"Don't ever do that again." she glared.

"Oh, what? You mean this." he snatched in another piece and took a bite. From the corner of his eye, he saw the dark aura appearing from behind Rima. He couldn't help but chuckle on the inside. When it comes to messing around with Rima, it was alot of fun.

"Fujisaki." she grumbled.

"Mashiro." he smiled.

Rima stood up from her chair and gave him a look. He just sat there whistling a tune and acted like nothing ever happened. A bright idea came to Rima's mind and it was perfect. She took the strawberry and threw it at his forhead. It landed with a soft flop and the silence began. It was only the fight of their glares that made the noise.

"You did that on purpose." he said while picking up the strawberry.

"So did you." she said while staring down at the empty spaces of her cheesecake.

The pair both looked up and blinked. Rima gave off a light pout while Nagihiko just smiled. He loved it when she pouts or when they get into small fights over nothing. Rima, on the other hand, hated his guts but somehow had trust in him.

"You're annoying." she mumbled.

"You're stubborn." he replied back.

"Forget it. Anyways, what is your first lesson about romance?" she questioned.

"You should get to know the other person very well." he said.

She sighed and her shoulders relaxed as she breathed in some of the air. She wondered why they needed to do that. I mean they already knew each other, so what would be the point?

"We already know each other." she pointed out while taking another bite.

"Yes, but there are many things yet to be discovered." he smiled.

"So what? Do you expect us to start off with an introduction?" she murmured. He simply nodded and stole another piece of her cheesecake. In return, Rima just gave him another glare while he ate the piece happily.

"My name is Nagihiko Fujisaki and what is yours?" he asked with a slight smirk.

Rima just crossed her arms and gave him a look. She may be dumb at times but this was the most stupidest thing she has ever had to do in her life.

"Mm..my..name is Rima Mashiro." she whispered so low that Nagihiko couldnt hear. He cupped his hand over his ear and leaned closer.

"What, I couldn't hear you?" he questioned with a slight smile.

"You heard me." she grumbled.

They both just sat there and continued to stare at each other in silence. Many times there would always be silence, but that was normal.

"Fine Rima-chan, I will start with a better introduction." Nagihiko said. Rima just simply nodded.

"My name is Fujisaki Nagihiko but you can call me Nagihiko. I was born into a theatrical arts family and my whole fate was decided. Ever since my birth, I have become the heir of the Fujisaki family and its fortune. Unfortunately, it came with many obstacles I had to overcome. For instance, I had to learn how to be a girl and even dress as a girl. Now did I like it? No, personally I got to miss out on all the boy stuff growing up and I kind of regret it. Yet that doesn't mean I hate dancing at all since it's one of my passions." he explained.

Rima motioned him to continue and he gladly did.

"It was here in Seiyo that I met Amu while I was the queen of the guardians. I was actually the one to convince her to join and after some negotiations, she finally gave in and joined. I was still Nadeshiko then but a year later, I had to go to Europe in order to focus on dance. I got to see Amu one last time in my boy form and it was something I won't forget. To tell you the truth, I developed a crush on her for a while, but I then decided it was best if I watched over her and her love life." he stopped.

Nagihiko looked back up at Rima, who looked a tad bit disappointed and mad. Her eyes were filled with mixed emotions as they burned into his skin. He dismissed the action but it still took an effect on him.

"Why must you say that kind of thing?" she asked him while quinching her eyebrows together.

"What thing?" he said.

"The whole crush thing on Amu. You know I won't forgive you for saying that." she glared.

"Uh-huh, your just getting a little jealous." he winked at her. She turned red a bit but it wasn't a blush.

"Like I would get jealous." she said sarcastically and then took a huge bite of her cheesecake. She even made her little pout face as well.

Nagihiko started to laugh and this made Rima give him a questioning glare. Why in the world is he laughing for? Rima was pretty upset that he was laughing since there was nothing funny at the moment.

"What's so funny?" she demanded. Her fists were now on the table and she gave him a look.

"It's just that you look so weird when you pout." he said in between laughs. Rima didn't know if she should take that as a threat or a compliment. He quickly noticed that she was getting irritated and decided to make things a bit better.

"In a cute way, I mean." he smiled.

Rima rolled her eyes and blushed a little. It may had been a cheesy attempt at a compliment but it found a way to affect Rima.

"Okay, my turn." she said while looking back at him. His laughter also stopped and now everything became serious.

"My name is Mashiro Rima and I guess you can call me Rima. I grew up a good life for a while since everyday was fun. I was always with my family and trying to make them smile with funny faces. I was even told that I was cute and beautiful but that's something I liked being called. Until it happened-" she then cut off.

Rima looked down some at the edges of the table. She wasn't sure if she should continue since the matter was really personal. It pained her to even remember any details that happened. Yet Nagihiko told alot about himself and she didn't want to make him think she was a wimp. She wasn't going to lose to the likes of a violet haired boy.

"Rima, it's okay to tell me since I know." Nagihiko said while looking at her.

He got up from his seat and went towards Rima. This startled her a bit but she looked over at him. He bent down on one knee and looked into her eyes. His orange-brown eyes stared into her golden-yellow eyes and he tried telling her that it was okay. It was okay to let out all those harsh memories. It was ok to tell him how she felt and why she was hurting. All of this translated through their looks this whole time. A smile formed on his face as he sat back down in his seat and she nodded.

"I was kidnapped and taken away. Yet it seemed like fate was on my side or something because I was quickly found. I thought my parents would be happy for my return and safety. Yet all they did was argue and argue all night long. It kept continuing until I came to Seiyo. I met Amu also when I transferred there, but things weren't exactly on good terms. Eventually, Amu helped me out and that's when she became my friend. The fighting even slowed down but it wasn't enough. By the time graduation came, my parents decided it was best if they got a divorce. My dream of having a real family was long gone from now but everything seemed to patch up. I lived with my mom for a while until I came here to France to study abroad. Why at seventeen? Well, I guess all that studying I did made an impact." she finished.

Rima looked back up at Nagihiko and he had a smile filled with sympathy. Subconsiously, she smiled a little in return.

"Well this is somewhat of a great start but lets get some sleep." said Nagihiko.

"Yeah I agree too, but don't think I can't see your tricks." Rima said while giving him a glare. There goes the little happy moment of the entire time.

"Rima, I don't know what your talking about." he gave her a weird look while standing up. He was trying to act as if he were confused and lost. Yet really he knew what Rima was trying to do and it would not work.

"Some of your sweet talk may work but not always." she said while finishing her cheesecake.

"Have you ever thought that maybe I'm just being sincere and genuine?" he smiled while setting down the tip and payment. If Rima could, she would knock that smile off of his face in a second.

He extended out a hand and Rima tried to decide on whether to take it or not. She was too full on cheesecake and hot chocolate that the lazyness was now kicking in. So with one swift, she took his hand and he pulled her up. He then smiled at her and she tried to let go of his hand. His grip just wouldn't come off no matter what.

"Um Nagihiko..." she said while looking down at their hands.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Hands..." she glared.

He smirked a bit and just kept walking. Obviously, he was trying to avoid her statement and secretive glares that she was giving him.

It began to snow a tiny bit as white little flurries made their way down. The midnight sky was darkened but the stars shined so bright. It was the perfect way to end the night filled with honesty and remarks.

~Love At Seventeen~

Rima and Nagihiko continued to make their way towards the dormitories as time started to pass by. It was around eleven at night and their curfew was almost coming. They still walked hand in hand together but they were silent most of the time. It was the awkwardness of their hand holding that made it this way. Yet their feelings could be felt with a simple touch.

They finally arrived towards two white buildings. They were each gravely incarved with details of swirls and architecture. One building was for the girls and the other building was for the boys. It seemed fair since the campus didn't want co-ed dorms. Nobody wants teenagers making babies late at night.

Nagihiko stopped in front of the girls' dorm and turned around. His grip on Rima's hand was still strong and he stared into her honey eyes.

"So, was everything okay tonight?" he asked. His breath could be seen since the snow was accumilating much harder now.

"I guess it was.." she mumbled while trying to keep a straight face. It was cold out and she didn't want Nagihiko to know that she was cold. The whole hands thing is enough, but anymore attention and she just may break.

"That's good then." he smiled. She rolled her eyes but then smiled a little. She had to admit that it was fun even if it was at night. Somebody like Nagihiko can make the mood feel different yet safe at the same time.

"Thank you..." she whispered while looking away. Her eyes were looking down at the ground which was covered in light snow. There was a little silence for a bit.

Then it happened.

Nagihiko smiled a sincere smile and leaned in. He slowly kissed Rima on the cheek before letting go of her hand. The warmness spreaded as the simple touch of his lips upon her skin made contact. She stood there feeling mad yet confused all at once.

"Why did you do that?" she asked as she put her hand towards her cheek. She even gave out a glare but it was only a small one.

"It's all part of romance...Rima." he chuckled. He then waved bye to her and started to take his leave towards the other building. She turned her head some and watched as his figure disappeared into the darkness. She then turned hear head back towards the air.

Rima just stood there trying to proccess everything out until she gave the air a glare.

"Idiot." she mumbled with a slight smile before entering her dorm. She knew this was only the beginning of Nagihiko's teachings. Yet maybe there might just be hope in romance after all?

~Love At Seventeen~

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