Lesson 87: Mistakes

If you're in love you can be blinded

Don't let anyone interfere with your feelings

Or else you can make a mistake that you regret in the end

~Love at Seventeen~

The darkness that once consumed his eyes started to haze when he stared up into the eyes of his dream girl. Nagihiko gently smiled and reached up his hands to hug the girl in bliss. With such radiance and beauty emitting from her presence, he wanted to engulf her into his embrace. As his hands continued to reach, he was happy to be here with her. However, Rima slapped him.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Rima glared.

"R-Rima-chan?" Nagihiko jerked up.

He looked around to see that he was in Rima's living room at the moment. He gulped and looked outside to see that there was still light out. Rubbing back his bangs, he sat back in his spot on the couch and sighed. If only he had a few more seconds, then maybe she would have been in his embrace. Nagihiko glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and watched as she giggled at the comedy show that was currently on.

Things certainly didn't change for Rima, especially her love for comedy. This was one of the qualities that Nagihiko loved most about her because even if she didn't know it, she was showing him a piece of her true self, and that was completely amazing for Nagihiko.

As soon as the show ended, the atmosphere quickly became silent. Nagihiko had his hands folded and he was twisting his fingers around while humming a tune to himself, and Rima was looking at her nails in boredom. For an odd reason, Nagihiko was suddenly nervous to be around Rima, but only if the mood seemed quiet because he felt, somewhat, in a way, slightly, vulnerable.

After all, it was Rima he was talking about.

"Food," Rima mumbled.

"What?" Nagihiko asked, turning his head to look at her.

"I want food. Cook." Rima demanded.

Nagihiko sweatdropped and stared at her for another moment before sitting back comfortably in his spot. Rima blinked and looked at him in distress.

"Nagihiko," Rima said.

"Rima-chan," Nagihiko replied back.

"Fooood." Rima said, leaning toward his face with a pout on hers.

"You never said the magic wooord." Nagihiko smiled, tapping her nose in response.

"Do I really have to say that? I thought you'd do anything a girl asks because that's your nature. Unless... unless Amu is just a special case." Rima started to "tear" up.

"Still not working, amateur." Nagihiko laughed.

"Jeez, you're such a boring person." Rima huffed, sitting back in her spot with an annoyed look.

"And you're such a horrible actress. I guess we all have our flaws, hm, Rima-chan?" Nagihiko winked.

"Whatever," Rima mumbled.

She reached over for the remote and draped over Nagihiko's lap to get the blanket. Nagihiko then lifted her up, encircling his arm around her waist so that she was dangling in a u-shape form. He then got up from his spot and headed over toward the kitchen. Rima was protesting a lot but there was no use in fighting to break free; his grip held her strong.

"You said you wanted food." Nagihiko said, setting her down.

"Yeah, but you didn't have to carry me like that." Rima retorted.

"Well, what do you want to eat?" Nagihiko asked.

"I want to go out and eat. Of course, you're paying." Rima said, walking gracefully out of the kitchen to go and get her jacket on.

"Haha, sure, Rima-chan." Nagihiko smiled.

~Love at Seventeen~

As the pair walked to the local cafe in downtown, they were suddenly stopped along the way by Ko and Fuyuki. Rima covered her cheeks with her hands as the cold, brewing wind blew upon her face. She was not pleased with the other two stopping them out of nowhere. However, it peeked her interest on why those two were standing side by side.

"What are you two doing, together?" Rima asked.

Ko smiled and dragged Fuyuki along with her to the pair. Nagihiko waved to the guy, who only smiled in return. Rima and Ko stood next to each other having a small chat.

"I met him at the park! He said he knew you so I thought it'd be nice to become buddies with him." Ko smiled, moving up and down on her toes.

"Not only are you strange, but you become friends with strangers too. That's not strange at all." Rima sarcastically said.

"Mashiro-san, you're so funny!" Ko laughed.

"Then I'm doing it right." Rima said in praise.

"Mhm!" Ko agreed.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but Nagihiko and I need to go eat now." Rima said, walking over to Nagihiko.

"Oh really? Then how about we all go together? I'm sure Kirishima wouldn't mind paying after all." Ko said, looking over at Fuyuki, who stiffened at her words. He rubbed the back of his head and smiled nervously.

"A-Ah, if Fujisaki-kun is okay with it, then sure, why not?" Fuyuki said cautiously while looking over at Nagihiko.

"I don't see why a few extra guests can't hurt." Nagihiko smiled.

Rima stared over at Ko, who grinned happily at Nagihiko's words. Rima was speculating that Ko might have held an interest for Nagihiko. She grabbed onto Nagihiko's jacket sleeve and stared intensely from behind him. Nagihiko sweatdropped at her actions and patted her head.

"Fine," Rima said, looking away.

The group agreed and finally headed off a couple of blocks to the restaurant; the same restaurant where Nagihiko and Rima ate at it when they first encountered each other in France. As soon as they approached the restaurant, Nagihiko took the opportunity to hold the door open for everyone. He smiled and finally went inside himself. Rima was talking with the waitress, who placed them over by the open window in the corner. The waitress set down the menus and Rima nodded in thanks.

"I'm gonna go to the restroom first." Rima said.

"Oh wait, what do you want?" Nagihiko asked, placing his hand on her shoulder before she left.

"I think you know what I want." Rima said, glancing her eyes over at the poster with cheesecake on it.

"Okay, Rima-chan." Nagihiko winked.

The moment Rima went down the hallway, Fuyuki got up from his spot and dismissed himself to go to the restroom too. Nagihiko nodded and then took a seat in front of Ko, who was frantically looking around the place.

"Are you okay, Ko-chan?" Nagihiko asked, worry in his eyes.

"Hm? Oh yeah! I'm great, chippy as ever!" Ko exclaimed, still looking around.

"You don't seem like it, though." Nagihiko said.

Before Ko could answer, the waitress came back and asked the duo what they wanted to drink in the meantime. Nagihiko ordered a small cup of green tea and a hot chocolate for Rima while Ko ordered hot chocolate and water for Fuyuki, since she didn't know what he wanted at all.

"I'm just bothered by something, I guess." Ko said, crossing her arms on the table.

"You can trust me," Nagihiko said, smiling over to her.

The waitress finally returned to the table after several minutes with their drinks. The sight of the hot chocolate in front of him disturbed Nagihiko to no end. He was so used to seeing Rima drinking that instead of someone like Ko. Dismissing it, Nagihiko rested his head on the palm of his hand and looked over at Ko.

"Why are you so close with Mashiro-san?" Ko asked, sipping her drink and not looking at him.

Surprised at her boldness, Nagihiko sparked up his eyes and took a sip of his tea. He contemplated on whether to tell her or not but he knew that she was a good person who meant no harm.

"Don't tell her, okay? Whatever I mention stays between you and I." Nagihiko held up one finger and winked.

"Okay!" Ko grinned, her heart beating rapidly fast.

"I wrote a book on the lessons of love when I was seventeen and it became a major hit. Then Rima-chan and I recently met here at the university, and well, she doesn't believe that well in love. So I told her that I could prove her wrong." Nagihiko explained.

"So, in other words, wait... does this mean you like her?" Ko asked, tilting her head.

"It's more than that... I've been in love with her for a while now. It's more than like, it's beautiful, amazing, and heartwarming." Nagihiko smiled, gazing down at his cup.

Ko was taken aback and watched the pure smile that was placed upon his face. She never saw someone so in love with someone before. The fact that he was talking about Rima this way also made her heart clench, as if everything was destroying in a pit of a fire. Out of all of the people in the world, why did it have be Rima? She clutched onto her cup and hated this feeling that was building up on the inside. Ko wasn't going to let her jealousy get to her, besides, those two weren't a couple and this could be her chance to take Nagihiko's breath away.

"Is that so?" Ko said.

"It is," Nagihiko concluded.

Ko glanced her eyes up and took another sip of her drink. There was no dating relationship established here so she could definitely make a move. She placed her hand on Nagihiko's and smiled.

"I think it's sweet that you love her like that." Ko smiled sweetly.

"Thank you for understanding, Ko-chan." Nagihiko smiled in return.

Oh, she understood, but not in the way Nagihiko knew.

~Love at Seventeen~

She stared at herself in the mirror, a cold reflection staring back at her. The water she splashed onto her face did her no good because she was still disappointed with herself. The one thing that was bothering her to no end was sitting out there with Nagihiko. Rima knew she said she was somewhat on good terms with Ko, but that didn't mean she was happy-go-lucky friends with her.

"What's her motive?" Rima whispered.

Scrunching up her fists, she looked up at the mirror again and knew something wasn't right. The fact that Fuyuki was with Ko did not make sense to Rima. Maybe it was a coincidence but there was another chance it wasn't.

What would Amu do in a situation like this? Rima thought. She imagined the rosette flailing and yelling,"I don't know!". Sweatdropping, Rima knew that was no help but most of Amu's wisdom came in the heat of the moment. Rima would have done anything to have her best friend at her side in that moment.

Fixing herself up, Rima wanted to just go and enjoy her hot chocolate and cheesecake before letting any of these problems get to her. However, as soon as she exited out, Rima was suddenly trapped in between Fuyuki and the wall near the girls' restroom. She wasn't pleased with position nor was she happy that he was keeping her separated from her food. Looking up, she waited for Fuyuki to speak but the look upon his face was written with fear and helplessness.

"I hope this is important," Rima said, resting her hands on her hips.

"You shouldn't be near him in the first place." Fuyuki sternly said.

Rima couldn't help but giggle at his words. It was typical boy behavior; he was jealous. She took a curl into her hand and then looked up at him again.

"You're only jealous." Rima assured.

"I'm not kidding here, Mashiro-san." Fuyuki pleaded.

"And why shouldn't I be near him?" Rima giggled.

"He's using you," Fuyuki whispered.

Rima couldn't believe the lies that were coming out of his mouth and continued to laugh. Fuyuki was angry, the feeling building up one by one and he couldn't take it anymore. The girl he loved was in front of him and she was laughing in front of his face. It hurt him so much whenever she talked about Nagihiko in such a peculiar way. He had enough. Leaning in further, he kissed her upon her lips and everything turned silent until Rima roughly let go.

"Why... why would you do that? And besides, haven't you heard? I'm not a rag doll you can just go and kiss." Rima screeched, slapping him on the cheek.

She pushed him and jolted into the opposite direction, covering her mouth in the process. Fuyuki slammed his head onto the wall and touched his lips. All he could hear was the sound of her boots echoing in the hall before everything was quiet once again. Meanwhile, Rima continued to run and the tears were coming out again. She trusted him but he turned out to be a filthy boy in love with her for the wrong reasons. As she approached the front, she stopped and noticed Ko's hand on top of Nagihiko's, sitting at their spot. Scoffing to herself, she had enough of people and their ridiculous acts for attention so she exited out of the restaurant.

"Rima-chan!" Nagihiko yelled, standing up in his spot in a fast motion.

He got up but Ko stopped him, holding onto his jacket sleeve. Nagihiko turned back and looked at her. She nodded to him and let go gently.

"Go after her," Ko whispered.

"Thanks, Ko-chan!" Nagihiko nodded.

He ran out of the restaurant and proceeded to go after Rima. Ko, on the other hand, watched from a distance and crossed her arms. She grinned and turned on her heel to Fuyuki.

"You can go for now, Nagihiko. But it's my turn next." Ko smiled.

~Love at Seventeen~

"It's not fair," Fuyuki said to himself.

The way Ko described Nagihiko to him had killed him on the inside. The way she said that Nagihiko was in love with his Rima had angered him. That day in the park...

Her words got to him. Fuyuki was confused by Ko now and what she wanted. All he had in his mind was that he loved Rima so much and he let jealousy get to him like Rima said earlier. Sliding against the wall, Fuyuki put his face in his hands.

He made a mistake.

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