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Operation: Get The Girl

Chapter 1

Taro Ito had it all.

The money, the grades, the looks, the hot girl, the bitch sister.

Suzume Ito had nothing at all.

Sure, she had money and was ranked 4th out of the entire freshman year but she had Taro Ito as her brother, and he had Kirino Chiba.

Kirino Chiba and Sayako Kuwahara were kendo legends at Muroe High.

But somewhere in her heart, Suzume knew her brother was using Kirino.

"Suzu-chan!" Rin Tsubaki, Suzume's best friend called. "Let's got spy on them again!"

Rin was infiltrated by Taro. So she wanted them to break up.


Everyone wanted Taro Ito.

Of course. Mr. Perfect just got perfecter.

"I hate him, I hate him, I- ow!" Suzume said as she walked into someone.

This someone was pissed.

She gulped, "G-gomen, senpai!"

"Whatever," Toyama said, his sister walking along behind him.

"Oh, Shinobu-chan!" Suzume said, "What crawled up your brother's ass?"

"I dunno. All I said was that Kirino-senpai had a date and now he's acting like this."

"Hmph. A date with my brother!"

"With Taro-senpai?"

"Yep," Rin said.

"Who asked you, Tsubaki?" Shinobu spat.

Shinobu didn't like Rin. Not many people did.

Rin was fat and not necessarily attractive, and she had a bitchy personality usually.

Suzume was a very short girl for her age, and was very skinny.

So unlike her brother.

She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't pretty, either.

She had no freckles or acne, but she was pale, unlike her tanned brother and had murky brown eyes and mud brown hair.

How uncool.

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