Very short chapter two. I ran out of ideas, but I'll update eventually. You've all been waiting, no? Here it is! Chapter 2! I own nothing but OCs!

Operation: Get the Girl

Chapter 2

Suzume sighed, Rin was the lucky one this time.

"So that's two for me, eh?" Rin giggled. "Now, you owe me the next payment for my diet!"

"Yeah, sure, that's so gonna happen."

Rin glared at her friend.

"Suzu-chan!" Airi Yukimura said, "He's at it again."

"Are you serious?" Suzume sighed, "Taro, you turd."

As they hurried to the scene, they heard the screaming and yelling.

"Bitch! I'll do whatever the crap I want around here!" Toyama shouted.

A stream of curses left Taro's mouth as Suzume sighed.

"I'm so not a part of this."

"Your brother is SO hot!" Rin shrieked.

"Ew, don't talk about him like that when I'm around."

"Why? It's so TRUE."

"Because he's my brother and I don't care to think of him like that."

Suzume's long mud-brown hair was tied into a bun; her murky, dull brown eyes were tired.

"Screw this… We're on a mission!" Rin said, bored.

"Huh? Oh yeah… The mission!" Suzume gasped.

"To the kendo dojo!" They shouted.

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