What if Dean went to someone else instead of Lisa the night he decided to say yes to Michael? What does he leave behind and will he ever come back?

Emily was putting the glasses away when she heard the door open and close, "Sorry just closed."

"Hey Emily," said a voice behind her. She turned around knowing that voice all too well and dropped the two glasses in her hand.

"Dean...what, what are you doing here?" She walked around the bar and towards him.

"I know it's late but..." Before he could finish she punched him in the jaw. "Damn it Emily!"

She grabbed him and pulled him to her crashing her lips onto his. "Where've you been, Dean?" She ran her fingertips lightly against his stubble cheek as tears formed in her eyes. He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it as he tangled his fingers with hers. He smiled at how perfect their hands always fit together.

"I couldn't come back," he said tears also forming in her eyes. "I had to keep you safe."

She looked up at him confused. "From who?"

"No one you have to worry about now. Listen, Em, I'm..." He looked away from her. "Things are going to get bad." He looked back at her. "You'll be protected but promise me you'll stay right here. No matter what you see on TV or hear on the radio you stay put right here."

"You're really scaring me."

"Promise me."

She nodded. "I promise."

He pulled her closer to him, his one hand still holding hers and the other running through her hair. He took in her scent and leaned towards her ear.

"Just remember you've always been number one in my heart. And I can only see myself being with you and being happy. Growing old together and living the most normal life I've always wanted for us. You're always on my mind and always be in my heart."

Tears ran down Emily's face as he let go of her and she realized he was leaving. She grabbed his jacket and walked in front of him. "You're just going to leave like that? You can't drop a bombshell like that and leave especially since you've been gone...jeez almost three years!"

"I did that to protect you."

"Protect me from what?"

He shook his head. "I don't want that life for you."

"When will you be back?"

He looked into her eyes and she knew he won't be coming back. She looked away her heart breaking. She held herself in her arms. "I'll send my brother to watch you. To make sure you stay safe." She clenched her teeth together shaking her head. "I got to go."

She stopped him again by putting her hands on his arms, "Please don't do this. Do this for me and stay the night. Hold me like you use to do when you stopped by."

Dean shook his head. "I can't."

She looked into his eyes begging him to stay, just for one night.

He touched her cheek with the back of his hand. She closed her eyes savoring his lightest touch. She felt his lips touch hers gently then pull away.

She opened her eyes and his beautiful green ones were staring back. "Please," she whispered. She just needed to hold him one last time before he left for good.

Dean knew he should leave but he could never resist her please and her beautiful eyes always pulled him in and made him say yes to anything.

His hand rested on her cheek, his thumb playing with her bottom lip as his fingers got tangled in her hair. He moved his thumb as his lips touched hers so soft and tender. Emily moved as close as she could to him. His free arm wrapped around her holding her close to him. She ran her hands up his chest and around his neck.

Dean let go of her lips and put his forehead against hers. "I feel if I do this I won't be able to leave," he said out of breath and low. He looked up into her eyes and knew he wouldn't be able to leave her again but he just had to. He had to save her; he couldn't be selfish it wasn't fair to her or the world.

He took both her hands in his tangling his fingers with hers, palm to palm as he looked at them trying to remember every little piece of her. "You still live upstairs?" He looked up at her and she nodded biting her bottom lip.

He let go of her one hand and they walked towards the back of the car. She opened the door and they walked up the steps. She opened the other door and they were in her small apartment. She put her keys on the table by the door and Dean wrapped his arms around her. She closed her eyes trying not to cry at this moment because it was the last she would ever see Dean.

He started to leave small kisses on her neck, on each side then turned her around his lips connecting with hers with such passion she moaned. She ran her hands through his short spiked hair as he took his jacket off letting it drop on the floor.

He picked her up; she wrapped her legs around his waist. He didn't even make it to the bedroom he dropped them on the sofa and he took his shirt off as she took hers off. He took her left leg wrapping it around his waist as he grinded into her. She bit her lip moaning before his lips were back on hers. His tongue dueling with hers as their hands traced each other's body, the feel of their skin. Whenever they were about to make love before their skin always seemed to be on fire for each other.

Not thinking the two rolled off the couch and laughed a little. Emily was now on top of him. Both his hands cupped the back of her head as he brought her down to his lips in a hot wet kiss. She kissed her way down his neck, kissing and biting areas. His hands roamed her body loving how soft she was.

She kissed down his chest and abs to the bottom of his jeans. She looked up at him before nibbling then pulling at his navel sending an electric shock of pleasure through him. He groaned his hands now in her hair tangling it all up. She worked on his jeans and pulled them off him.

She crawled back on top of his kissing his lips right before her hand snuck its way into his boxers. She teased the tip with her thumb at first and then stroked him. Dean's breathing quickened with the pace as she sat up still stroking him. He licked his dry lips his eyes closing.

"Damn, Em," he breathed opening his eyes locking with hers. The look in her eye made him sit up and wrap his arms around her kissing her deeply. He moved his hips off the ground as he kissed and sucked on her neck.

He took her hand out of his boxers when he could feel his climax approaching. He wanted to cum but he wanted to cum inside her marking her as his before he was an angel's meat suit.

"You're wearing far too much clothing," he said in a lustful tone.

She shivered at it biting her bottom lip. His hands moved to the bottom of her jeans unbuttoning them and zippering them down. He moved them over her hips just enough access for his hand to go in and tease her.

His fingers brushed over her underwear teasing her clit and now hot wet entrance. "Damn, you're wet." He kissed her lips. "But I can get you even wetter," he whispered huskily against her lips before biting her bottom one and pulling gently on it.

She felt him move her underwear aside and place two fingers inside her. He let out a small moan as his fingers entered her. She moved her hips against his hand as he thrusted them in and out of her. Her hand was on the back of his head as they kissed. He could feel that she was close and wanted her to cum.

"You close baby?" She nodded with a small whimper and he smiled as he let his fingers go deeper. She let out a deep heavy breath as he twisted his fingers hitting the right spot. The hand on the back of his head dug its nails deep into him as she came.

He took his hand out of her jeans grabbed her wrapping her legs around his waist and took them over to her bedroom. He laid her down as he pulled her jeans off. She took her bra off and he pulled her underwear down along with his.

He climbed on top of her and they stared into each other's eyes. She bit her lip as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. "I want you to remember me," he said low. Their faces inches apart from each other. He nuzzled his nose against hers. "Remember how much I loved you, wanted you, needed you." He kissed her cheeks his hands running through her hair. Their eyes locked again. "I love you Em."

She put her hands on his. "I love you." She closed her eyes as a tear snuck its way out of her eye.

She felt Dean's lips on hers as he entered her. She gasped at the feeling and rocked her hips against his. His hands ran between them cupping her breast she tilted her head back and moaned.

Their breathing became heavier; their bodies came together as one for the last time. They held onto each other as Dean pounded into her trying to hold on as long as he could.

"Dean," she moaned, "I'm close."

He kissed her lips holding her to him as he went with a quicker pace knowing he was gonna cum too.

"Shit, Em," he said lifting his head and putting it in the crook of her neck.

She moaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her body her nails digging into him. Dean bit her shoulder his hand pulling at her hair as he groaned against her skin his orgasm lasting as long as hers.

They laid there together for a few minutes his hand caressing her body. He didn't want to get up; he wanted to lay there holding her forever. But that was just a dreamland. He had to go but he would wait until she was asleep.

He rolled off her careful not to hurt her. He pulled the blankets up and pulled her close to him. Her back against his chest. She held onto his hand for dear life. She didn't want to let go. She didn't even want to sleep because she knew he would be gone when she opened her eyes.

"I love you Dean," she whispered as she closed her eyes telling herself to let him go.

"I love you and always will," he whispered in her ear before kissing her softly on the cheek.

The next day Emily knew she would never see him again. She carried around this tiny hope inside her wishing and praying that he will be back somehow, someway and tell her everything he's been hiding from her why he was always trying to protect her. Why did he choose her?

She loved and lost Dean Winchester but she would always have him in her heart. He was after all her first love.