Emily woke up to see Dean missing. She sat up wondering if it was all a dream but then she heard a noise downstairs. She got out of bed and headed downstairs. She found him in the kitchen.

She leaned against the doorway watching him stare out the window of the door that led out to the side yard.

"Hey," she said softly making him turn around.

She could tell he barely slept. She knew he was tossing and turning all last night. She also heard him having nightmares and a few times felt him checking on her and the baby.

"You ok?" she asked walking up to him cautiously.

He looked around the kitchen, his hands in his jean pockets. "I, uh, really don't know how to answer that." He scratched the back of his head.

She nodded chewing on her bottom lip.

"It just occurred to me this morning when I woke up that I didn't have to run out of bed to go 500 miles to get to a town that needs me and for me to stay in another crappy hotel to eat some crappy diner food that was gonna make me sick." He touched her cheek rubbing his thumb across it.

"Most of all I won't be wondering about the next time I'll be seeing you or if I'm gonna turn on the TV and see you missing, hurt or worse. I can be here to protect you and our baby." Emily blinked the tears away.

"Dean I can't expect you to give up your hunting ways for me and the baby…"

"I'm doing it for a lot of reasons. You, the baby, me and Sam. I love you Em, I want to be with you."

"So you're staying…for good this time?"

Dean gave her a small smile. "Yeah, baby I am."

She smiled as she hugged him. He wrapped his strong arms around her.

"I'm gonna help you through this," Emily said, "Whatever you need to help you get through what you're going through."

Dean kissed the top of her head. This is what he needed. He needed someone to hold him down, keep him strong and going.

"How about I make breakfast?" he asked pulling away.

She arched an eyebrow with a small smile playing on her lips. "Sure just promise not to poison me and our baby."

"Hey," he said with a playful frown, "I'm not that bad."

She laughed and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, "I'm gonna get a shower."

He watched her walk off and he had a small bit of hope enter him. Maybe this will all work out after all.

"Don't look at me like that," said Emily looking at the small smirk playing on Dean's lips, "I'm feeding for two."

"Just admit it," he got up from the table walking over to the sink, "You love my pancakes."

"Maybe," she took the last bite and got up, "Or maybe I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Is that how it is?" He asked setting his hands on her waist and pulling her close to him.

She smiled up at him. "Yes that's how it is."

He chuckled as he leaned down and kissed her. He rested his head on hers and she looked into his eyes knowing he was still going through pain of losing his brother. "You ok?"

He smiled a little, "Ask me that in a couple days."

She grimaced and ran the back of her hand against his cheek, "We'll get through this."

He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it thankful for her. "I know baby. I know."

With her hand still in his they walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs, "I want to show you something."

She walked to the first door on the right and opened it up. They stepped in and Dean looked around the room. It was the baby's room. It was white and he saw a couple buckets of blue and pink set aside for when they knew about the baby. There was a rocking chair by the window, a book shelf with a couple baby books already placed in it, a dresser, a closet, a few baby toys and a changing table. The only thing that was missing was the crib.

Looking in this room realization hit him…He's going to be a father. Could he be a father? Is he cut out for being a dad? Will he be good enough?"

"Dean…" Emily looked at him concerned.

He turned around and she saw his eyes glossing over. "It finally hit me I guess. Looking around this room at our babies stuff, we're going to have a family. I'm going to be a father. I don't know first thing about being a father. What if I screw up?"

"You think I know how to be a mother?" she asked laughing a bit. "I almost had to play two parts in this child's life because I thought you were gone. I was going to have to play mommy and daddy." She leaned against the wall. "I'm just as new to this as you are." She placed her hand on her stomach looking down at it. "But I do know one thing," she looked up at Dean, "we're going to give this child the best life they can have. You're going to be number one dad and I'm going to be soccer mom."

She smiled at him trying to get him to smile and it worked. She walked over to him and took his hands in hers. She looked up at him, "You're finally going to get the family you always wanted Dean, it's long past overdue."

He laughed a little as he caressed her cheek with his hand and ran his hand through her hair. He kissed her and she kissed him back cupping the back of his neck.

The only things that could keep Dean going right now are Emily and their baby. If he kept thinking of them then Sam's death and torturing soul wouldn't come into his mind.

They broke the kiss and she bit her bottom lip lightly, "I was thinking about names for the baby."

His hands rested on her lower back and he looked down at her, "Oh yeah?"

She nodded, "Just let me know if they're ok. If it's a girl I was thinking Samantha and boy Samuel so you can have some part of Sam with you."

Dean gave her a soft smile, "I love it, thank you."

She smiled up at him, "Samuel Dean…and of course the baby will have your last name, so Samuel Dean Winchester. Has a catchy tune don't ya think?"

He grinned, "Yeah it does."

And that's when he realized Emily didn't have his last name.


Dean came inside after taking out the trash and found Emily still eating the box of cookies, "Hey Em…" He stopped and looked at her with his arms crossed.


"Step away from the cookies."

She frowned but then grabbed one more and ran. "Emily!" He chased after her through the kitchen and up the stairs to their bedroom. He could hear her laughter through the hallway. "Emily drop the cookie!"

She went to put it in her mouth when he grabbed it. "Dean…" she whined, "It's not like I ate the whole box!"

"Emily I was outside for a good twenty minutes."

She gave him a look. "Why were you taking the trash out for twenty minutes?"

"I met our neighbor Henry, he asked me to go out with him and a couple of the guys in the neighborhood for drinks on Friday night."

She smiled at him. "You going?"

"Uh, I don't know. I told him maybe. I mean I still have to find a job and I'm not comfortable leaving you by yourself."

"Dean…I've been by myself for a very long time. One night isn't going to kill me."

"It may kill me."

She laughed and broke the cookie in half giving him the other one, "Go. Have fun."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. I'll probably fall asleep on the couch eating ice cream and watching Adam Sandler movies." She grinned at him as he gave her a look rolling his eyes.

"You and Adam Sandler."

"The love of my life." She teased and kissed his lips, "But you'll always be number one in my heart." She kissed his lips again and smiled at him.

Dean took her hand in his and looked into her eyes, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Authors Note: Ok…not much but this story needed to be updated. I'm going through most of my stories and updating or deleting them because I seriously have no clue what I was trying to write with some of them. Writer block sucks…ok so here's this update. Hope you enjoyed. Next chapter will be Dean's first visit to the doctor let's see how that goes lol.