Mostly Saku's POV

I am Sakura. Pink hair. Big forehead and glasses. I'm 16.

I just moved from Suna to Konoha, so i'm starting a new school where new threats will be made. Prabably wrost then the old ones.

Stepping into the office, I see a woman with short brown hair.

"Hello, You must be our new student if I am not mistaken. I am Shizune." the woman said.

"Yes. I am Sakura Haruno." I replied giving her a smile.

Shizune gave me a tour of the school, showed me to my locker, and brought me to my homeroom. You know the usual stuff.

In homeroom, when I got there it is mad chaos. People were crazy. Running. Screaming. THrowing stuff.

"SIT DOWN" a voice boomed from behind me. Ugh must be the teacher. Everybody scrambled to their seats. " Okay class we have a new introduce yourself."

" I am Sakura Haruno from Suna."then it all started the remarks. "big foreheaded""yuck pink hair" and other various remarks were thrown at my appearence.

"okay Ms. Haruno go sit by Mr. Uchiha." he pointed toward the seat. I didnt pay any attension to who 'Mr. Uchiha' was.

A girl with red hair and glasses stood up screaming " WHY DOES THAT FREAK GET TO SIT NEXT TO MY SASUKE-KUN!" I rolled my eyes at her comment ."'Freak' dont use to much of you brain cells thinking if that one" I thought as I sat down.

"Karin sit back down in your seat and be quiet or I'll send you to after school and lunch dentension." Kakashi-sensi sat down in his chair and started reading an orange book. "Nobody bother me and stay quiet."

ring ring

While heading toward my next class, I was stopped by the obnxious redhead...

Yeah it's short :( but i have no inpiration and its my first story and idk if ppl lyk it! so reveiw.