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Can't buy me Love

Every time she walked into a room people would stare at her; it was almost as if she was stepping into a new dimension where she was the only being that moved while everyone was doomed to watch. She didn't mind, it was human nature that people would want what they couldn't have and when it came to her everybody wanted something…

Some wanted her attention, others wanted to look like her and a good percent of them wanted nothing more than to lay their hands on her, the vast majority to slap some sense into her.

She knew that and she didn't care, all of them would remain yearning after her because she was above them, she was unreachable, she was Maryse. So they could talk their talk and they could say whatever they wanted, but the fact remained that she was better than anyone there by a mile… some just couldn't deal with it and she lived for the times she was able to remind them.

The thought made her smile, and while she walked across the room she flipped her blonde platinum hair and arched an eyebrow; she didn't even spare a glance to those around her. She just kept going, walking haughty as ever and loving how the sound of her designer's heels echoed through the room… that could only mean that they were watching her in silence, probably in awe.

So feeling dozens of eyes glued to her, the French Canadian paraded all the way through the arena until she reached catering, and as it was to be expected everyone there stared at her since the moment she got in.

She ignored them, she didn't have time for them and she just walked straight to the serving tables, inspecting what her options were.

There was not much, like always and she had to roll her eyes at that and to the mediocrity of whoever was in charge of catering.

It was not like she was hungry but she had a craving for fresh fruit and besides, there was a lot of time for her to kill until Ted got his match and while he was getting ready she got bored, a walk around the arena sounded like a nice idea… nothing better than making herself be seen.

But now that she was there she declared the journey to be in vain, there was nothing remotely good there and all the fruit seemed frozen; so there was that and also that she was not going to eat something that someone may, or may have not touched first.

She rolled her eyes again, she just couldn't wait for the show to be over so Ted could take her out to dinner, she was feeling like eating in a nice Italian restaurant.

"If you touch it you eat it"

Maryse's head moved to the side as Natalya, one of the so called Divas almost pushed her to the side so she could ravish the catering table. She took three of everything and when her plate was full she walked away with a grin.

With her eyebrows high in her forehead, Maryse's eyes followed the woman until she sat at one of the tables with her cousin and her goofy looking boyfriend. She looked at them as they talked and laughed… but before she could get caught looking she made a grimace of disgust and looked away.

"There you are"

At the sound of that voice Maryse turned around and faced the owner, it was Ted and before she could do or say anything he shoved into her hands his million dollar belt.

"You are not planning on eating any of that are you? Here, take this" He inserted his hand into his suit pocket and took out a few bills, he gave Maryse one Benjamin Franking bill. "Order something nice when you go back to our suite, you like filet mignon and red wine right, here take some more and order the best wine they have" He gave her two more bills and put the rest of the cash back into his pocket.

Maryse, holding in her hands the three hundred dollars and his belt arched an eyebrow. "I thought you were going to take me out to dinner"

"Yeah about that… something came to me and I can't turn it down, I'm sorry. Here, buy something nice too, a dress, shoes, whatever you like" He took a few more bills and gave them to her.

Maryse looked at the bills and quirked her lips, she didn't want the money and she didn't want a filet mignon; she was tired of eating in the solitude of their room and that night she wanted to go out and eat somewhere nice with him. As of late he always sent her back to the hotel in the limo while he went somewhere else and the routine was getting dull. It was always the same tale on different nights, she didn't know where he went or what he did and she never asked, she just settled with the gifts he would give her the next day when he finally came to her and that was all…

At first she didn't mind much because he would buy her some lavish gifts, diamond earrings with matching rings, designer's clothes and handbags and everything a woman wanted. But now he didn't even do that, he just gave her the money and went away.

Maryse looked up to him, he was talking to her but she wasn't paying any kind of attention, her mind was somewhere else and if she was to be honest she was feeling a bit down because she was Maryse and if she wanted to eat out with him he should take her to eat out. "I want to go out and I want you to come with me" She said, interrupting his monologue.

"Maryse, beautiful, you know I would love to but tonight I can't" That was his response as he stared at her with his stunning blue eyes and his charming smile.

She placed one hand on her hip and flipped at her hair, she was not going to settle with what he could or not do, not anymore; there were millions of men who would do anything for the opportunity of going out with her and here he was putting her off. "Maybe I'll have to find someone else who has the time to take me out, someone who wouldn't leave me all alone while disappearing into the nigh"

Ted laughed and kissed her cheek. "Maryse… you know you won't do that. Who else are you going to find that will give you everything I give you, you are a high maintenance woman and I'm the only one who will cover the demand of your needs; clothes, hair, spas, shoes… I give you everything" He pointed at the people sitting around the tables. "Or what, will you get him, will he buy you a bracelet?" He pointed at Cody who was sitting around and laughed. "Now don't be ridiculous" He said taking another bill to put with the rest in her hand. "I'll double the money you have there if you get anyone better than me"

Maryse did a double take and snorted. Who the hell did he think he was and who did he think he was talking to? "I'll tell you what, I'll pick the next guy that walks through that door and I bet he will be better than you and your stupid money and fake title"

"Ha, I want to see that, I'll pay you if you even try something with that guy"

Maryse threw the title on the table and turned her back to him so she could start walking to the door. He was wrong if he thought she was someone to mess with, she will show him that he wasn't all he thought he was, she will show him and then she would throw his money into his face because she didn't need it.

She didn't need him…

As she walked her eyes moved to the door, the sound of her heels getting louder and louder while she waited someone to walk in… but then she saw Big Show and somewhere inside she wanted to puke, she almost halted.

But she could listen Ted laughing behind her and determination drove her forward. But Big Show didn't enter; he was standing right outside the door while he talked on his phone. Whatever, she would walk to him and be over with it.

Resigned to what was coming she kept her eternal walk, and just as she was about to cross the door and walk to the giant of a man her eyes caught someone else walking into the room. She sighed in relief because this new guy sure looked better than Big Show, and even when he wasn't the type of guy she would even spare a second glance to he would have to do.

It would be like a blow to the stomach for Ted because this one was the complete opposite of him.

So instead of going to Big Show she deviated towards Phil or CM Punk like he was known around the WWE Universe and once in front of him she never stopped, she just reached for his face and with both hands she pulled him to her.

She kissed him, right in front of everyone who happened to be in the room, she kissed him and she kissed him hard, almost forcing his lips against hers in such a way that his lip ring was digging against her.

Phil was tense into the kiss but that didn't matter, what mattered was that in her mind she could see Ted watching in stupefaction and she was glad, but because she wanted him to be more that stupefied she moved one hand to the back of Phil's head and parted her lips, her tongue darting out so she could touch his lips and maybe deepen the kiss.

Luckily for her the tattooed man reacted and took her invitation, going pass her lips so his tongue could brush against hers. She tilted her head, allowing him better access while her hand slid from his recently shortened hair to his neck. He tasted like fruit; not like the fruit she wanted earlier on but more like fruity flavored gum… it was an interesting… Ted always tasted like mint.

But then, just when she was getting too much into the kiss she felt someone grabbing her by the arm and yanking her away from Phil. "What the hell are you doing?" That was Ted and by the look on his face and the tone of his voice he wasn't stupefied, he was furious.

"Did she just kiss me?"

Maryse sneaked her way out of Ted's grip and threw the money in his face, but just when she was about to open her mouth to say a thing or two that would put him in place he grabbed her again and forced her out of the room, leaving the money behind and a stupefied Phil watching them leave…