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Hybrid Theory
One Step Closer

"Damn it!" Gohan cursed as he sped up to his absolute limits and beyond. "Not gonna make it, not gonna make it, gotta move!"

Suddenly, as Piccolo hit the brick road, the blast Bojack had sent off came to roaring stop, exploding against a newly arrived barrier. "This is your payback!" Trunks called out, cupping his hands together and yelling out as hundreds, if not numbering into the low thousands of small beams rippled from the sphere that formed there. Bojack vanished in a cloud of dust and smoke, the explosions becoming too rapid and too loud to individually identify all too soon while the assault continued. Finally, Trunks stopped.

I cannot take this anymore
I`m saying everything I`ve said before
All these words they make no sense, I find bliss in ignorance
The less I hear, the less you say
But you`ll find that out anyway...

When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, Bojack stood there, head cocked to the side, eyes shut lazily, unphased. "Shit," Trunks muttered out. With a yell, he jumped into the air and rushed towards Bojack, throwing off two ki blasts at the tower as he did so. Bojack remained hovering as the floor beneath him was simply blown out of existence. The powerhouse of a half-saiyan prince slowed down now, until finally he came to a total halt just outside of arm`s reach of Bojack, struggling to get through the purple barrier that held him. Unfortunately, Bido thought otherwise.

As did Pujin. With that massive harpoon-like weapon he held, he attempted to run Trunks through, throwing the weapon for all he was worth at the young warrior who struggled around, trying to get free even as the source of the purple sphere became apparent with Bido`s string attacks, which were slowly forcing him out of Super Saiya-jin. The spear came closer, closer still and...

Just like before...

With a resounding clang and a few whistles, the ropes were shattered and Trunks turned around, catching his sword by the hilt and slicing the spear in half down the middle, igniting himself back into Super Saiya-jin with a blinding flash for the third or fourth time today. "Father!" He called out, looking down and to the left, then catching his sword`s sheath and strapping it over his back with a tired smile. Pujin and Bido both looked towards the source of an eerie glow as Vegeta emerged into view, arms crossed over his chest with an all-business look to his face, already in Super Saiya-jin mode with the aura to accompany it flowing around him. "You were expecting somebody else?" Vegeta asked his son from an alternate timeline, looking at the two semi-stunned alien fighters, then shifting his gaze over to Bojack himself, who bore a cocky grin that made the Prince`s blood boil.

"Vegeta?" Gohan asked, looking over while scooping Piccolo off the ground and watching the show from his vantage point elsewhere. The Prince didn`t ignore him either, looking to Gohan with that familiar smirk turning up on his face. "I`ll handle these idiots," he stated jubilantly, smacking aside Pujin and then jamming his elbow into Bido`s cheek in the same swift movement after covering the distance in the blink of an eye.

"Come on, Bojack. Let`s end this game," Vegeta called out with a deep seeded resentment. Bojack smiled and jumped at the Prince, a volley of ki balls thrown only to be thrown back and away into the buildings behind the tyrant, who rushed in through his own attack and started trading punches with the last pure Saiyan alive.

"He lost his will to fight when Goku died... But with Gohan and I in danger," Trunks thought watching his father fight like a rabid madman against Bojack, actually inflicting more damage than Trunks, Gohan and Piccolo combined in the space of a minute. "Good luck, Father," Trunks muttered while falling to his feet on the ground and sheathing his sword again, hunching forward with his hands on his knees, trying to catch a breath.

Vegeta nailed Bojack in the stomach only to be smashed back by an elbow from the cocky fighter, which sent him flying back and into a two on one duel against Zangya and Bido, who rushed in heedless of their own survival to try and take him down. The Prince held his own wonderfully though, slamming a ki blast into Bido`s gut and then whipping Zangya into him by her long hair, but it wasn`t enough.

Pujin appeared, swiftly kicking Vegeta in the gut and sending him flying back through the side of a building. Pujin reappeared on the other side, expecting Vegeta to fly back out, but he was in for a very rude surprise.

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I`m about to break!

"Final Flash!"

Trunks smiled with pride as Pujin met the attack from behind while turning around, flying shoulder first into a building only to have the blast detonate violently, hurling flaming, vaporizing debris everywhere in a hurricane of apparent death. The Prince smirked, but Pujin stood there in the epicenter as the explosion stopped, bloodied, bruised and otherwise banged up but still capable of holding his own. He was huffing and trying to gain breath, which was granted as Bojack reappeared again and nailed Vegeta with a surprise assault.

Two kicks, one for the gut, the other for the small of the back. Two punches, the first an downward punch into the back of the neck, the second an uppercut into the jaw. Then came the force of a full powered ki wall, which sent Vegeta flying back and into a string attack from Bido, who was just too annoying to quit.

I need a little room to breathe
`Cause I`m one step closer to the edge, and I`m about to break...

"Shit," Vegeta muttered, fading from Super Saiya-jin and passing out on the ground. Trunks went into a blind rage, powering up and rushing into the fray with a full on attack on Zangya while Gohan set Piccolo down lying next to the fallen Vegeta, then turned and started staggering towards the real fighting.

Zangya laughed, kicking Trunks into a string net from Bido, who smiled and tightened it reflexively with every struggle the raging monarch made. "Take this!" Bojack called out from his vantage point, appearing behind Trunks and giving him a painful blast into the back. With a scream, Trunks savagely ripped out of the net and streaked downward, punching Bido in the jaw so hard that it sent the small fighter flying with a trail of blood streaking ahead, but his rampage was cut short by Bojack, who slammed a fist into his gut and pinned him to the ground.

"I`m your opponent," Pujin stated with a drunken cough, charging at Gohan in a rage only to have the youth fall to the side at the last second and almost pass out, making the giant rush right by him and smack into a wall, obviously still dazed and witless from Vegeta`s Final Flash. Bojack then appeared, striking Gohan several times in exceedingly painful ways, then throwing the boy into another of Bido`s nets, the little turban wearing fighter having gotten up from wherever he`d landed and once again throwing out one of those stringy attacks of his. Gohan struggled valiantly, but he wasn`t even in Super Saiya-jin right now. "The stronger you fight it, the more energy you lose," Bido cackled through an apparently broken jaw while Pujin staggered away from where he`d impacted, shaking himself ferociously to get out the cobwebs from Vegeta`s attack.

"You`ve done well, kid," Bojack complimented, backhanding Gohan away, then giving him a knee to the gut and then punching him in the face, a series of moves which ended leaving the boy struggling back to his feet, coughing up blood and spouting off more desperate obscenities than could be mentioned.

Then, the car pulled up, and Mr. Satan poked his head out, obviously scared beyond words. "Hercule!" Gohan cried out in surprise. "All he`s done is buy you a few more seconds to think of what you`ll tell the Kaios for getting killed today," Bojack retorted annoyedly, having paused just long enough to give Gohan time to look around and take in the carnage around him. Gohan got mad, and when he got mad, he got the power to go with it. His hair again shot out and turned golden, eyes turning a sea green with the glint of an experienced fighter in them, and he suicidally hurled himself at Bojack, screaming out only to be attacked from all sides by Bojack`s subordinates.

I find the aren`t so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts, they make no sense, I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away, over and over again...

"Just like before," Gohan muttered, finding himself locked in a bearhug that he couldn`t escape no matter how he tried. Bojack just let out a laugh, squeezing Gohan even tighter while his reddish hair flowed behind him. The monster had made his transition to some sort of altered state back when he was beating down Vegeta, and now he was just biding his time. Slowly killing Gohan.

"Look at it this way, kid," Bojack began, squeezing Gohan until he couldn`t do anything but cough up blood. "Maybe you can see your old man. And I know he`s watching you from up there with the Kaios," Bojack stated joyously. Zangya watched on, smiling sadistically as the boy let out a scream that could chill anyone`s soul, save for the truly evil. Pujin and Bido were both exchanging witty comments about what to do with the bodies of the fighters to further insult them after the boy died, but something was about to change their plans.

Shut up when I`m talkin` to you!

"I can`t stomach this anymore!" Goku screamed, placing two fingers to his forehead as King Kaio turned around. "Goku, don`t!" He started, half finished when Goku vanished. "Damn," King Kaio muttered under his breath.

On the earth, Gohan reeled back in Bojack`s grip and did the only thing he could, biting into the skin of the tyrant until streaks or purple stained the tips of his teeth, then ripping out the flesh he`d sank his teeth into and spitting the flesh into his would-be assassin`s face. Bojack sneered and tightened his grip even further until finally...

"Enough!" Bojack went flying back as a golden light brighter than the son appeared in front of him, and what felt like a fist rained into the side of his jaw and throwing him away, losing his hold on the boy that crashed to the ground a second later, gasping for air and half unconcious. Then, Gohan felt warm. Kinda fuzzy really, looking around in what seemed to be some pocket dimension, held in Goku`s arms. "Gohan," his father began. "You can`t give up now. Trunks and Vegeta are down and Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha and Krillin don`t stand a chance to begin with. You have to show them your true power, you`re the earth`s last hope!" Goku yelled, shaking Gohan to his senses and then holding him up by the shoulders. "Show them why you don`t mess with us earthlings," Goku said with a smile, dropping Gohan now, who felt light as a feather in reality.

"What the hell was that?!" Bojack demanded, getting up with a slick of purple blood trailing down his pale green skin where Goku`s fist had hit him, the ripped flesh of Gohan`s defiant bite bleeding just as badly as before. Gohan touched down with a pair of taps, the golden sphere suddenly vanishing to display the boy standing there, back in Super Saiya-jin and looking even more determined than he had been when this ordeal started. "End of the line," he stated simply, jumping up at the exact moment to dodge all the attacks from the underlings.

Gohan landed again and then cracked his neck as a faint golden glow started to run up and down his body, even more defined than the aura. "Just like before," he thought, energy suddenly rippling off of him in a tornado of electricity, his aura growing and burning brightly while his muscles became more defined, hair spiking up and becoming far longer, save for a single strand that hung down over his face. With a loud roar, a golden dome of energy shot out from his body, pushing away Zangya, Pujin and Bido all at once and then leaving them all crashing to the ground in front of Bojack. "Dumb kid," Bojack muttered. "Pujin, Bido," he ordered.

Without delay, both rushed forward, throwing out string nets galore only to find that now...

They had no effect whatsoever. Gohan kept walking, purpose in his eyes, just like he had done against Cell. The difference was clear though. He wasn`t here to torture Bojack and his underlings. He was here to kill all four of them as quickly as possible.

The string nets hung off of his body by the hundreds, still having no effect whatsoever while the youth stepped between the two green skinned warriors and opened his mouth, screaming so loudly that no living being`s ears could register the sound, Bojack and his band of thugs included. Pujin and Bido, as well as most of the rubble and a good bit of the ground around Gohan went flying away, both managing to steady themselves and rush back in. Pujin struck out first, through blow after punishing blow into Gohan`s body, none of which even phased him.

Zangya twitched as Pujin`s scream echoed through her ears, the once proud warrior`s body severed in half at the ribcage, exploding right afterward. Bido either didn`t see or didn`t care about his ally`s death, but he didn`t get long enough to mourn. One swift kick and the short warrior was sliced clean in half, also exploding with the same intensity as Pujin`s death. "Your turn," he stated, turning towards Zangya and Bojack with an angry stare and a low, threatening voice that had reduced Cell to a frightful coward.

Zangya backed away briefly, absolutely horrified as Gohan slowly moved towards Bojack, realizing she had unwittingly placed herself between them. "Oh no," she thought, realizing Bojack was behind her, shoving her forward forcibly. Gohan didn`t even budge when Zangya smashed into him, not of her own free will either. Instead, he just walked over her, not even paying the scared woman a bit of mind. Bojack twitched and then screamed.

"Worthless bitch!" He called out, throwing a ki blast at Zangya, only to have it caught by Gohan and then thrown carelessly away, detonating out at sea. "You`re going to die, Bojack," he said murderously. "No, you will!" Bojack stated, rushing forward and drawing back his arm...

Gohan was faster. In the blink of an eye, Bojack had a fist impaling right through him, then a second, which shoved him back. "Shit, shit, shit," Bojack muttered, faltering back and drawing his power out into his hands. "A mere... Kid... Can`t... Do this," Bojack whimpered out, staggering as he drew his power even further into his hands, knowing his end was near. "I`m not holding back anymore, Bojack. Say hi to Frieza and Cell for me," Gohan responded coldly.

"Kame Hame Ha!"

It was over. Categorically. Finally. Decisively. Bojack vanished in a blinding beam of light. In one incredible pillar of light that continued off of the Earth like some sort of cosmic light signal or a tower ascending into the heavens, close to a million years of evil was silenced for all time. Gohan could almost hear his father cheering...

Zangya, who was still frightened witless, just stared at her employer`s killer, promptly fainting as explosions sounded off all over the island with his death. Gohan powered down though, staggering down the street nearest to him and falling over a few yards from Piccolo and Vegeta. "I did it," he muttered before falling over and going to sleep.

Goku smiled without another word as King Kaio appeared behind him, hands behind his back. "You know... What you did was abhorently wrong back there," King Kaio stated, nudging his glasses a bit. Goku looked back and nodded. "I know. But why?" He asked. "I don`t know," King Kaio answered. "It happened while I blinked, so I missed it," he answered with a smirk, watching down with Goku at the world below.

"Mr. Satan saves the world again," Krillin read dejectedly from the paper, glancing over at Trunks and Gohan, who lay in nearby hospital beds. "Can you believe that creep?" Krillin asked. Gohan shrugged and spoke with a bit more forgiveness than his friend did. "Technically he did, since he bought time and that made things happen the way they did," Gohan said with a wincing shrug as the door opened. ChiChi and Bulma walked in soon after, Bulma carrying baby Trunks in her arms like she almost always did. There was also a new arrival with the group as well.

"You`ve got a lot of explaining to do, Gohan," Videl stated, walking in after Bulma and going directly for Gohan`s bed. He immediately gained a slightly shocked look on his face as Videl pulled up a chair, but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek, something that turned his entire body red with a blush as he could hear Krillin, Bulma and his mother all humming out the tune to "Gohan`s got a girlfriend."

"Why me?"

And at a distance, there was another who watched things more carefully, now dressed differently and gazing from across the street. Zangya, alive and well, continued to gaze on at those in the hospital as the boy that could have killed her and instead spared her lay there, tinted a slight pink as viewed from a distance. "They grow on you, don`t they?" Another voice asked. "Seems that way," Zangya answered, watching as Android 18 crouched down behind her, Piccolo not too far behind, seeming to carry on a conversation with Vegeta using nothing but silent glances back and forth.

End Hybrid Theory

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