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When we got to Wolford, I felt rejuvenated and fresh. I went with the girls and changed back into my human form. I grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt from a pile of clothes. I found Matt and he put his arms around me.

"I'm sorry we haven't had any alone time." I told him.

"It's all right. We've got forever. I'm just happy you survived. I love you." He told me and kissed me long and passionately on the lips. I closed my eyes as we parted our lips.

"I'm really regretting not giving you alone time." I smiled, opening my eyes. He laughed. He took my hand and squeezed it. We walked up to the council room, where the elders were waiting. When we entered, Elder Wilde gave a relieved look. All of the elders looked that way.

"Jake. Kelly. We are so happy you survived." He said coming over and giving us both hugs. "We knew you would make it. We were so sure you were ready."

"Well we had the best trainers around. Thanks for everything." I told him and Elder Thomas.

"Yes. We couldn't have done it without you guys." Jake put in.

"Well we're just happy to see you alive and well. I hope you're thinking about joining the dark guardians. You know, Matt joined." Elder Wilde said, and I smiled.

"Yes, I will defiantly think about being a dark guardian. We both will." I told him and he smiled.

"Good, good. Now you must be hungry. We will have a feast!" He said. "Frank, go tell the chef to prepare the best food we have." The boy from the first day scampered off.

"You three go ahead and wash up." Elder Wilde said. We left the council room.

"I'm gonna go see Holly. I'll meet up with you guys later." He told me.

"I hope that Tyler kid didn't get in the way." I told Matt.

"Jake's a good guy, he'll get the girl in the end. Same as I did." He said, putting his hands around my waist and bringing me close to him. I closed the distance between us and kissed him.

"Tonight we can have alone time in my room." He whispered in my ear.

"I can't wait." I told him, then he kissed me one more time. "I've really got to shower cause I smell horrible."

"You smell great." He told me.

"Yeah, well, I'll see you at dinner." I told him. I made my way to my room and found Lindsey unpacking.

"Hi?" I asked.

"Hey, we're roommates, I hope your okay with that." She told me.

"Yeah, of course. Nice to have you. Sorry I was a bitch before. I wasn't sure if we'd see each other again." I told her.

"No problem. So what was it like?" She asked me.

"It was painful beyond description, but I fought through it, then Matt came in and helped with the rest." I told her.

"That is so amazing. So can I see...your fire?" She asked, sitting on her bed. I opened my palm and suddenly it was on fire.

"Wow! That's so amazing!" Lindsey said walking over to get a closer look. I closed my hand and it went out.

"I'm going to take a shower." I told her.

"Kay." I went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. I brushed my hair till it was straight and put on minimal makeup. When I came out I saw Kayla and Brittany with Lindsey talking.

"Hey!" Kayla said, smiling.

"Hi." I went over to my bag and took out a pair of black skinny jeans.

"We were just talking about you. We're so happy you survived." She told me.

"Thanks. And Brittany, sorry I was bitch. I didn't know I'd be making it to say sorry." I told her.

"No problem. Once I heard about the myth, I totally understood it."

"I'm glad. So how was hiking?" I asked them.

"It was boring. We couldn't wait to come here for summer solstice." Lindsey said. I put on my pants and pulled out two beaters, one white and one bright blue. I put on the white one then the blue and slipped on my blue ankle boots. I put on a silver chain necklace.

"When is summer Solstice?" I asked them.

"It's on Sunday. This place is going to be packed." Brittany said.

"By the way, you guys never told me how you met your mates." I told them.

"We'll tell you while we go downstairs." And they had a story to tell as we went downstairs. Kayla went off with Lucas and Rafe took Lindsey away. Brittany finished the story. By the time she was finished, Connor was waiting for her. I felt hands come around me and I turned to see Matt.

"I missed you." I told him.

"I missed you too." He told me and kissed me on the neck.

"Shouldn't we get to dinner?" I asked him.

"Of course. No dessert before dinner." He told me. I smiled as he took my hand and led me outside. There was a long table and Tiki torches and candles everywhere. But weirdly they were unlit. Matt led me to the end of the table opposite of Holly and Jake.

"Hey." I said to them. Jake grinned and I grinned back. Our attentions were turned to Elder Wilde at the other end of the table.

"We gather here tonight to celebrate Kelly and Jake Parker. They were destined to die, but overcame destiny and fought their way through their transformation. Thank you to Matt Tanner who helped Kelly through her transformation." Everyone clapped and I shrunk into Matt. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.

"Now, Kelly would you do the honors of lighting the candles?"

"I would love to." I said smiling. I looked around at all the Tiki torches and candles. I looked back at the table and suddenly everything was lit. It was so nice and comforting.

The chef brought out racks of lamb and sauce, with mash potatoes and asparagus. Jake filled the cups with cold water. We ate and laughed together, as a family. I looked up to the sky to see if my mom was watching, knowing that she was happy with the way things had turned out.