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The towering brick building in front of him was indeed impressive, especially for a small town, such as Red Hill. Adjusting his eyesight to the darkness night had to offer, Jonathan Crane made his way around the college, and towards the barn a senior couple was allowing him to use for the next few nights. That is, until Crane could make the place more...permanent. One thing he loved, and most likely one of the only things he loved, about Georgia, was the people's trusting nature.

A strong wind howled as it pounded it's way across the summit. He pulled the collar of his tweed jacket closer. Sticks and leaves snapped from beneath his feet, and off to his left, an owl screeched. Up ahead he could see the barn. There was nothing special about the place used to house horses and other livestock. Faded crimson paint and a rusting, white, metal door made up the exterior. Jonathan grabbed the black handle, and opened the door by sliding it to his left. The smell of old hay characterized most barns, this one was no different. As soon as he was inside, he closed the door. Empty stalls and cobwebs in almost all the corners proved this building hasn't sheltered anything in a long while.

Crane made his way across the concrete floor until he came to the fourth stall on the right. Undoing the lock by, sliding a metal latch out of the metal loop, he opened the gate, and stepped inside. Before him was another man, tied down with thick ropes with a long silver piece of duct tape wrapped around his head and across his mouth, in a pile of hay.

"I am terribly sorry about this, Professor Donahue," Jonathan said in a calm voice. "But in order for my plans to proceed, I will require your position at the Red Hill Summit University. For me to do that, I will require your removal."

As Crane stuck one of his hands in a jacket pocket, muffled cries escaped the writhing man on the ground.

"Unfortunately I can't allow you to scream. That would cause a lot of commotion, which will most likely bring out the old man and woman, and than I could be caught." Jonathan's voice grew deeper. He pulled out a syringe with a long needle and a green liquid inside.

"That a boy, Jon," Scarecrow's voice growled quietly from inside Crane's mind. "Stick the son of bitch with that damn needle!"

Jonathan knelt down beside the university professor. Grabbing his wrist, he stuck the long needle deep into his vein, and let the liquid drain in. Watching the seemingly calm man buck and attempt to scream was almost a great treat. Deep inside him, Scarecrow wanted more.

Within a blink of an eye, Scarecrow took his chance to be in charge. Taking the burlap mask out of his pocket, he quickly threw it over his head. He took a handful of ropes that were tied to the man and started dragging him out the back door. Knowing what kind of panic the sound of a terrified man could cause, Jonathan had to concentrate and try not to let Scarecrow release their victim within the town's hearing range.

"Find anything yet?" Robin's voice came over the earpiece in Batman's cowl.

"No." Was the Dark Knight's response. "How much luck are you and Dick having?"

"Same as you, I guess." Robin replied from his position on top of Gotham University. "We tried every other know place to Scarecrow's usual hide outs, and nothing. Seems like he just disappeared!"

"You can't just disappear, Tim. I'm having Oracle check train stations and airplane lines to see if we can get a lead from that. Check back with me if you find anything."

With a quick flick of the wrist, Scarecrow cut the squirming professor free. Not looking back behind him, Donahue ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

"It won't be long before the toxin takes control," Jonathan stated as he and Scarecrow watched the panicking man run towards the town.

"I'm callin' the fucken cops!" The professor screamed as he ran.

"I wouldn't worry about the fucking cops," Scarecrow sneered. "I'd worry about what Crane just injected you with and how long your going to last."

"It should not be long with him running like that," Jonathan replied. "The toxin will just work faster with his adrenaline levels racing like they are. I would bet he does not even have-"

Jonathan was cut short as he watched the running professor fall face forward.

"Never mind, Jonathan! He didn't even get a quarter of the way back," Scarecrow replied.

Taking one last glance at the dead professor, before running back towards the barn and house, Scarecrow took off his mask, and let Jonathan in control. Not much later, Crane found himself pounding on the house door. An old man answered the door.

"What in hell is yer problem, boy?" He grumbled groggily.

"I'm sorry, sir," Jonathan feigned a slight sense of shock in his voice. "I just went for a little walk and there's a dead man laying not to far away from the barn!"


"Well, I must say it's a damn good thing ya happened to be around here," The headmaster of the Red Hill Summit College said after having a brief interview with the man across from him. "Now, what did you say yer name was?"

"Just call me Professor Faer," the Jonathan responded. "I'm sorry about the loss of your staff member."

"It's a shame alright," The headmaster replied. "Donahue has been our leading professor in psychology for over twenty-five years, now. Never thought he'd just have a heart attack like that..."

Scarecrow smiled somewhere within Crane's psyche. On the outside, he appeared as apologetic as he sounded.

"When do you think you can start?" The headmaster asked.

"Whenever you need me."

Two hours later, Jonathan found himself preforming the one action he never would have thought himself doing again, walking into a classroom. There was a slightly raised area with desks all around it. Slowly, he walked towards the podium in the center of the wooden floored area. He quickly looked over the schedule and planners for the day, sat down in a chair, and waited for classes to start. At around nine-thirty, a bunch of typical college students came flooding through the door.

His blue eyes scanned the crowd for the person he came all this way to see. When the group was all seated, he found who he was searching for. She wasn't that hard to recoginize, considering she still walked with a cane and was the only person that appeared ready to start class.

After brushing a stray piece of her auburn hair, Rebbecca Albright took a seat in the front row.

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