So I felt that I needed to write something… The problem is, I wasn't sure what to write about. So I go on google and type in writing prompts, but there wasn't anything interesting. Well, let me rephrase that, all the writing prompts were stupid. They seemed like it at least. Then I saw this one… I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what it is.


Apartment 2J, 10 AM, Saturday Morning

Kendall, ever the early bird, is wandering around the apartment, mindlessly. He is bored, that much is apparent by his blank face. The apartment is silent, much like it always is at 10 AM on a Saturday morning. Kendall, still looking rather unamused, somehow ends up on the internet, looking up random things. A popup appears on the screen; his brows furrow (Was that supposed to happen?) Upon closer inspection of the popup, it is flashy. The colors are bright. There's an animation. On the screen, a man with a briefcase walks down the road. He is smiling. It seems as though he is heading to work. He begins whistling; the merry tune fills the once silent air. The sky is a bright blue. The sun is bright. Clouds float by slowly, lazily. The whistling goes on. The man stops at a bus stop. He sits on the bench. The tune continues. Suddenly, the sky darkens. Screams pierce the air. Kendall, startled, jumps. Back on screen, something is crashing into the buildings and such in the city. Craters appear. Out of the holes come… bananas. The bananas are peeled into evil faces; they attack the people of the city, previously nonexistent. People litter the sidewalks. The man cowers under the bench. Abruptly, it stops. The screen blacks out and, after a few seconds, words appear. "How do YOU plan to prevent an invasion of evil bananas?"

Kendall leans back as he stares at the screen, wide eyed. No longer bored, but still scared, he shuts down the computer. He heads to his room, where he comes upon a sleepy James. He asks about the screaming. Kendall gives him a look. James mutters a 'never mind' before sinking down into his bed. Just before he closes his eyes, Kendall speaks up.

"How do YOU plan to prevent an invasion of evil bananas?"

Apartment 2J, 10:15 AM, Saturday Morning


Okay… so this isn't quite a one-shot. That means that, eventually, I'll continue this. It can stand-alone though. That works too. Anyways… I do hope to get some sort of feedback. I don't think I've tried writing like this before…