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Slaughterhouse: |ˈslôtərˌhous|noun. A place where animals are slaughtered for food.
Origin: 1325–75; ME slautherhus;


This is a collection of discarded stories and beginnings and clips that will never be anything more. Out of these are Naruto stories I started but didn't have the motivation to finish. Some of them are pretty good and I might have gotten to finishing them over time but a lack of muse tends to always be the reason for their death. I hate to see them just sitting untouched in my computer but I also hate starting stuff and never finishing. It gets depressing after a while.

I will not lie. This whole story, Slaughter House, will probably anger you a great deal since everything is a dead end, but hopefully there will be someone out there to pick these stories-or some of them- up and give them a finish. Even if you don't write, I would encourage you to stretch your imagination and find a plot or ending to a lot of what I have written.

Thank you my loyal readers for putting up with my crap this long and enjoying it. I love you all and feel like I don't deserve any of you as readers. I promise to try hard at what I have planned for you all. From the disaster of Dancing on Glass to my newest creation, Dance with the Devil, I wish you all happy readings.


Standard disclaimer applied.
ong credits: White Zombie, Power Hungry.

Power Hungry

It hurt, it stung and it screamed deep inside her. Sakura fell against the side of the wall and gasped deep. Her breath was shallow and clogged, making it difficult to suck in oxogen properly. There was a deep red tear in her chest curving around her shoulder from the hands of those creatures she had once known as bad story book characters.


She was a doctor, a good one too. She was known for being able to keep her head in a situation when everyone else flipped out over the puss and blood. This shouldn't have been too much of a problem for her but at the moment her mind was nothing more than a white wall, screaming static in her ears. She couldn't think enough to recite her alphabet.

'You need to move!' her voice screeched, but it wasn't enough to thaw her frozen form. She might as well have been a statue for all the good her inner's advice did her.

'How did demons form the outside get past the Ring?' she mentally scrambled.

There was no way those things could have been anything else. Granted, she had never been seen one in real life before today, but she had read up on them and seen the drawings. There were few videos of any of their breed, but the ones that did exist were too blurred and out of focus to be any good. Most didn't believe in them anymore. Yet, no one was stupid enough to leave the safety of the Ring-a barrier that sheltered their cities from the outside-and those who were didn't come back alive.

One of the monsters screamed low and grating down the hall. It was coming closer. 'How could it be able to follo-oh shit! He's following my blood trail!' She clenched her fist, the one connected to the nicked arm, and tried to push off the wall. She needed to move and get somewhere with more security. Somewhere with a door that could hold.


She stopped and turned in the middle of the hallway, still leaning against the wall. It was faint but loud enough to be identified. She recognized that voice. He could barely get his volume above a murmur, but she could tell he was trying to shout.

"Neji, where are you?" He didn't reply with his voice, but from inside one of the rooms she heard movement. She ducked in as quick as she could, grateful for the courage and hype he gave her. Something about saving someone else seemed to work better on getting her moving than just saving herself.

His arm was horribly angled under a filing cabinet and wheeled cart rested against his back. She kicked the cabinet off him with power she didn't possess in her hands, and righted the cart. "Oh God, Neji...Are you okay? Shit... you are hurt. Can you walk?"

His eyes had trouble staying open but he was looking at her, coughing and thanking her. "I didn't think anyone would come..." he whispered.

She helped him up as best she could and reached for his head, stopping an inch away from touching the open tear in his crown. It wasn't deep, but it was long and bleeding into his hair. She couldn't touch it with her own hand since she was bodied enough as it was, but she needed to help him. She moved to the other end of the room for only a moment. It didn't take long to find the bandages, but it was impossibly hard to get them unwound with one lame hand and one slippery one.

"Shit," she cried, feeling salt in her eyes. "This is so screwed up. What the hell happened? Ugh, I can't..." His hand came into his vision and took the bandages away. "Neji?"

"I'm fine, Sakura. It's nothing. More importantly, your shoulder is in need of mending and we are both in need of safety." He smiled down at her, looking sorry to see so much blood seeping out of her. It was a sad sort of smile. It was odd to see him show any sort of emotion, much less such tender emotions. "Are you alright, Sakura?"

"I-I'm fine. More importantly, we need to get to someplace safe. The Surgery room has the toughest locks on it, but it's one floor down and the elevators are out." Sakura sniffed, shaking her head and gripping her shoulder. "Can you move well enough?"

"It's only my arm I can't use." He motioned to his unmoving limb. She could see already that it was in need of setting. "This head injury is nothing. Come on, surgery is my department."

"I'll help you there."

He wrapped his hand around her back and hugged her hip, leading her out of the room and down the hall to where the stairs were. She stumbled a lot and so did he. She had to pull him to a stop at one point so she could catch her breath. Something in her chest was clogging and cutting of her air supply. Maybe an internal injury from when she fell though the floor?

Neji looked really concerned for her and tried his best to support her in spite of his own injuries. His ribs probably weren't broken, but they were most likely severely bruised. The only reason he was as healthy as he was, was due to his obsession with martial arts and physical training. He had a strong, healthy body that could take more than the average person. That's why he was still alive when so many others had become lunch meat. Sakura could still smell the bodies from where she stood.

How many were dead? Did her friends make it out alive? What about the patients that were brought to her hospital for help and healing? Were they dead too?

Together they were making good time, and they could see the stairs at the end of the hall, but they would never make it. Never, because between them and the door was a hulking barbed creature that resembled a dog with bull sized body mass. It wasn't the same as the one who had clawed Sakura and sent her through the already destroyed floor. That one had been a deep, glassy green in color and owned only one horn. This one they were looking at now had four horns all around his face, all of them pointed towards the pair.

"Damn it," he cursed.

Sakura felt Neji's hold on her waist tighten and he swopped in front of her, a human shield meant to take the blow for her. The floors and walls vibrated, raining dust and rubble from overhead, but all Sakura could see was the Hyuga's beautifle blue white eyes, wide with passion and a desire to protect.

A echoing bang erupted all around them and they both fell to the floor, spattered with black blue guts from the demon. Neji pulled her tighter to his body and tried to wrap his whole self around her in an effort to keep her from further harm. But there was nothing to protect from, anymore.

"What?" she choked, tears carving trails down the grime and dust on her face.

They both looked behind them and saw the chunky remains of what once was the charging demon.

"Well that could have been nasty."

Sakura turned once more and saw a lean young man with spiked hair the color of midnight matching his eyes. He held himself aloof with a smoking gun cocked and pressed against his hip. High laced army boots, a bowie knife and mesh made up what looked like a comic book character who smoked in the deserted halls. He had been the one who spoke.

"Excuse me? Who are you?" she asked, still having trouble breathing.

He looked down at her with a lazy drawl and tapped his smoking stick free of its unfastened ash. "Me...?" His grin was cocky. "Sasuke Uchiha, demon hunter extraordinaire at your service. And with one bastard brute down you both owe me a new pair of boots."

So yeah, Sasuke is a demon hunter who charges high prices for saving lives. Will that change after meeting Sakura? What were the demons doing in the building in the first place? Did someone let them in? If so why?

Dear reader, the decisions are you to you.

Vesper chan.