A/N: For your reading pleasure. Don't be too hard on me though, this is very angsty and therefore not too fun to write.

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Alternate Epilogue

I heard his footsteps before his glorious body came into view.

"Love?" He whispered, the air whooshing around him as he came to a stop in front of me.

I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, burying my face in his neck and inhaling.

He held me tighter as the silent sobs wracked my body. If I was able to cry, tears would be streaming down my face and onto his shirt.

"It hurts." I whispered, clutching to him like a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.

"I know, baby." He whispered, kissing my forehead. "I know."

I let out a shuddering breath as he laid me down on the bed. He took the black dress of my body. He slid the black pantyhose I had on down my legs, followed closely by my underwear. Then my bra.

I didn't even notice he had already taken off his clothes at a speed that wouldn't be visible to me if I was human.

If I was human. Which I wasn't.

Not anymore.

His fingers scorched a trail down my body, setting me on fire with his touch and momentarily taking me out of my trance.

"Edward." I groaned aloud as his fingers found my center. "Oh, baby."

He wasted no time, replacing his fingers with his mouth in a matter of seconds.

I arched up off the bed, hearing the groan of the wood of the bed as we pressed down on it.

"You know how amazing you taste?" He asked me, clearly rhetorical. He accentuated his words with a lick. "Like the finest wine. If we were human, I wouldn't need meals. I'd just devour you. All day long."

"Oh, God." I squirmed. "Edward, please. Please, baby. Please!"

He looked up at me, his eyes amused but careful.

"Please, what, Bella? Be specific."

I moaned loudly, my hips coming up and then back down on the bed, and I heard a large crack as the wooden frame beneath us snapped.

It was an easy thing to ignore, something that happened all the time. I was surprised we didn't keep spare bedframes lying around for things like this.

Our eyes caught and we both stared at each other for a moment before erupting into soft chuckles. Well, chuckles from him, I probably sounded like a suffocating walrus.

He moved up my body until his tip was directly at my opening, searching my eyes as he sought an invitation; he always did. Like a gentleman.

I nodded minutely and just like that he filled me, his hard length pressing into my softness.

I couldn't help it. I screamed aloud, my entire body turning to goo and my fingers clutching his back as he moved in and out of me at a speed that would be disorienting if it didn't feel so goddamn good.

We both wrapped around each other tightly, no space between us, coldness to coldness, hardness to softness.

He buried his face in my neck, gently nipping at the skin there.

"Oh, fuck," I groaned, right when the feelings got even more intense. If it was possible he moved even faster, his eyes closed with the exertion and I felt him tense, all of him tense, and I knew he was close.

"Please don't ever leave me." I whispered passionately against his skin, kissing his strong shoulder.

"I won't." He promised, just a whimper, but it meant the world to me.

I let go without a second thought, my body pulsing wildly around him as I felt him give a few more deep thrusts, hitting my spot both times. He went rigid as his body found release, and he buried his face in my hair and let out a groan so loud and sexy I thought I'd come again.

It wouldn't have been the first time.

Our bodies heaved with the labored breaths we took, even though we really didn't need them. He didn't roll off me, he didn't even stop thrusting.

We didn't need to stop. We probably wouldn't stop now for a few days. And I knew that it was for me. We usually made a rule to stop after about a day, but I knew that this time we wouldn't.

When I got the call a week ago that my best friend had been killed, time ceased to matter.

It was Edward who pulled me out of it. He'd whispered sweet nothings and promises I knew he'd forever keep.

He was my salvation; my angel in this world of dark.

And I knew that we'd be okay eventually.

It would always hurt, of course, losing Jake would never be something that would come easily to me or ever stop aching.

But that was okay.

Because Edward was here.

My prince in shining armor; my vampire husband, was here, and he'd never let me be alone.

And here, in his arms, in the warmth of his comforting embrace, there's never anyone I've wanted more.

"I love you." I whispered, softly kissing his defined pectoral as waves of pleasure rolled throughout my body.

"I love you, too." He whispered back, "More and more everyday."

I smiled softly. "Imagine what it will be like in 200 years. You'll love me a lot then."

He kissed me passionately. "I already love you a lot." He smiled down at me as his body moved over mine. "And I'll continue loving you. I just hope you don't get sick of me."

I scoffed, which quickly turned into a moan. "Not likely. I promised you forever. And that's what we're getting."

He grinned, lacing our fingers and putting them above our heads.

"Forever and ever and ever." He whimpered, planting a hot kiss on my neck.

"That sounds just about right to me." I murmured before bringing our bodies closer together.

The End...