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The Naming

Jessica looked at Dess, eyes questioning as she fingered the switch that turned her flashlight on and off. "Dess?" asked Jessica, voice light as she eyed the polymath.

Rex motioned for them all to get down, uttering a single word that sent shivers down their spines. "Darklings."

Jonathan ducked low beneath the rock, Melissa right beside him as she slid down the stone. "Rex, what's out there?" asked the acrobat, voice low so that the blue time's foreboding enemies couldn't hear them.

"I have a question," said Jessica, voice a bit raised above a whisper so the others could hear her over their beating hearts and the blood roaring in their ears.

She got a death glare from Melissa and just glares from the rest of the group. "Hush," snarled Dess, eyes narrowed menacingly at the flamebringer. "Keep quiet, you idiot."

"Seriously, I have an idea."

They all glared at her. "Jessica, now is really not the time," said Dess, the only one who could talk to her without a hiss or a snarl at this point. "How about in a few minutes? Maybe like when we're not in mortal danger."

"How about we name them?"

"Not time to treat them like pets," Jonathan said, voice barely managing to stay level. He was very tempted to snap at her. "They're killers, not cute little poodles, Jessica."

"I mean name them like we name the weapons." She shook her arm and her bracelet jangles for a short moment. "It might just make them explode blue and then they'd be gone!" Jessica was smiling with her brilliance.

All eyes turned to Dess. She seemed to mull it over for a moment before saying, "That's plausible but highly unlikely." She shrugged. "I'm not saying it's a terrible idea though. The chances of it working don't really add up to one of us dying, but I vote Jessica tries it so that if one of us has to die, it's the one who suggested it."

"Then let's try it," said Melissa, her tinted eyes sparkling. She stood up. "Animalization," she called, pointing to one of the smaller darklings with cold black wings poking out it's sides.

It was as if she were a witch and had juat put a spell on the beast. The thing screeched in horror, blue sparks jumping off of it as it fell to the ground, twitching and shivering and quivering until it finally exploded in a flaming splash of blue in the silence of the still hour.

The five midnighters watched, eyes wide in amazement. Their jaws dropped except for Jessica's who just said with a huge smile across her lips, "Told you so."

And so the other four leapt out from behind the large sandstone rock, pointing and calling out thirteen lettered words to name each darklings with. Dess was being fancy and calling out thirty nine lettered words on some of them. Those darklings exploded faster, the blue sparks taking out some other members of the small army nearby.

The midnighters were enjoying the naming.

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