Until The Last Breath


By: Chi~

Disclaimer: I don't own any phrases or other things used in here. Just what's left of my soul.

A/N: I don't really know why I got the inspiration to write something like this…but I just did. I found out that a former teacher of mine, during my Sophomore year, passed away during the summer and it was sort of a shock. Then I got these visions of this…well, you'll see.

Enjoy, if you dare. And…have a tissue ready…or twenty.

This is a four-part story, by the way. It'll go faster than my other fics that are in-progress because this is my current inspiration. I hope you like it.

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Until The Last Breath

The students filed out one by one, but she was always the only one still in her seat – like any other day. Nobody really questioned it, which she was quite thankful for. And the best thing was that most didn't even bother to start rumors. For once, which she saw as a miracle, nobody really cared about what the other was doing or hiding in or outside of school.

Their secret was at peace. She knew it wouldn't forever, people aren't stupid and eventually, they'll notice the secret glances, the low conversations they would have during class with seeming innocence but was really coded talk, and the fact that she would be the only one behind as everyone leaves at the end of the day. Until such a thing would happen, there was serenity in the law they were breaking. Every day she would wait until they're alone in the classroom to have one last secret conversation with him until they would see each other, later in the night.

She looked up, met the glance he made while tapping at his laptop-computer. She smiled, gathered her things at last. She didn't even need to look away from his bright turquoise eyes to see what she was doing – she'd done it so many times before.

Hugging her two books to her chest, she stepped up to his desk. He sat forward in his seat, ceasing his fingers from typing on his computer. Their eyes continued to stare at each other, holding a quiet discussion.

"Safe tonight," she asked with her azure depths.

He blinked away, checking the open door in case anyone were to peek in, just for a second. When he saw that no one was there and the coast was clear, his turquoise depths flashed back to hers and he gave a small nod in confirmation.

"You," he asked back a second later, lightly smiling while interlocking his hands and resting them on the polished surface of his mahogany desk.

She beamed. He actually looked like a teacher, for once. The wonderful irony.

Nodding a little in affirmation while flicking some of her flaxen hair out of her face, she grinned. "Yes," she replied while setting her hand on the desk, skillfully holding her books to her chest with one arm.

His eyes darkened slightly, warmth in his gaze. "Okay." He smiled softly and she returned it with passion.

She turned and started to step away. But as she stepped, she ran her fingertips softly against the smooth surface. Her eyes let his as she went and she turned her head, but her smile never left her lips. She continued to step away until her fingertips were close to meeting the surface's limit. Then, she curled all her fingers in – except for one.

His smile turned almost loving as she began to tap her index finger against his desk. A routine that had more significance than meets the eye.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

He gave one more look at her back as she gracefully folded her free arm back around her books pressed against her chest and rushed off.

Sighing softly to himself, he leaned back in his chair. He spread his fingers out on the desk after pulling them apart. He drummed them against the surface for just a moment before he used his left index finger to tap his fingernail against the wood four times.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

It started during Sophomore year •

He was a new teacher to Hikari High school. A surprise for her as well as all the other girls at the time, only because of his young age of twenty-three. Plus, most thought he was drop-dead gorgeous, so it was to be expected.

She hadn't really thought of him that way – she had been quite indifferent about the fact that he was a young English teacher. She did admit that he was quite the looker (she had enjoyed listening to her friends go on about him being some sort of shota), so that was a given. But any feelings for him didn't build just from his age or looks. To tell the truth, no such thing happened like that with him either (and she was the school's 'kawaii-flower,' as many of his male students had dubbed her). She really had been quite cute to him, too…

But for them, it didn't take just a simple look.

[Or…then again…maybe it did.]

It took months •

"Kagami-chan, I kept you after class to inform you that you are failing my class."


"I believe…you missed two weeks last month? It seems that your grade still hasn't recovered from it."

"But didn't I make up the work?"

"I have that, so you did…but you failed the last two tests and that didn't really help it, as you know – let me show you…See?"


"Heh. Don't fret."

"How can't I? That' atrocious, more less embarrassing."

"Just stay after school and we'll fix this up, yes?"

"I…okay, Kagamine-sensei…"

For a forbidden apple •

"F-Forgive me, Kagami-chan, I-I didn't-"

"You can't do something like that without meaning it, Sensei."


"…It's almost the end of the year, I've noticed this…th-these feelings…f-for you…after these five months…"


"Please…I know you feel it, too…be it lust or something so much more…"

"Kagami- !"

"…Please…Sensei…don't just kiss me and expect me to believe that you didn't mean it…and that you didn't want me to kiss you back."

"Kagami-chan- but…this is…"

"…I really like you…Sensei…"


"I-I don't know why but…I feel as though these f-feelings are…they were…this was inevitable -!"

To be bitten into •

"N – nn…Le-Len…!"


"I…I – I love you - !"

"I – I l-love you, t-too…!"

Only to create… •

"It seems that I'll be having you as my English teacher again, Len."

"So it seems…"

"I…I'm excited…but nervous…"

"Why is that?"

"Well, hello, I'm very much in love with you here – "

"And I am with you. What's your point, little hana?"

"I…I'm just afraid one of us will blow our cover…a-and I…ah-damn it…"

"No, no, little hana…my songbird…don't cry…"

"It's just, every time I think about it…I can see you losing the job you love and even going to j-jail or something-"

"Songbird, you know that can't happen. You're basically an adult now."

"B-But still – "

" 'But' nothing, little hana…If it bugs you this much, then we'll figure something together…like we have been for months."

"…Mm…you're right…together…"

"…Forever and eternity, my songbird. Forever."


"…'f you keep looking at me like that, I'll cry, too, you know..."

The most purest love of all •

The seventeen year old girl was quite the open and tough one. She could take many things at once, at least, as long as she wasn't forced down to her true, vulnerable, as breakable as an egg, self. Not many people had been able to muster the patience to get closer to her. Therefore, she didn't have many friends as a result due to the fact that she always pursued those that – in all simplicity – made her feel alive.

Her teacher, as ironic as it is, was one of them. A man who enjoyed puzzles and loved trying to figure her out everyday. He wasn't just a friend and probably never was destined to be such the moment they set eyes on each other.

He was the one she had been quietly looking for since the time she became aware that there was more to life than just toys and cookies.

The unbearable, unconditional, and avoidable love for him was proof enough for her and for once in her life – she felt whole. Complete. Finished.

The moment their eyes met, it wasn't love. It was just them realizing the inevitable. Had it been passion at first sight? No. Only a connection that both of them had always been – almost unintentionally – praying for most of their lives.

A connection hat led them both to a taste of salvation. Of dedication. Of loyalty. Or pure honesty.

And of irrevocable true love.

A man of twenty-four and a mere girl of seventeen. Fate does work in strange ways, does it not? Basically, they were breaking the law, just for being in love. No one would approve, no adult – at least, not most. So, when has that ever stopped anyone?

Very well no one, yes?

Nothing would stop her from sneaking out of her bedroom – in the dead of the night – to climb over some fences and travel a few blocks just to spend time with her beloved – unless it killed her, lifeless as a doornail. She literally believed she would move mountains just to get a glimpse of him, if that were the situation. Most people would probably think she was only naïve – that she didn't understand what she was feeling and therefore, didn't know it – but when Rin Kagami was serious about something, one would have to reconsider. (Most of the time, she knew what she was doing before she even considered doing it.)

She knew for sure. She loved the man Len Kagamine with all of her mind and soul – and even her very body, which she had always cherished and respected. She knew just what she was doing and she expressed her feelings in private just as she knew she should and to please him. Everything that was hers was his and would be – strictly – until her either destined or untimely demise. She was his and nobody else's as much as he was. She had chosen. It was finished. She was tied to him – tightly.

After all, she had given all of herself to him and such a thing was quite a task to achieve.

The best thing about all of such was the on fact that pushed any doubtful thought she would come across about him right out of her mind.

He had done the exact same for her.

She knew she was lucky.

She knew she wasn't worthy as much as anyone else.

But, however – facts were – she was blessed. They were blessed. And blessed well.

They loved only for the other with all their soul…and all their hearts could muster. They loved only for the other with all their being.

And if one were to die, they both knew…

The other would follow soon after, no matter what the cost…

And so, a new destiny begins… •

: | . | :

- Part One -

The evening air was almost refreshing as she climbed over a certain fence. She couldn't really feel it, considering she was wearing black sweats over a mere tank top and shorts, but the air on her face was good enough. She supposed it was one of the good things that came out of sneaking back and forth at the middle of the night and a couple house before dawn (the bad was minor injuries and exercise – which she'd be damned if she stopped doing such just for that).

Setting her little foot on the ground, she let go of the wood fence and quickly balance herself on both feet.

"Yosh," she muttered as she started across the grass, getting closer to her destination. (She was lucky and glad her lover's house was right next to a street with street lights, so she could see.)

Stepping up on the small slab of concrete at the back door, she reached up and softly tapped her right index finger against the wood. She heard a small movement from the inside, indicating that things were going according to plan. (Not that she'd had any doubt, of course.)

Before her eyes in a small matter of short seconds, the door was open and the same almost haunting turquoise eyes, full of eagerness and longing just for her, met hers.

She was silently beckoned inside and what was she to do then accept the invitation and step inside to air conditioning…

And Len. Her two favorite things.

The moment the door softly closed – before she even got to utter even a syllable – strong arms were around her as well as lips she would never get tired of were on hers. She was hoisted up and pressed against the wall as she immediately participated in his passion kiss, pouring her longing for his touch and private presence into it.

As he held her expertly against the door, with her legs firmly wrapped around his waist, he let out a soft groan. He felt it – every last bit – and only uncovered his by taking her mouth and devouring her until she gasped for his mercy and he had to reluctantly let her break away.

"I…I'm sorry," she panted as he rested his forehead against hers with his eyes closed, just as flushed and breathless as she was. "I didn't expect such a…greeting."

"I apologize," he huskily replied. He frowned, which – in all honesty – really was a pout. "It's just…it feels like it's been forever…"

She sighed in the midst of her deep breathing, causing his "frown" to slightly curl into an amused grin.

"Len, it's only been eight hours and I got here as quick as I could," she said with slight exasperation.

He softly chuckled that husky chuckle of his. The one that never ceased to cause shivers to run down her spine, down to her toes and all the way back up again.

With a nuzzle, he murmured lowly, "But I missed you…"

She lightly nuzzled back with warmth. "Such a sap…" she breathed.

He did that chuckle again as his hands slowly ran up her sides and either sides of her chest, caressing her and making her impulsively arch against him, before he cupped her beautiful, heart-shaped face.

Her eyes softly fluttered open, making him admire the volume of her blond lashes. He had see it numerous of times and yet they were still amazingly alluring to him. She looked up into his, flushed harder at his gaze of adoration and her hands soon found themselves over his on her face. Her finger tips rested on his knuckles.

She began to smile softly, eyes brightening with love.

"I missed you, too," she muttered as he leaned in. Softly sighing hotly as her eyes slowly slipped closed again, his lips captured hers, making her heart jump against her chest.

With drowning passion, they softly moaned to each other as their mouths molded together and somewhat fought each other for dominance when he asked for entrance and she happily approved. His hands were digging and his body was snuggily pressing against her before long. And she was almost suffocating in all the love and lust he was wonderfully pouring into her.

She shuddered when he finally broke away, both of them just as breathless as they had been before.

And then, his hands were suddenly cupped at her bottom as he began to hold her against him. She quickly tightened her legs around him and wrapped her arms around his neck, realizing that he was going to carry her now.

She knew where.

Softly kissing at his chin and jaw, he began to carry her out into the adjoining hall as if she weighed nothing, toward a room she would never forget for the rest of her life.

She knew what was going to happen next. It was almost routine. And if she loved anything more than Len, it would be just what they were about to do in only a minutes time.

: | . | :

An hour or two later, Rin found herself awake and staring at him as he slept. He was breathing softly and his face flushed from their activities but blissfully smooth. Absolutely beautiful, in her opinion, and she couldn't help smiling at the selfish that…

Only I can see it.

Lightly curling at his side, resting her head on his shoulder, and softly drew little circles against his chest. She smiled lovingly when he turned more to her and softly sigh in contentment in his sleep. She kissed his collarbone softly, amusement in her eyes.

How'd it come to this, she asked once gain in her mind probably for the hundredth time during the past year and a half. It was as if she was a sixteen year old again – a virgin and somewhat alone – and then she blinked and there she was, in bed with a mellow afterglow and staring the most important thing in his life as it sleeps. Not only that, but she was so happy that even her heart ached. Ever ache she had, it was all him.

Going through all the memories she had of all that they'd been through. That day, driving a tutoring session, when he was helping her on a critical reading question and leaning in a little to close and "unintentionally" took her first kiss.

Or their first secret dinner date in the next town so no one would recognize them. Or when they began to learn more and more about each other and quickly falling for each faster than they could control. When they though up their own secret gestures to communicate and plan during class due to the fact that she didn't have a cellular phone. When they realized they only lived just a few blocks away and she discovered the fastest route to get there without being caught by random night patrol in their neighborhood.

The first night she came over…

The first night they confessed their love…

And the first night they gave all of themselves to each other – the night they first made love.

[And so much more.]

Her heart fluttered during her thoughts, remembering every single memory. So much really can happen in just a year and a few months…she slowly began to draw a heart on his breast, blinking with a blank expression. Just one year and she was in love. She hadn't even anticipated such a thing a year ago (especially not liking sex this much – but that was a different story).

She blinked again, looking up at his face. Intriguing… She stared at him then, still drawing patterns against his soft yet strong chest. And he lightly grinned a little in his sleep.

She fell in love again.

Sighing in contentment just as he had however long ago, she rested her head against the crook of his neck and let her eyes slip closed in bliss.

"Aishiteru," she whispered softly as his arm sluggishly, but strong, wrapped around her. It was as if he was responding with sincerity even through his fitful sleep. (Either that, or he was slightly awake and able to hear what she said.) She smiled more and kissed his skin.

Very lowly as she let her eyes slip closed, she promised, "Matsudai…"

: | . | :

At least a counter after three in the morning, she awoke to no Len and discovered her hands tightly clutching at the sheets where he had been. Slightly baffled with a peculiar feeling in the pit of her stomach, she sat up on her elbows and shook her head to get the sheet off her head. She wondered where he was… It wasn't because she didn't like not being around him (although that was part of it), it was just the feeling she had. She looked around groggily with the lamp on his bedside table to her left. He was nowhere to be found within the pale yellow painted bedroom.

Cocking her head to the side as she turned her eyes to his alarm clock and distinguished the time, which baffled her even more when she realized the hour. Not only was Len gone, but he hadn't even woken her up before he left or set the alarm for her to get up. Three o'clock was usually the time she would get ready to travel back home (due to her mother's schedule) and Len would always wake her up at that time if she ever fell asleep during their time together.

Unusual, she thought as she turned herself over and sat up in the bed. Slightly frowning, she wiped at the sleep in her eyes and flipped her flaxen hair out of her face.

"Len," she called, voice slightly hoarse from sleeping.

She waited for a few moments and got no response.

Raising a brow, she slipped out of the sheets and tiredly sought out her shorts and his t-shirt. She felt a little kinky after that, and definitely a loli, when she noticed his shirt covered even her shorts (which made her look like she was only wearing his shirt) and crookedly hung off her shoulder a little. Ugh.

Brushing back her hair out of her face again, she started out of his bedroom and into her missing lover's three bedroom, one story house.

Let's see, this hasn't happened in a long while, but when it did…hm, she dug through her memories. I think…I found him in… She trailed off in her mind as she stepped to the closed room next to the one she'd just exited. The study.

Last time, when such happened, she found him in his study, working on his lesson plans. 'Course, even then, he had been quite punctual with waking her up – even though it had been just a quarter to two at the time.

Yawning softly, she slowly opened the door and peered in, only to blink at the darkness that met her and close it right back. She sniffed lightly and her eyes narrowed. 'S empty.

She tapped her foot a little.

Where was he and what was he doing? She understood if he hadn't heard her when she called him. But she knew that he definitely would've heard her open the door. So, what was he doing? The feeling in her stomach felt like it was slightly worsening…

She was beginning to wonder if he had left to do a quick errand (for whatever reason), when she heard the sound of a cabinet door closing in the kitchen down the hall.

Oh, she though. He was in the kitchen…

With the light off…?

Puzzled, she walked down the hall and reached through the doorway of the kitchen for the light switch. Strange much?

The lightly blared on, and there he was. Caught red-handed in front of the window over the sink with a glass of water in one hand and two red and blue capsules in the other.

She blinked as he turned his head toward her, blinking himself. She blinked again and looked around for just a moment, getting her eyes adjusted to the light. She stepped in when she noticed a small medicine bottle next to him on the counter. That would explain why she heard the cabinet door closing and how he had those capsules in his hand at that moment.

Pain killers… Her eyes squinted a little, making sure she had read correctly, before looking up at him. She stepped closer, suddenly worried with her stomach twisting a little.

"Are you okay," she asked, voice soft – cautious, even.

He grunted while popping the capsules into his mouth with a small backward jerk of his head and washing it down with the glass of water in his other hand, closing his eyes. She watched as he thickly swallowed and she bit her lip at the slight bobbing of his Adam's apple.

He dumped the last bit of his water into the sink and bowed his head, making his somewhat bed-hair fall forward on his shoulders and cover what all she could see of his face. She observed while he just stood there like so and noticed his hands gripping at the sink…and the muscles in his arms were tense.

"That grunt meant 'yes' but you're really telling me 'no'," she muttered, stepping closer and gently setting her little hand on his tense forearm.

Within a second, it relaxed and he let out a sigh. She bit her lip again, only hard this time. That wasn't a good sign and twisting in her stomach persisted.

Before she could ask, he rose his head and looked down to her with a strained smile.

"Chest pain," he said, voice slightly hoarse. It was obvious to her then that he was in disorienting pain.

"Come back to bed," she soothed, extremely not fond of the fact that he was in pain. "I'll stay until four."

He began to shake his head, going against her suggestion, and she only shook her head right back and made it clear to him that she was staying the rest of the hour. He turned to her then, standing at his true height of six feet and six inches, an attempt to make her back down. She didn't back down, not with her height of five feet and two inches even. She usually wasn't stubborn, but that didn't mean she couldn't be so.

He frowned and sighed again, and it was only then did Rin realize that he was deathly pale.

Taking his sigh as a sign of surrender, she stepped to his side and wound her arm around his waist. "Come on," she gently pushed with a thin, tight smile. She softly kissed his arm. "Back to bed, okay?"

With another sigh and a nod, he settled his arm around her shoulders and they slowly made their way back to his bedroom.

"Did this just start, or have you been keeping this from me," she asked as they settled back down in his bed. She couldn't help but be suspicious. There had to be more than what she was seeing. Usually she would've been able to notice such a thing – considering he actually did look like he was in pain – but who knows. Though, she began to reconsider such a thing considering the obvious fact that she hadn't noticed before and he looked a little dazed and confused. It was obvious that it had taken him by surprise.

But her gut told her there was a bigger picture that she had to see and usually her gut was always accurate as much as her analytical skills.

"Are you implying that I'm keeping things from you, Rin?" He narrowed his eyes tiredly over to her as he rested against some pillows propping him up and elevating him.

She was indifferent; serious. So it was true. The pain had just started. "It's not like I'm accusing you of cheating on me, for goodness' sake. This is about your health," she mumbled, slightly apologetic.

He turned his gaze to something else in the room. Quietly, he apologized by setting a hand on hers for seeming rude. "I made myself Italian for dinner and I suppose I'm paying the price for it."

Italian, he says, she thought as she looked down at his hand over hers, silent. She was weary, but she believed him none the less. She still had a nagging feeling in her gut, but when she looked up and saw how tired and pained he looked, she decided against pushing the matter for something that probably wasn't even there to push out of him.

And so, she turned her hand over under his and slipped her fingers in between them and squeezed. She would believe him.

But it was unavoidable to know that something was going to change.

Part One: E N D •

Just a new thing I'm working on. Yes, something's coming. Yes, it's going to be painful.

At least for me and Len. Eheh.

What? It's a drama, what do you expect? If you want to stay then please review.

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Preview – Part Two

"Are you keeping something from me?
"Let's review Romeo and Juliet, shall we?"
"Why are you here – after what I did to you?"
"I can't stop what's in my heart and you know that. Why are you pushing me away?"
"Kagamine-sensai…are you okay?"
"I am resigning and will no longer be your teacher for the rest of the year or in the future…"

"What if all we've been through…was just a lie?"
"…W-what are you saying…?"
"I'm saying, Rin, that you're quite the excellent lay."

Dictionary -

Aishiteru - I love you
Matsudai - Forever
Hana - Flower