Until the Last Breath


By: Chi~

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- Part Four -

: | . | :


"Even as the days pass and soon turn into weeks and soon turn into years, the flowers bloom in black and white – but slowly – I'll learn to see their vibrant colors again. Just as they had been when you were here…"

- The Author Herself

"Another wedding," she murmured softly as the breeze somewhat ran through her almost waist long hair. It wafted behind the bench she was currently sitting at and she brushed some of the bangs that had blew in her face from the wind.

The sun was at its brightest and the Sakura was in bloom. Why wouldn't there be a wedding?

"Many are having simple ceremonies. It's actually…flattering," the woman next to her agreed, watching the same scene she was.

She smiled over to her and sat forward, making her hair cascade down her back and fold. She held her sweater more to her form as another soft breeze ran through the many trees around them and watched as their surroundings were flooded with a sea of soft pink. She felt a petal brush against her cheek, making her eye lightly squint.

"How are you," she asked, looking down at the woman's belly, watching her cradle it.

"Anxious," the woman answered, gazing down at herself, eyes softening. "And excited," she'd added a moment later.

She softly smiled and nodded. "You're glowing…and you look like you're about to pop."

The woman laughed before she had to stop herself. But she still giggled. "P-Please refrain from humoring me. It makes Gakun kick me."

"I just can't believe that you're almost due. You're so big."

"I believe I said the same thing to you when you were close to giving birth, Rin-chan," Gakupo Miki said, amusement in her soft, intelligent voice.

She smiled and softly sighed, leaning back on the bench. "Yeah…" she trailed. "It's been a long year…"

Miki slowly nodded, in deep thought, basking in agreement between them. It was quiet for a while as they watched the petals flow by with their own beautiful grace…

"I remember the day vividly," Miki started. "When you told me he had left you a child. It wasn't long after his funeral…"

- : -

"A beautiful day today," Miki murmured, looking up at the sky in the daze. "And it was only raining a few days ago…"

The girl beside her was quiet, also in a daze. She seemed like she couldn't agree more and yet – she couldn't disagree either. And, above all, she was slumping a bit on the bench and pale and fatigued and…


The world seemed gray to her, even as the cherry blossoms on the trail they were sitting along was slowly beginning to bloom. There was no color.

Not anymore.

"Thank you for – uh…coming out today," Miki said, coming out of her thoughts. She turned to her, slightly looking both sheepish and apologetic. "You…didn't have to if you weren't feeling well, Rin-chan."

Rin's gaze lowered slowly and she turned to the redhead. Her finger slightly messed with the ring on her thumb.

"…I need to tell you something," she said lowly, somewhat looking off as if she was unsure. "…and I figured it was something to tell in person…" she added.

Miki blinked at her, eyes slightly widening, thinking the worst and making a hasty generalization, which she couldn't possibly help. After all, Rin looked…ill. "Are you - ?"

Rin caught that look. She sprang to life for a moment, assuring her that that wasn't the case. "No, no – not that. I'm alright; it's just something…" she looked off again. "…else…"

Miki blinked before breathing out hard, out of relief. "Thank Kami-sama…" she trailed before blinking again with a new found curiosity. "What is it you need to tell me, then?"

Slowly, the breeze set in and they both held their jackets to themselves during the silence. Rin lightly shivered, looking down at their shoes and Miki peeked over to her.

Tears were beginning to fill her cerulean eyes and Miki reached out and gently touched her shoulder, a bit alarmed. "Rin-chan…"

Rin's cerulean eyes, slowly beginning to over fill with tears turn to hers and they stared for a moment before she broke and began to sob.


"Miki…" she choked out, leaning to her and holding onto her like a child. "…I'm pregnant…"

- : -

Rin stared at the ground as the fog of remembrance faded away. "Yes…I remember…"

Miki smiled to her, then, brushing her hair away. However, a lightly blush covered her face as she shifted a little in her seat. Rin began to grin.

"Is he kicking?" she asked, somewhat in amusement as the redhead stroked at her belly, closing her cherry eyes.

"Gakun has been moving a lot these days," she breathed and very slightly flinched. "Must he kick too?"

Rin softly giggled, watching as she made another light expression of discomfort.

"Well, you're so big," she said. "I won't be surprised if Kamui-kun calls in a huff and informes that Gakun finally decided to join us out here."

Miki hummed, slightly smiling over to her after a moment. "Mm, he seems quite eager."

Rin smiled back softly and looked off to the church again, seeing that the bride and groom had already went off, starting their new lives together. Miki turned to look where she was, seeing the rice and races of the ceremony that had ended.

"I remember your wedding," Rin said, then, as they stared at the mess. "It was beautiful and small, like that one was."

Both of them turned their eyes to the wedding ring on Miki's slender ring finger, resting against her bulging stomach. They both quietly admired it, remembering the day when Miki actually wore make-up, white, a vale, and Kamui without his signature katana strapped to his waist…

"…His parents helped him pay for it," Miki murmured, watching as the somewhat large diamond gleamed in the sun. Her eyes trailed to Rin's, watching as all three of the diamonds on it did the same on her thumb. Her cherry depths then trailed to her good friend's very own.

"I'm sorry, Rin-chan…" she said softly. "Really.

[She would never have a wedding.]

With all her heart.

Rin looked back and only smiled. "Mm," she shook her head. "It doesn't matter, Miki-chan. This is enough until God wants me, too."

: | . | :

"Okaa-san," she called as she closed the door. "Tadaima!"

She was immediately greeted by a happy giggle and gurgle. She grinned.

"Ah, up here, honey," Kumiko called from the top of the stairs. She heard another giggle and a laugh. "She's having a time."

Rin lightly giggled herself, slipping off her shoes and combing her long hair to one shoulder. "I'll be up in a second," she called, turning and starting past the stairs and down the hall.

"Good, she's missed you," her mother called back, much amusement in her voice. She heard another giggle, felt her heart jump as she stepped into the living room and slowly smiled sadly, almost.

She got on her knees after stepping up to a table. Stared at the picture in front of her after clapping her hands together and bowing her hands and then sitting up again.

He merely smiled back and her eyes admired him but filled with a bit of forlorn.


"We miss you…" she started. "She's growing everyday and I see you in her so much, all the time. She has your smile…and your laugh…"

She lightly gripped at her dress in her lap. "She's so beautiful and I can tell she'll be a lot like you." She blinked a few times, messed with her dress some more. "She really likes bananas like you…and pineapples…and music…"

…She sighed softly and bowed her head, biting her lip. "…I miss you…" she whispered. "It's been a year…"

And she did. So much. And it had been a year.

August 7.

Len had been gone a year and had left her something that was both a gift and something of a curse – if she wasn't careful in her thoughts.

Their child.

Their daughter.

It had taken her only days to realize this after his death – that she was pregnant. And it was devastating. She hadn't seen the possibility of such a thing happening at the time, which was understandable. All she had seen at the time was a brick wall in her life due to his death, not a long, twisted trail around it with a daughter on her hip.

But, in the end, as the days rolled on to April first, the birth of their daughter, she came to realize that even though she didn't have anymore, she still had a piece of him – something they had created together.

Something else to live for.

Something else worth living for, really, when she first looked into their daughter's eyes and saw him.

It had been long process. She had had to go to school during her surprisingly smooth pregnancy (considering she was small and more eligible for complications due to that fact, which had really stumped some doctors). Which her mother had approached the situation with open arms (with less smart comments this time as well), those at Hikari High hadn't taken it so well, which she had expected.

The school's "kawaii-flower" had become the "closet-whore".

She had no time to dwell on their lies (for some boys had come up with claims of bedding her for popularity purposes) and rumors and their judging. Len was gone. She was pregnant. Miki was getting married at the end of the year (right after their graduation, actually) and she needed to support her while being supported. The world was gray. It all passed over her head. After all, she had felt a bit angry and betrayed – losing the love of her life and then discovering she was pregnant with his child days after his funeral.

How was any of that fair?

But, thus, it was only realistic and the world kept turning. She should've seen it coming, considering the fact that Len and her had made-love many times unprotected during that summer. Who could've noticed, though, during all that?

And in the end, as the leaves had began to fall and their daughter began to grow and become more and more apart of her as she continued to somehow live without him and soon live for their child.

And just like that, the world seemed just a little bit brighter and the students had backed down, soon commenting that she had that "glow" that most pregnant women somehow had. Some had even apologized and Miki analyzed and monitored her with both fascination and passion, especially when it was creeping ever closer to the due date.

Rin had been quite scared all the while and she relied on Miki, her samurai-fiance Kamui, and her own mother for support – which her mother had helped her the most considering she had been pregnant before. And God, she had wished Len had really been there…

But no, of course, he could only watched from then on as she got closer to having their blessed child.

Then, it had happened. Six pounds and eight ounces. Her mother's hair. Her own button nose (as Len had called it…) and cutely round face. His child. His smile.

And, his eyes.

Out of all the pain and the fact that her lover was gone, she still loved the wailing, confused newborn with all her heart without a second thought.

Their beautiful child.

She wiped the single tear that ran from her eye at the memories over the year. The long process of living for the last piece of him left on earth, giving life to it and loving every bit of it.

Just like I know you'd want me to.

She reached out and touched the picture, slowly running her thumb over it.

"I miss you, so much…" she whispered. "And it's hard…but I can do it. We can do it."

She slowly began to stand up, taking her hand away slowly, almost hesitantly.

But it had to be done.

"I'll always love you," she said. "…Kagamine-sensei."

She stepped back. Smiled.

"Until the last breath…ne?"

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And…there it is. "Until the Last Breath."

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Tadaima – I'm back/ I'm home.

Hanako – Flower-child. (And yes, that's the name of their daughter.)