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Warning: Contains perverted thoughts. Logan/Carlos. (Italics = Flashback)

One – Arousing Thoughts

"You wanna be famous!" the boys sang, bobbing their heads along with the catchy beat of the song.

"Your song is on the radio. Hot rotation video. Bright lights, fan mail," Logan sang, all the while his eyes began secretly shifting to Carlos' direction from time to time.

The raven smiled big and gave James a knuckle touch. Logan watched the contact of fists between the two as he continued to sing his solo. He felt jealous in a way that he could have the actual nerve to murder his tall friend just by sitting next to Carlos. The cloudy idea was now clear that Logan absolutely liked Carlos and wouldn't stop at anything to win his love. The raven didn't know about this though, it was a secret wanting to be released.

"Famous means that you're the best!" Logan concluded.

The ending beat hummed loudly in their ears while Gustavo's expressionless face gradually turned serious, and he looked at Kelly for a second then turned back to look at the boys. There was a long, eerie pause.

"How was that?" asked Kendall, showing off one of his signature dimples.

Gustavo sighed. "Dogs, that was the most vulgar singing I have ever heard in my entire life! You can go now." He waved boredly.

The boys groaned, disappointed, as they opened the door out of the studio and waved disheartened goodbyes to their manager.


"Gustavo is so wrong. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. We sounded awesome!" Carlos complained, throwing himself on the couch and turning on the television with the remote control.

As soon as they had arrived at apartment 2J they began complaining to Mrs. Knight about how Gustavo had insulted them once again. A manager is supposed to be supportive of the band's vocal abilities, not demeaning. Logan sat down next to Carlos as James and Kendall entered the kitchen and returned seconds later with drinks. Carlos took the iced tea happily from James' hand, whilst Logan did the same with Kendall. The fair-skinned boy's jaw tightened as he stared from the corner of his eye, watching as James sat down next to Carlos whose lips were currently sucking on the red straw dipped in the iced tea.

Logan imagined; he imagined the perverted, overused thought of his little friend being forced to suck his dick, and then fuck Carlos' brains out, making him beg for more and calling out his name. Heartbroken, these were all illusions and Logan sipped on his drink fumingly as Kendall sat next to him. The television screen went from black to an uprising of vibrant colours, revealing that the show Blue's Clues was starting. Naturally, in the morning, Carlos loved to watch Nick Jr. so he was bursting with joy at the moment when Steve waved through the window and Blue came out of the house.

"Hi, Steve!" Carlos waved as the protagonist greeted a hello.

He sipped furiously now, and the sounds of him sucking on that straw made Logan's forehead glisten with cold, invisible sweat.

James silently groaned. He wouldn't be able to watch Fashion Police all because of the stupid blue dog. He was able to change the channel, but Carlos would never allow it. If Blue's Clues was on, one should never make the mistake of changing the channel or suffer the wrath of Maniac Carlos. So, the brunette had to deal with it.

"We can play Blue's Clues to figure out where the key to our trunk is!" Steve exclaimed as the giant blue paw print on the screen opened up, exposing a smaller paw print.

"I know where it is! I know what's in that trunk, too, I think… I already saw this episode!" the raven shouted at the screen while he continued to drink his iced tea in anxiety.

James beamed. "So can I change the channel?"

"No!" Carlos snapped, glaring daggers at his friend as he hit him on the head with the remote control.

"Ow! Dude, my hair! You hit my hair!" screeched James. He took out his lucky comb from his pants pocket, and tried to adjust his hair to its once normal state.

Carlos ignored him and continued to watch the television as Steve and Blue began to sing. "'Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time, we can do anything…that we wanna do!" he sang along, bouncing on the couch happily, making his drink and the others splash everywhere.

"Carlos! Stop, you're spilling all our drinks!" Logan cried.

Carlos stuck out his tongue, ignoring his friend's request. Logan gulped, scowling, and for a brief second, he thought how it would feel like to bite down on that wet, pink tongue—the things he could do with it. He punched the raven on the shoulder instead, and finished his drink.

"Boys, Katie and I are going shopping. Don't break anything while I'm gone," Mrs. Knight announced as she gathered her purse and exited the apartment with Katie trailing behind her.

"Bye, mom," was the only response coming from Kendall as he took all the boys' finished drinks, entered the kitchen and put them in the sink.

Meanwhile, Carlos was too busy trying to remember what was in the trunk that Steve and Blue had found, and James had gone to the bathroom to fix his hair. Logan felt relieved and lucky. James was in the bathroom, Kendall was in the kitchen preparing a snack, and now he had Carlos all to himself on the couch. But this was all just imagination. It was not possible that he could ravish the raven right there and then! Who knows what might happen; Carlos could punch him, decide to quit the band, move out and then he'll never see him again. Since Logan was the smart one he was always jumping to the worst of conclusions, which was not a good sign in his mental health stability.

"There! The paw print is right there, Steve! Yes, the musical notes!" Carlos spasmed, pressing his face on the television screen, his eyes going wide and twitchy.

Logan gulped. He wished that was his face that Carlos was pressed up against to, and then he could be able to suck on those plump lips, making Carlos whine and moan. That wouldn't happen in a million years, though. He gulped again, rubbing the knuckles of his hands against his jeans.

"The key! Open it, open it… It's a farmhouse! I knew it, a farmhouse! See, Logan, I was right and now you owe me ten dollars!" Carlos proclaimed, turning around to look at his perplexed friend.

"Wh-what? You didn't say anything about a bet," he complained, trying not to think of how adorable Carlos looked—grinning smugly, kissable cheekbones popping out.

"Yes, I did! Remember, when Kendall and James were in the kitchen?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Yes. Logan remembered and realized that at the time he had been thinking about raping Carlos and had ignored everything else. He chewed on his bottom lip, trying to come up with an excuse that wouldn't make the raven get angry for not listening or cry hysterically because he'd be denying the existence of the gamble. Having found no satisfying vindication in his thoughts, Logan gave up and took out his wallet.

"Fifteen bucks," Carlos spoke up, his brown eyes sparkling.

"You said ten, quit lying," Logan countered, taking out a ten dollar bill.

"Fifteen," the raven declared in a demonic voice, his face gradually turning a light red out of growing anger.

"Fine, fine, but next time–"

"You also owe me," Kendall interrupted, coming out of the kitchen with fresh pizza rolls.

Before he could place the plate on the table Carlos snatched it away. "Mine!" he shouted as he began gulping down the mini pizza rolls, not bothering to chew correctly.

He sat down on the floor, facing the television, excited there was another episode of Blue's Clues. Before he could get fully comfortable, he felt something tap his back. Carlos turned his head and saw that Logan had his arm stretched out, a ten and a five dollar bill, ready for grabbing, on his hand. The raven happily snatched it with his teeth, almost biting Logan's finger off. The boy wished Carlos would have just ignored the money and sucked on his fingers instead, making them wet and warm so after he could–

"Where are my fifteen bucks?" Kendall asked as he sat down on the couch, staring at his short friend who had stolen his pizza rolls.

"What do I owe you?" Logan asked in a bored tone, his eyebrows raised.

"The chocolates, roses?" Kendall reminded, giving Carlos a disappointed look as he almost finished the blonde's lunch.

Once again Logan was reminisced of depressing flashbacks. It had happened two days ago…

Logan was intoxicated with over-joy. He was about the enter Carlos' room, a heart-shaped box with chocolates inside and a bouquet of red roses hidden behind his back, which were bought with Kendall's money since he was broke at the time. It was the perfect time to confess his feelings. Logan almost broke into tears of happiness as he opened the door and entered the room. Just as Carlos heard him come in he began to freak out and told Logan all about his date with Stephanie, which he had kept a secret for no particular reason.

This was the raven's first date in years and he wanted to make it special, even though he wasn't the type they called 'lovey-dovey boy'. The sad thing was that he had planned to get the girl a gift and he had forgotten about it. Logan, being the absolutely good friend he was to Carlos, let his heart leap in sorrow for a moment before revealing the presents and giving them to his friend.

"Here… You can give these to her…" he said, handing the flowers and chocolates to Carlos as he tried to gulp down the big lump that had formed in his throat.

"Dude, these are perfect! Thanks, Logan!" the raven exclaimed, hugging him.

"Y-you're welcome…" he responded, appreciating the time he had close physical contact with the shorter boy, having enough will to wrap his arms around his waist.

How he wished for that waist to be below him, jerking and thrusting to his every touch. Carlos pulled away and smiled at him before waving one last time, running out of the room, holding the flowers and chocolates close to his chest. Logan growled once the door had closed. How he loathed that girl… Ever since she had arrived to the Palm Woods Carlos wouldn't stop talking about her and it had him fed up. The thing that made everything even more atrocious was that the day he had picked for his feelings to finally come to his senses had to be the same day as the freaking date, and that had crushed Logan's heart. He had gotten his hopes up for nothing.

"Oh, right…" Logan answered, taking out another ten and five dollar bill and giving them to Kendall with a shaking hand.

"Don't worry, he'll realize soon," the blonde abruptly whispered and winked, taking the money. And in a flash, he was out of the apartment. He had a date with Jo and didn't want to be late or else bad things might happen.

"Logan, do you want one?" Carlos said after the awkward silence.

He laid his back on the floor, his belly full from the snack, and smiled up at his friend, offering him the last of the pizza rolls.

"Yeah, sure," Logan answered, taking the pizza roll from the caramel-coloured hand and popping it in his mouth.

Minutes later, Carlos had fallen asleep on Logan's shoulder. It turned out that Blue's Clues was having an all-day marathon. Logan had fallen asleep too, his head lightly resting on Carlos'.

The door to the bathroom opened, unveiling James with his perfected hair. "Guys, I– Uh…um." He blinked as he found his two friends sleeping on the couch, which made him feel kind of…unnatural in the room. He looked around for a second, grasping the thought that something was missing. "Where did Kendall go?"

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