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Mikuo & Miku

"Hahahahahah, in your face, Mikuo!" the blond boy shouted triumphantly, mockingly pointing at the teal-haired teenager. They were sitting cross-legged on the floor, in front of the plasma screen television.

"Or rather, in his butt," Gumi added with an evil snicker. The green-haired girl lay comfortably on one of the several sofas in the living room.

"No fair, Len, I didn't even see where you shot me from!" Mikuo retorted with a scowl distorting his expression.

"Well duh, that's called being sneaky. You should try it sometime!" Rin commented, stifling her giggles. She placed a bowl of chips on the coffee table in the middle of the room; she had returned from the kitchen just in time to see her twin brother's victory.

It was Friday night in the Vocaloid house. This meant Halo Night for the avid gamer residents, and those that enjoyed watching them virtually beat the crap out of each other. A few moments before, Len had obliterated Mikuo with a well-aimed shot from his rocket launcher. Aiming from a higher point and from behind was also to his advantage in claiming the win.

"Ladies and gentlemen, after many a tricky shot and plenty of close kills, this week's Slayer battle has reached its end. With an astounding final score of 39 to 100, the winner is...drum roll please, Gumi!" Rin began her announcement as she stepped in front of the television.

Gumi sat up and started drumming on the coffee table. The theatricality was unnecessary, because they had all seen it with their own eyes. It was simply a tradition for the sake of deepening the loser's humiliation. The grandfather clock striking half past 11 topped the moment.

"The butt-blasting, rocket launcher expert, Kagamine Len!" she finished off her short speech after the last chime sounded and motioned with her outstretched arm toward him.

"You owe me a dozen bananas," Len informed his opponent, leaning over and slinging an arm around his neck, a wide grin across his face.

"Yeah, yeah, I know the rules," Mikuo replied with a grumble. Betting with their favourite foods was also a custom of their game nights. There goes the rest of my pocket money...

"Rematch?" the blond suggested, still grinning. "If you can handle buying two dozen bananas, that is."

"Hell no. Not gonna take any chances of getting creamed a second time tonight. Next week though, you better watch your back," he answered, glowering intensely at Len.

"That's a very convincing threat coming from the guy who just got his butt blown up," Gumi stated, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Like you could do much better!" Mikuo snapped back at her. Without another word, he tossed his controller to the side and got up, heading towards the stairs.

"Very manly of you to storm off like a drama queen," Rin couldn't resist further teasing him.

Already at the foot of the stairs, Mikuo turned around and shot a deathly glare at the three Vocaloids, sending chills up their spines, silencing any insults they thought of throwing at him. He trudged up the wooden staircase, cursing under his breath.

Friday night in the Vocaloid house didn't mean Halo Night for the non-avid gamer resident, who didn't wish to see them virtually beat each other up. Hatsune Miku, who did enjoy console gaming with her family members once in a while, preferred spending this night of the week embracing a different hobby.

The tealette girl was sitting in the middle of her room, working on her secret project. Notes and pieces of fabric were scattered around her on the floor, in a seemingly random arrangement that was actually a perfectly logical system to the teenager. A plate of spring onions was at arm's length; intending to pull an all-nighter, she needed her favourite snack as an energy source. If she directed her full attention towards it for the evening, she could surely finish it this week. "It" being a handmade doll.

Miku found a special delight in creating something cute with her own two hands. She kept this hobby of hers a secret, hiding the completed works in her closet. She didn't want to unveil them until the full collection was done: dollified versions of all the Vocaloids. This time, she was working on the replica of her slightly younger brother, Mikuo.

"And with that, the body is finished," she spoke aloud, her voice brimming with satisfaction, as she tied a knot on the thread. She held the doll in her hand, marvelling at her work. It roughly reached from the tip of her finger to her elbow. A content sigh left her lips.

"You're a cute little guy, just like he is," Miku noted, ruffling the hair made of teal yarn. She hugged the doll close to her chest.

Though maybe 'smokin' hot' fits the real thing better. Siblings or not, it's an observation any 16-year-old girl with eyes can make, she added as a thought. Even if she was alone in her room, such musings are better left unspoken in a house where even the wall had ears.

Miku set the doll aside, and started rummaging through the fabric in search of something suitable to use for his clothing. She quickly glanced at the clock on her wall.

"Tch, half past 11 already," she confirmed. Her gaze trailed to the left of the clock, where a medium-sized black spot with 8 black legs sprouting from it stood out against the teal wall, descending slowly yet menacingly.

Frightened beyond words, Miku's aquamarine-blue eyes widened, her body stiffened up. After the first wave of panic had passed, her instincts reacted to the terrifying situation and she sprung up from the floor. She yanked her door open and ran out onto the hallway, with a speed that would bring the Flash to tears of devastated shame.

Mikuo reached the top of the stairs and headed towards his room. Or only would have, if an unidentified almost-flying object didn't crash into him. Not expecting the sudden obstruction in their paths, both Hatsunes fell over upon impact.

He was underneath Miku, supporting himself with his elbows. Miku's hands were planted beside him, their faces at an unusual proximity.

"Kill it!" Miku screamed, the fear easily discernible in her voice. Their closeness didn't bother her while she had more pressing matters to worry about, namely the spider lurking in her room.

"Kill what? You weren't planning fratricide, were you?" he asked in shock. Seems likely, with the speed she was running at, he thought to himself.

A pink tinge crept to his face as he noticed the minimal distance separating his lips from his sisters'. He was grateful that the lights were turned off in the hallway. Since when did her face get this freaking adorable? Her features were perfect, like a finely sculpted statue.

"Spider! My room! Kill it!" she continued to scream, having lost all ability to form full sentences.

"Give me five bucks?" he enquired, his voice hopeful, only half-believing in getting a 'yes'. That'd cover the bananas and get me some spring onions, he figured.

"Whatever! Just kill it!" she shouted in reply. Her only instinct was to make that spider disappear.

Mikuo smirked at the favourable response. He gently pushed his sister aside and stood up. He offered her his hand to help her stand as well. She grabbed onto it tightly, and didn't let go as they proceeded to her room.

"Where is it?" Mikuo asked as they stepped inside Miku's room. She silently pointed to the spider's ominous figure on the wall beside the clock. Fortunately for her, it hadn't moved much.

The clock was in an easily reachable place, above her desk. She only let go of his hand when they reached it. Miku moved aside, leaving enough space for Mikuo to step up onto the desk. He grabbed a Kleenex from the box sitting beside her computer.

"Don't cream it onto the wall, it'll leave a mark!" Miku warned him, slowly returning to her senses. He sighed in exasperation.

"Then how am I supposed to kill it, Miss Smartypants?" he remarked.

"Well, uhm, scoop it up and squish it... or something..." her voice trailed off, forgetting to return the snide comment. Her regained senses took notice of her brother's slender figure. 'Smokin' hot' definitely fits better...

"And risk it getting away? Sure you want that?" he profited from the splendid opportunity to tease her a bit. Miku tensed up again at hearing the idea, alarms sounding off in her brain at the imminent danger.

"Nuh-uh! Fine then, kill it however you can," she said in a dejected tone.

Mikuo folded the Kleenex in his hand, and arranged it so he could attempt to pick the spider off the wall. With a quick movement, he grabbed the black creature and squished it. Hmmm, why not tease her a bit more?

"Aaaaahhh, I dropped it!" he exclaimed, trying his best not to burst out in laughter.

Miku's jaw dropped, her eyes became glossy as she almost broke out in tears. Mikuo turned around to look at her expression. Upon seeing it, his heart was clenched with an indescribable pain. He tossed the Kleenex into the dustbin beside the desk, and climbed off, approaching her. What a fantastic brother you are, making your sister cry, his sarcastic conscience stated.

"Hey, just kidding, I killed it," he told her. Mikuo attempted a chuckle to lighten the mood, which yielded no effect.

Miku dropped her head, remaining silent. She was too angry to speak. Spiders are serious business!

Mikuo stepped beside her and tried putting his arms around her in order to comfort his upset sister. Before he could accomplish that, she clenched her fists and started pummelling his chest, pushing him backwards.

"You! Insensitive! Jerk! Idiot! Scumbag!" she shrieked, emphasizing each word with a punch, putting in all her force to convey her rage towards him. Tears began streaming down her face.

"C'mon, sis, chill! Ow, that hurts, stop already..." he tried putting an end to the wave of punches, in vain. She relentlessly kept hitting him. Last time I'm joking with spiders around her, he made a mental note to himself.

Suddenly, Mikuo felt something soft and squishy under his feet, then a sharp, prickly sensation. He yelped in pain. He fell back, and was surprised to arrive on Miku's fluffy bed instead of the hard floor.

Instantaneously switching to Big Sister Mode, Miku stopped beating him up and sat beside him on the bed.

"Wh-what happened?" she asked him, the worry making her stutter. She took his feet into her hands. Setting eyes on the source of his yelp, she gasped in surprise: her sewing needle was lodged into his foot. Her cheeks flushed. He's gonna find out my secret...she thought, disheartened.

"What the heck is a needle doing on your floor? And what was that—yeoch!" he began questioning her, when Miku abruptly pulled the needle out of him. Her heart sped up, and she let out a squeak. Oh my gosh, such a cute yeoch! She averted her face to hide her blushing.

Hearing her squeak, Mikuo's cheeks were tinted a soft rosy pink. Oh hell, sweet squeaks now, too? Out of the blue, he found the nothing to be very interesting on the ceiling. A strange silence settled between the flustered siblings. After half a minute passed, he decided to speak up and disperse the weird mood.

"So, what's up with needle? Traps for trespassers?" he attempted asking again, as it made him quite curious.

"Well, you see, that's...uhm...ahhh..." she clumsily started searching for the right words to explain. Saying 'I make dolls for a hobby' just doesn't seem to do it justice, she contemplated.

While she fell into deep thought, Mikuo found the answer on his own. He looked at the floor (originally in search of further traps) when he saw the doll. He bent over to pick it up. Something seems familiar about this...

"Hey Miku, is this seriously a doll version And...why is it naked?" he asked her just to be sure, a puzzled look on his face. She snatched the doll from his hands and hid it behind her back.

"That's because it's not done yet, stupid! I was about to start on the clothes when that creepy spider interrupted. And yes, yes it is..." she confirmed, the rosy blush turning redder by the second.

"Oh, cool!" he exclaimed in reply. Miku's eyes widened with surprise; she didn't count on such a relatively favourable reaction.

"You really think so?" she asked, sceptically. Their gazes met; she searched his eyes to find the telltale sign of him lying, but found none.

"Yeah! You know I always say what's exactly on my mind," he reassured her. Well, almost; you don't need to hear the comments about your cuteness, he continued to himself.

"Thanks, bro," Miku smiled at him, a smile so enchanting that it melted his heart. Out of a sudden impulse, she hugged him. It was Mikuo's turn to take on a deep shade of crimson. He was almost at a loss for words.

"So, about that five bucks for my knightly deed of killing the fearsome spider...?" he asked cautiously. Miku landed a careful hit on his head with the side of her palm in reply.

"Knightly deed, you say? Princesses used a different method of payment," she said matter-of-factly. Without further notice, she lightly kissed his cheek. Both their hearts started racing at the unexpected turn of events.

"Your mark is off, my Princess," he claimed. Not allowing her to protest, he cupped her cheeks with his hands, tilted his head to the side and gently pressed his lips against hers.

Time slowed down for the siblings. The forbidden contact sent sparks coursing through their veins. Slumbering emotions awoke in their hearts, and the passion set them ablaze.

The moment ended too soon, as Mikuo pulled away. Neither of them knew how to react in such a peculiar situation. It was Mikuo once again who broke the silence.

"We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we had trouble processing your payment. Please try again," he said in an official-sounding tone, with a grin brightening his face.

Miku giggled before complying with the request. She draped her arms around his neck as their lips locked again. He curled his arms around her waist as she gently pushed him down onto the bed. Before long, they deepened their kiss by letting their tongues entwine, allowing them to discover a whole new level of passion. Minutes later, their need for air forcefully broke them apart.

"This is a whole lot better than getting five bucks," he commented, with a beaming expression.

"It better be," she retorted, adding a wholehearted laugh. Miku felt unease tug at her heart.

"Though, are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, I'm your older sister..." she asked slightly anxiously.

"So what? This kissing thing feels really good, just forget about the troublesome stuff." Mikuo presented his opinion, and placed a kiss on her nose. That was plenty enough to convince her.

"On one condition," she told him.

"Anything for you," he replied with a kind smile.

"Keep the doll thing a secret, okay? I've got more of them, and I only want to show the whole collection to the others," she explained. Mikuo nodded in reply. She rewarded him with another kiss.

"Oh, and one last thing," she spoke up a few minutes later. Mikuo sighed in slight annoyance.

"What is it this time?" he asked.

"Stay in my room tonight? Another spider might come and try to eat me..." she pleaded to him. She pouted to completely charm her brother.

"Of course. If anyone's gonna eat you tonight, it'll be me, dearest sister," he said seductively, leaning close to her ear. Mikuo proved his point by taking Miku's lips again.